*BREAKING* BP may forgo relief wells; Unsure how to use them, it “remains to be seen”

The AP reports, “With engineers only feet away from completing a pair of them they’re now wrestling with how exactly to use them.”

BP Senior VP Kent Wells said the kill may be attempted through the failed blowout preventer via a surface ship, rather than wait for the relief well’s planned completion later this month.

The AP notes, “BP has never before indicated it might forgo use of the relief well altogether in direct attempts to plug the leak.”

“Precisely what the relief wells will do remains to be seen given what we learn from the static kill,” BP spokesman Daren Beaudo said. “Can’t predict it for certain.”

3 comments to *BREAKING* BP may forgo relief wells; Unsure how to use them, it “remains to be seen”

  • Betsy S.

    Translation: They can’t fix this thing.

  • No Betsy S.the main Blown well has no Integrity, but one of the Relief wells could stop it. Problem is, if start the Static Kill, it will raise the pressure. They don’t wish to lose all the Oil down there that even Texaco back in the mid 1990’s Stopped drilling for, all because they found it was too Risky! BP does not care about Risky, they want the Oil at and in the Cheapest way. Our Government Said they can not profit on this disaster, all Wells will be Killed. They never planned on Killing this, they are hoping they sank enough oil off the Surface of the Water for it to be Out Sight and Out off Mind. Help us in Hands Across the Sand to get more jobs with Greener, Cleaner and Renewable Energy.

    Blessings be with us all on this,

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