EU Energy Commissioner: There could be catastrophic events within hours… Situation effectively out of control

Reuters at 11:12 am EST:

Breaking News: EU’s Energy Commissioner says the situation at the Japanese reactor is “effectively out of control”

Reuters at 11:13 am EST:

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger: There could be catastrophic events within the coming hours

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  • xdrfox

    When reactor #3 blast the other day there were large part appeared to be thrown into the

    air Much of witch seemed to tumble back to the ground other then smoke and dust like brown

    that was blasted to Kingdom come.

    Fuel rods last about 6 years while they are being used for fuel, at the end of their life

    cycle they are still hot and need to be covered in water for another 5 to 10 years until

    they are cool enough to be managed to be move and increased into seals concrete containers.

    Have these sites at the reactors ever move these spent rods and encased them ?
    How many used fuel rods were in the pools above the reactors on site still cooling in

    pools ?

    Finding out how old the site is and has been producing power may give us a clue to the

    number of spent rods may be at the plant total but if they have never been moved away from

    this plant, we may be able to understand that the number of rods that are producing

    radiation in whole and really get to the true gravity of the anomaly that is facing the

    earth and it’s inhabitants.

    Let say a 40 year old reactor plant that has 6 reactors, after 40 years of running there

    would have been 6 used ones at the plant in cooling tanks at the end of 5 years with new

    ones placed into the reactors, but after 12 years there would be 12 used sitting in

    cooling tanks and on premises if never moved from plant or encased. 18 years would be 18

    cooling and 6 active in reactors. Say a 40 year old plant could have possibly 36 or more

    spent laying in cooling pools or on promises if never moved. Plus the 6 in the reactors.

    So this may well be worse then any one could have imagined.

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