BP’s Chief Operating Officer says Gulf seafood IS tested for Corexit dispersant — “Not a single sample has failed”

BP official visits Bayou, calls for continued seafood testing (with video), Press-Register, October 13, 2010:

BP’s top official in the region… Mike Utsler emphasized to those gathered that “literally thousands and thousands” of pieces of shrimp, fish and oysters have undergone sensory testing for both cancer-causing PAHs — polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons — and the dispersant Corexit.

Not a single sample has failed,” he said.

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9 comments to BP’s Chief Operating Officer says Gulf seafood IS tested for Corexit dispersant — “Not a single sample has failed”

  • AZ Patriot

    DOPPDEDOPPDOO like i would believe a single word out of a BP eexec’s mouth …lets try this …have and independanty university lab test live …for all to see…maybe a continuas unscripted feed ….oh but wait that would be required you ,BP,admit that you poisoned 40 million people ,threatened our useless government with bankruptcy and scared the MSM outlets in this country shitless ……AGAIN WE ,meaning anyone one with a freaking brain cell,KNOW YOU POISONED a whole POPULATION CENTER IN THE SOUTHERN UNITED STATES

  • mommaknowsbest

    bullshit! they are liars. from the start of the gusher to now. who really believes anything they say?

  • Sensory testing? Looking, tasting, smelling, visual, is there any other?
    Bullshit. There is no known test for the presence of Corexit or other dispersants in seafood. They are LYING…
    If Corexit is colorless, tasteless, odorless (and we know it is not, there IS a smell to it), then SENSORY TESTING does not mean $hit…

  • jec

    So..where is the data on these “sensory” tests? Where was the sealife taken? The GPS locations? Type of seafood? Tester? Test Type? Is this BP testing? Or US Government testers? And HAS ANYONE EVER had a negative sensory “test”? The fact that nothing was ever detected indicates a problem with the procedure–since its known sealife expired from oil contamination. Surprise surprise -oil is in the water!!
    Is there any time a “test” with known Corexit/Oil samples used to verify the capability of the “sensory” tests (or testers?)??? This is such a disaster…and all we see is “gulfgate” coverups.

  • premurderedGOM

    You can smell Corexit when it rains. Smells like pesticides. I think they are just being sarcastic and hateful. Taught to act this way from the upper echelon mother fukers. Maybe they have meetings on “how to say stupid shit and piss people off”. I am sure we are the subject of a good laugh. I hope that someday the guilt of what they have done eats them alive.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    I am with you, Premurdered. They are psychos and not to be trusted by the general population of decent people. We MUST take this narrative back from these evil jacka**es. It is OUR story, not theirs. They aren’t living with the rashes, sinus problems, headaches, and coughs. They aren’t worried if their kids will live to see adulthood. Time to take our story back.

  • FishHeadfromFL,

    You’re right! But I’d like to add to that, “They are not safe.”

  • Nearyah

    I think you are all reading it wrong, he means that not a single sample has failed to show corexit/death. I am being sarcastic btw.

  • Gary

    Lets send it all to Britain and shove it down that queen bitches throat. Make Hayworth eat it then oil board the bastard.
    They are not Americans, f— them.
    Please go by a stinger today and shoot down a BP-British Petroleum plane.
    They are killing you people, its self defense.
    I know its too late.
    Kiss your family goodbye
    Sorry the Corexit is causing me to think Anti British, anti queen, anti BP

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