Has BP’s crude reached Britain? BBC reports “Thick black oil” found on beach near England’s southwestern-most point

Warning signs after oil found on Sennen beach
, BBC, January 10, 2011:

Warning signs have been put up after thick black oil was discovered on a beach in Cornwall. …

A local team was sent to investigate and the Environment Agency and Maritime and Coastguard Agency were informed. …

The oil, which had been washed up from the sea, was spread along the beach at the high water mark.

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17 comments to Has BP’s crude reached Britain? BBC reports “Thick black oil” found on beach near England’s southwestern-most point

  • Gary

    I hpoe it ruins you f—- wedding queen b—.


  • I heard that the oil had reached Britain about 6 months ago. The oil must have had a hard time making up it’s mind to come ashore or not!

  • Chelsea

    Gary, really? Must you be so profane? What does Prince William and his betrothed have to do with this right now? Nothing. They are not King and Queen. In fact, the Queen doesn’t even really have much to do about it. Place your blame on the Prime Minister and the cabinet, and on our government for letting them get away with this in the first place. But those kids have nothing to do with it now. Jeez. You are one angry angry person. Might do you some good to seek out anger management.

  • kingfish33919


    Unless I am mistaken the Royal Family owns most of BP but more imprtant unless someone gets mad and doesn’t take it anymore the peoples for the Gulf are doomed. Your civilized response will not work when you are dealing with these most evil people.

  • soozla

    —unfortunately the deaths of the people and the injury of the Congress woman in Arizona has ushered in a new “touchy feely” approach to journalism and politics just when the folks on the GOM need to fight for their lives.

  • kingfish33919

    The politicians would have you shut up and be nice as would the elite who run the MSM but a real stink happens you might see some action. Use approach the community organizers – bitch, scream, yell and what ever it takes.

  • xdrfox

    If one has a beef with anyone in Office, it may be best to voice your opinion now before a new law is passed through openly or sandwiched into another popular bill that will be passed. You know that they are not required to read or look see what are in the bills they pass. Yes and they may have put a bill in themselves to enrich themselves in some way to egg-on their vote to pass. Free speach may be gone before long.

  • Anecdotally BP is mostly owned by US stockholders, even if it still sits its bottom near the throne of Liz Capone II.

    More importantly, according to the models released early on, the oil should be by April dispersing at the central North Atlantic Ocean, in various directions. Not yet. Now I guess it is the time it reaches the SW US Coast, as it’s actually happening AFAIK. It cannot arrive to England before first washing off at Chesapeake Bay. I do not think that the mighty US Navy has the power nor much less the will to stop that at this point anymore (defending you from every imaginary threat far away from home but useless and corrupt when it is a real one, right?)

    This oil is probably from some other source, just that we are all hysterical. Probably, as the amount is small, it belongs to an oiler which cleaned depots at open sea, a forbidden but common practice.

  • soozla:

    It was a psychop: However, this psychop may be the one to bring it to the attention of the majority of the people. Millions are familiar with the psyhop programs, but they simply do not consider such programs are in use — in America. But they are. Let’s wait a few weeks and see if they will admit to it — once again, when presented with the evidence.

    It is even possible, IMHO, that our most recent ‘madman gone wild on murderous rampage’ is in some way connected to BP and oil and dyi*g birds and dyi*ng crops and a de*d GOM and most marine animals decomposed and most people sickening. The people are catching on to whats going on, so this may have created the desire of BP and certain government agencies to attempt to detract us from perceiving the truth. They are very capable fiends and their hearts-and-souls belong to Satan.

    If more people would lift their heads and listen to them ‘sing pretty’ like birds, you’ll know — just as I know.

  • Monkeyfister

    Homecomings always make me a bit teary eyed. Pardon my gallows humour, but I can almost hear the oil slicks singing “I’m Coming Home” from the “Rocky Horror Show.”

    But, of course, this horror show is real, and huge in scope and scale of lethality.


  • turtledove

    Nothing to do with the american or english people, right? We’re all good people most certainly compared to corp entities run by people who are actually sick consciousless sociopaths.
    This is countries run by sociopathic corporations that can do whatever the hell they please, including destroying the planet.

    BTW, Maju last spring it was projected November would be the time BPs shit would travel the n.e. swath and deposit it on england’s shores. Deal with it.

  • turtledove

    Correction: the term meant is “conscienceless sociopaths”


    Chelsea: I can only hope you are very young to put a post like that anywhere. The worlds problems start and end with England’s “Royal Robbers” They are taught to be inhumane money grubbers from birth. Who do you think pays zillions for their lifestyle and lavish weddings. We do. The minute you fill up at the gas station or ride a bus. Though cleverly disguised, ALL the Royals own ALL the OIL. Maybe, in a dusty old privately owned book store you can find the true history of these blood sucking thieves

  • Texas

    Good post. Just wanted to point out that the word is “psyop”.

    Not trying to nit pick, just being helpful.

  • Thanks Texas!

    I used to be a good speller, but now I just toddle along and guess at what I used to know.

    Did I embarrass my keyboard? Teeheehee.

    You were helpful. I won’t misspell *psyop* again, but catch-me-if-you-can.

  • Chelsea

    All oil belongs to the British royalty? Really?? LOL Tell that to the Russians and to the vast majority middle east. While pretty much every country in the world has an allotment that belongs to the British, it is not “all theirs”.

    But I guess I don’t know squat, that’s ok. I only know what I know from a parent who worked in the oil industry for 10 years or so. Oh, I’m British, too. Guess that means I don’t even belong here.

  • Chelsea

    Oh, I meant to also add this.. The point of my first post didn’t make it across because I went off on a tangent… I’m sorry, but I’ve been sick for who knows how long by now.

    I am just growing very tired of Gary’s rampages on here with his slurry of vulgarities. Yes, people need to get mad, but that anger needs to be used constructively to make progress happen. If you just lose it and start cussing and foaming at the mouth about it, it’s just going to make you look like an idiot.

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