Breaking news coming soon…

See: 173 ppm oil found in sand at Southwest Florida beach — “Toxic levels” near Sarasota (LAB RESULTS)

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  • visitorguy

    Suspense it killing me why did you do that to us!!! 🙂

  • Nic

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the heavy rains in Louisiana — HistoryTours on youtube just uploaded a video of people stopping to stare at it— like, chemical. You can see it bubbling when it pools and runs off the sidewalk.

    It could be runoff — But, we shouldn’t be taking any chances.

  • Baize

    Yup… sure wish you hadn’t put that headline up. Not good… based on the other content here, if “not good” is worse than the normal run of the mill news here then I must say, you’re a master of the understatement.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Has anyone paused to consider the timing of the FDA’s imminent approval of frankenfish with the massive fish kills and problems currently plaguing the fisherman in the Gulf and even fisheries in the North Atlantic? The FDA is set to approve the genetically modified salmon which is said to open the doors to more modification of other fish down the road including trout and tilapia. I am very much afraid that after this November election is over we shall begin hearing how dire the state of the waters really is as a consequence of this catastrophe. I think more fish will be put on the endangered/no fishing list, and possible health concerns connected to the oil and dispersants are going to seriously affect fisheries not just in the Gulf but up the Atlantic as well. Menhaden are filters for algae and such and that is why they are dying in massive quantities right now, since they are ingesting oil and dispersant. Sadly, the larger fish feed on the menhaden so this mess is certainly in the food chain now. The FEDS are just waiting until after the election for the truth to be known, IMHO. I think the timing of this GM salmon is suspicious and they have given the consumer very little time to even respond. Worse yet, they don’t even want to label the fish as GM!

    Please say No to frankenfish so that we can keep our fisherman and fisheries employed! And so we can eat natural fish, not frankenfish!

    There is only a small window in which to make your voice heard, please go to this site (The Center for Food Safety) and in the right hand column click “Just say no to Frankenfish.”

  • fred

    Very insightful, maryanne. Even if I feel powerless in the face of what’s happening and what’s possibly to come, I at least like to know how the boom is being lowered so I can prepare for it as I see fit.

  • Diane

    I agree with both maryanne and fred. We are just consumers to corporations. We control what is consumed, be very aware that we control a lot more than most people think by what we buy. Typed in heirloom seeds the other day and first site was survival seeds 10,000 for $140. The signs are all around us, they are just very subtle. The boom is being lowered slowly, and firmly. Glad I found this site, everyone should see the information here.

  • Great post and logic maryanne jacobsen.

  • Betsy S.


    I can’t help but to wonder how the heck all of these various technologies are moving at such light-speed, altering our planet and us??? Geez, 20 years ago, we didn’t even have the internet nor cell phones. Now, here we are with those things and surveillance cameras, tasers,drones and…


  • Gary

    Wait until the blow it up

    Thats when it gets real good

    I bet it detroys the southern states halway up, Florid and exspecially
    MEXICO Yes! we will benefit

    We will have Mexico, Hey! no more immigrants

    If we even survive it

    Where’s Bush or Jeb Bush

    When they leave town get the f— out.

    Like when they helped those nice Bin Laden folk during 911

    I swear that caves in Texas

    Ah! thats another war

    Gulf War II here and we have no military

    Would they even help us?

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