BP workers: We were sprayed with dispersant at night by plane with no lights… now skin lesions, fluid in lungs — “We just want medical help” (VIDEO)

Interview with anonymous BP cleanup worker, GRC Radio (South Carolina), September 30, 2010:

Transcript Summary

Airplanes spraying with no lights at night…

The people on board thought the boat was on fire… We kept smelling burnt wire, we didn’t realize it was the smell of arsenic… It’s the chemicals that were being sprayed that left that smell. …

Our lungs fill up with fluid, cant breathe… terrible, terrible headaches, skin lesions…

I want to live to see my granddaughter… People we really need help…

We were denied a copy of our own incident report… We just want medical help…

For more information, see report from yesterday:

Full audio here.

54 comments to BP workers: We were sprayed with dispersant at night by plane with no lights… now skin lesions, fluid in lungs — “We just want medical help” (VIDEO)

  • Canuck

    Robert S. Finnegan,
    I disagree the US is evil. It’s the corporations that are evil and now Americans are as much a victim of their policy as Iraqis or Nigerians or ___(fill in the blank). The corporatocracy respects no borders and has no allegiance other than the almighty dollar. It’s as much the rest of the world’s responsibility to stop what’s going on as it is American’s. Politicians are bought and paid for WHORES in every country.

  • Robert S. Finnegan,

    BP is owned by Queen Elizabeth II isn’t it? Perhaps we could better scrutinize the companies drilling for oil along our coasts and on our land. Or, perhaps we should *repeal*.

    BP is the company whose negligence and greed led to the Deepwater Horizon explosion, whereupon BP set about covering their tracks.

    BP is British Petroleum. As a member of
    of the United States Marine Corp, you should know that. Did you forget to give your rank?

  • IronLion

    Florida Louisiana Alabama Mississippi should all succeed from the union. I think it’s the most peaceful way out of this mess. That way we can et over war while we are at it 😉 Not all of us ‘Americans’ are dumb sheeple. Also, try to have some hope for your lesser generation I personally can assure you there is quite a lot of people who have a good general mindset on what the government is doing behind our backs, and basically come to the collective assumption that they are not out for our best interest. With that said we should then stop letting them represent us, and we do that by succeeding from the union 😀 …besides that is the whole reason why it is a part of our constitutional rights…and you know what they say exercise your rights!!

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