BP/Feds did not look for oil in water more than 10 feet deep… due to “restriction”

Government report: Not much subsea oil, but tar mats from oil spill still near beaches, Press-Register, December 17, 2010:

Members of the Shoreline Assessment and Treatment teams comprised of BP and federal representatives that hunted for oil along beaches were not allowed to use scuba equipment during their work.

Team members told the Press-Register this summer that the restriction meant they could only search in water less than 10 feet deep.

“All we could see was oil” says top LSU researcher on flyover; “Divers said there was oil everywhere” in shallow waters of LA coast

4 MILES offshore Pensacola: Scuba divers find “what appeared to be tarballs”, “nearby location shows a MUCH THICKER brown film” — Officials deny oil (VIDEO)

Divers find seafloor near beaches “COVERED” in “brown residue” from MS to Florida — KIDS swimming around “GIANT POOLS of oily tar balls” big as watermelons

3 comments to BP/Feds did not look for oil in water more than 10 feet deep… due to “restriction”

  • Dixie

    When are people going to wake up and realize that government and big corporations do not give a rip about we the people? Even the UN refers to humans as STOCK!

  • They’re not going to find oil that they’re not looking for. We have seen many photo’s of corexit dispersant [as foam and hard plates] laying on the beach, and each of us can recognize it, and the same goes for the elusive [according to BP] and oily tar balls, in puddles under the sand, in the stained sand atop the beach, in the dead and dying marsh grass, and behind the bizarre and self igniting fires….

    It’s there. BP even said so. BP said “no further cleanup offshore was warranted and efforts should focus on tar and oil residue buried in the sand along the shore.”

    But, as we know, the water receives and takes from the sand. It is pushed in and it is pulled out. And it climbs. And there are tremendous volumes to participate in this living exchange.

    Perhaps BP should do something about their fear of the water, and go deeper than 10 feet in search of it. If they do — they’ll find the prize they claim to be have tried so hard to locate. The rest which is plentiful, ends up in your glass of water, your toilet bowl, your produce, and in your body tissue.

    Surrender your “sampling gap” BP.

  • xdrfox

    A video I shot in Nov., how will they remove all the PAH fine particles that are so dangerous, blown by winds and picked up by everything that touches them and transported. Hand to mouth gestation, breathing the air with it in it. … Blackened, Ormond by the Sea Beach, East Coast, Florida (Video)

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