Former BP worker: “I feel like I’m in the twilight zone” — Clams “used to be white… Now they are all black”

Illness Plagues Gulf Residents in BP’s Aftermath, Dahr Jamail for IPS, November 15, 2010:

[Alabama resident Joe] Overstreet worked as an oil disaster response worker for BP. …

“… I was working on the beaches, and on low tides we can see the clams out there. They used to be white. Now they are all black. And nobody seems to pay any attention to this. I’ve lived here all my life and I know it’s not right.”

Like others, he is mystified by the lack of appropriate response by government authorities.

“I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. Nobody seems to be doing anything or talking about it,” he said.

17 comments to Former BP worker: “I feel like I’m in the twilight zone” — Clams “used to be white… Now they are all black”

  • xdrfox

    You see you know what normal is and they don’t ! Many people never take the time to see what is is ! So when is is not,… they do nor see !

  • God be with you.

    It’s the corexit. People who are not upset are too sick to know they’re sick –they’re almost somnabulistic. This explains the behavior of those living along the coast who just don’t seem to-get-it. Their central nervous system is sick as well, and is about to “blow” permanently. They *need* to leave the area — to survive.

    They *can’t* leave the area because the government will get all that they own: The land, the homes, the businesses and equipment….

    Their world is gone.

  • xdrfox

    Even when people are affected and in harms way, they think they can fight it off and so the battle begins (mentally and physically)to keep all they know, to the culprit villain it does nor matter what they do not know !

  • maryanne jacobsen

    I know I haven’t felt well for 5 months now, and I live all the way down in Venice, Florida. I am going to get tested for volatile compounds after the holidays. It’s a very subtle illness,IMHO. I feel exhausted, headaches every single day, and I could sleep most of the day away. Dizzy,and discombooberated, too. I know that’s not a word, but my mind is definitely not working very well these days. On Sunday night my husband and I took a walk on the beach in Venice around sunset and there was a large dead bird on the beach, legs in the air, half buried in the sand between Sharkey’s and the Service beach. I felt like crying. I have never seen any dead birds on the beach and this made my stomach turn. No one here will talk about anything that has to do with the oil disaster. People here are more upset that nudity has returned to Casperson beach than the fact that I had the sand tested there in September and it came back 47ppm for hydrocarbons. Although I want to get the word out, I have about given up due to people’s apathy. It’s very insidious- this whole thing.

  • maryanne jacobsen: Well, it’s almost a word. Maybe if we add a couple more letters to it the word might become right out respectable — like a name embroidered on a keepsake.

    I’m sorry you’re sick. I’m sorry the animals are sick. I’m sorry we live in a world where water has become a health hazard, and where the air we breathe will take our breath away, and our animals have become upside down; where white is black and black is white.

  • C.Dodds

    Thanks for telling us about your gulf problems.

    If you are ill because of the oil or corexit you also must have the courage and decency to speak up. Those of us who are not near the gulf do not know for sure what is happening or how much of it is true.

    Try to get scientists to give independent assessments and get intelligently surveyed statistics. Many peope do not know whether one in three is sick or whether one in a thousand is sick.

    Send details to the government and media. and publish open letters to them. They are likely to respond if they are overwhelmed with statistics.

  • C.Dodds: She’s sick. Maryanne Jacobsen is exhausted and dizzy. She has headaches everyday and is always sleepy. In addition, she is in a state that probably feels like a drunk before they get to the stage of stumbling and falling to the floor, or stagger to chair.

    The hydrocarbons are/were 47 ppm, way — way over the 0.5% considered safe; anything higher is toxic. And, as we’ve learned, corexit isn’t safe. Period.

    Sorry if I come off as being argumentative, but your list of things-to-do for her would be overwhelming for anyone in her condition. And, what you suggest she do is what her local representatives should be doing.

    And why doubt her? She is sick-and-tired.

  • Gary

    Why are you people there?

    The are genociding you


    Leave please and thank me later

  • C.Dodds

    BiscuitandButter and Maryanne Jacobsen,
    I appreciate your postings. My comments above were directed to those who are not too sick to say or write something or who are observers with information or capacity to get statistics out.

    The whole situation is an almost incredible one. Therefore, more evidence would certainly help to motivate media, scientists, and some government folk to get something done for the unfortunate gulfers.

  • C.Dodds

    Gary, I think some people are not getting out because, as BiscuitandButter suggests, they are stunned, sick, or unable to think as well as they usually do because they are poisoned by corexit etc.. Many cannot afford to relocate. Therefore they should be assisted all the more. The lack of government assistance is totally unacceptable, astonishing, and resembles treatment in uncivilized third world countries.

  • C.Dodds:

    The government knows, the media knows, scientists know, the world knows, and the people living along the GOM know. But, most American citizens *do not know*.

    Most Americans don’t know because the greater part of the information is censored: Concerning BP: How they drilled too deep and too fast, causing the Deepwater Horizon rig to explode from the great volume of methane gas. This resulted in the BP oil volcano, which is still ongoing, albeit less forceably. The media makes it seem as if it’s of no concern — that it’s over — that it was such a small thing afterall; even as the Macondo well is still seeping methane, and oil continues to flow from the fractures in the rock, as well as at the wellbore. Many fractures resulted from the explosion and the oil will flow forever. That’s forever. Oil does not come from fossils — it’s produced within the Earth and it will continue until the Earth becomes a dead, dry rock.

  • C.Dodds

    The oil will only flow until it is all gone. That might be too late. But, here’s hoping.

    The methane bubble under the gulf could explode, causing a tsunami, as was pointed out by Russian scientists several months ago.

  • confused

    Unfortunately, even many people living on the coast are unbelievers. I am in the eastern part of the Florida panhandle and people are surprised every day that I will no longer eat the seafood or set out crab traps. To most people I meet, the oil spill is over, done with…time to move on and get back to normal. No one knows anyone sick and that foamy stuff in the water was just, who knows what and the ghost crabs just started hibernating early this year. How can we explain to the nation how serious this is, when we can’t get through to our neighbors. Thank you to all those who keep posting pictures and accounts of what is happening.

  • Dear Confused,

    The denial is the most frustrating part about this disaster. My family moved to Ohio in August (from Anna Maria Island on the Gulf coast) because of the oil. Although the majority of my sister’s friends will not swim in the ocean, it doesn’t stop them from walking barefoot n the sand and breathing the toxic fumes. I think that the majority of people do not have the resources to move because they have underwater mortgages and very few buyers of property, so they wrap themselves in a cloak of denial.

    I ahev lost respect (what little I have) fro Americans because they have turned their backs on the worst environmental crisis of all time.

    We do not know what has happened at Well B, the one that blew in April. The GPS coordinates of the ROV clearly show that the “cap’ was on Well A. We do not know exactly what is happening at Well B, but my guess is straight applications of Corexit into the leak. he sheen can be seen south of Cayman Islands. I took photos of this sheen and have posted them at

    Good vibes to everyone. I wish there was something I could do to help.

  • A huge “thankyou” to those who have risked reputaton,health and welfare trying to make a difference.Sampling & testing of seafood,water & sediment in areas where contamination is of great concern,have been met with such disdain & disproval,very few continue to come forward.A great example is what has been seen & recorded in & around Apalachicola Bay-just take a look at previously posted video,then read latest article in Apalachicola Times!

  • Gypsea: The Apalachicola Times article is very enlightening; everyone should read it to observe the methodology of the immoral, foreign beast named BP in their almost perfect deception.

    BP presents their own culpability in an unintended mini account of their own guilt, in an article that spotlights their method of denial and psychops.

  • Attn: Gulf friends

    Another tip for someone like Maryanne Jacobsen:

    DON’T WAIT…until after the holidays!! Use the holiday season as time away to visit family and friends who can help you evacuate, pack, and research your options.

    Moreover, you are correct that VOC/chemical poisoning is insidious… VERY!! The trick is that you have to eliminate exposure before you can start getting well (and that can take a long time). Your symptoms are classic. You don’t even realize how close you are to permanent brain damage, kidney and liver internal organ damage, not to mention, cancer!!!

    So, do yourself a life-saving favor, and please take this seriously. The sooner you can avoid exposure and address intensive detoxification, the better.

    Just realize that you are living in a modern day Chernobyl, Russia.

    Time is of the essence here. Your body is giving you signals–you just don’t know how critical it actually is. 🙁

    God Bless!

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