BREAKING: THREE different doctors find PAHs, heavy metals, arsenic in BLOOD of Gulf Coast residents, some are “REALLY INLAND” (AUDIO)

Interview with Matt Smith, Project Gulf Impact, Intel Hub Radio, August 31, 2010:

Rush Transcript Excerpts (at 31:45 in)

They are actually finding the toxins that are in the oil in the blood of the people who live down there.

Its horrifying because they’re cumulative and they’re heavy metals and toxins…

We used three different doctors, and the exact same thing that is being found in the water and the air and the soil is now in the blood.

This is the kind of stuff that causes cancer and death.

This is not just in the workers that we’ve had tested, but also in residents…

The worst part about that is we haven’t even gotten to the Corexit testing yet.

This is just the oil, the polyaromatic hydrocarbons, the heavy metals, the arsenic.

And they’re not just people who are right on the beach, some people are really inland.

According to Smith, the testing has been a collaboration of  groups and people working on the oil disaster. Credit goes to:

Note: Stay tuned to PGI’s YouTube channel or Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates on this breaking news.

15 comments to BREAKING: THREE different doctors find PAHs, heavy metals, arsenic in BLOOD of Gulf Coast residents, some are “REALLY INLAND” (AUDIO)

  • Anadianant

    Like most other people who sensed a deeper mystery to the Deepwater Horizon incident, I had expected to see more overt problems.

    This is so much worse. People keep staying on because there is so much conflicting information about the region’s safety or otherwise. When the scale of the problem is realized, the resulting chaos will be terrible.

    So much time wasted…… one wonders at the motivations of the concerned people in givernment, BP et. al.

    Stay in-formed….move if required….

    This was my view on July 4th 2010.

    Still is.

    Be well and stay nimble.


  • REW

    One month after the April 20th blow out, I sensed that “something” was very, very wrong in the Gulf, and things would become much worse in the future.

    I started packing up my life/career in Houston, and by June, officially began “evacuating” myself way up north inland.

    I returned to Houston last week (July 23rd) to pick up a car I own, and we had a serious rainstorm that evening. The following morning, my white car was covered with black “spots.” This is not normal. I went to Mr. Car Wash to get this stuff off my car, and the attendant said he’d never seen this on cars until recently, and many customers of his were concerned.

    So WHAT was this BLACK STUFF that came down with the rain? Well, I have an idea, and am glad I’m no longer in Houston to BREATHE in this junk. If “it” (whatever “it” is) appeared on my car, then it is also in the air, on the lawns, now in the city’s water supply, and everywhere else in Houston. Just wait and see what happens down there in the future.

    I have spent 99% of my life in Houston, and am a 7th generation Texan. I would have never left like this unless it was a serious matter.

    Sooner or later, people on and near the Gulf Coast will wake up and want to leave as well. Sadly, those without the financial resources to move may have a hard time relocating from these areas.


  • REW

    I forgot to mention in my previous post that I took high resolution photographs of the “black spots” on my car last week, so if the administrator of this web site would like to see them, please contact me, via the e-mail you have on file for me.


  • PRF

    Re: : THREE different doctors find

    In the spirit of intellectual honesty, there are several factors that should be examined before attempting to establish a cause-effect relationship.

    (1) What are the quaifications and quality control practices of the labs testing the samples and issuing reports. All medical labs are not created nor operated equally?
    (2) What are the baseline levels of PAH, heavy metal and arsenic in BLOOD of Gulf Coast residents among a statistically representative random sample of GC residents. It MIGHT be the case that elevated levels of these markers among the general population existed before the spill?
    (3) What are the baseline levels of PAH, these same heavy metal and arsenic in BLOOD of a statistically representative, matched, random sample (age, race sex) of residents from other parts of the country who do not live under similar non-spill related environmental conditions.
    (4) We the “incriminated” blood samples from people who sought medical care because they were sick?
    (5) What were their occupations? (Some occupational groups experience exposure to heavy metal contaminants that exceed that of the general population).
    (6) The point is, the oil spill MAY VERY WELL BE RESPONSIBLE for these health-related lab test results … but it may not be, as well. A rush to judgement without an independent, objective epidemiological investigation could prove embarrassing later, thuis weakening the argument as to the ongoing health problems resulting from the incident.
    (7) All I am saying, is seek the truth. We have evidence our government officials lie to us. We must not let our outrage cause us to behave as dishonestly as they have and do.

  • There is a covert antichrist network/movement systematically destroying America from within. NWO is demonic tyranny.

    Updated real news articles dauily on page 1 of comment section…

    (new blog each week)
    Current mood:WATCHMAN ON THE TOWER
    Category: News and Politics

  • If people want to swallow govt lies and let their families and themselves die so as to watch more football, then have fun with that. The elite laugh and put in literature how most people are equal to dogs as far as conditioning. It’s really pathetic that people have no ball to fight for what is right, not to mention their own children, so have fun with that cancer.

  • JD

    Pay attention to PRF’s comment. We have the science to get a perspective we can trust, so let’s use it correctly.


    I live 160 miles from the coast. 3 days ago, we had a very hard rain storm. It looked like soap bubbles on the roads in the ditches, and even on the sidewalks… I checked the wind direction, and the storm and winds were coming from the Louisiana gulf direction. By the time I thought to take a pic, the bubbles were gone, but white spots remained on the sidewalk. A friend had put out a white bowl to check the rain water, and it also had bubbles in it and a brownish tint to the water… I am really conserned that these storms are bringing corexit deep inland, posioning our land and our lakes and drinking water, not to mention our families.

  • rrrr

    Talking will not solve this problem.

  • apm0553


    This was only a radio interview. Project Gulf Impact hasn’t done the press release yet. When that comes out I’m sure those questions will be addressed. They are pretty thorough so I am sure that all the info will be there. While we all slip up, we need to make sure we are all on the same path for the truth and not propaganda or BS that the gov tries to feed us. We have to rely on one another for the information and the truth. And this will continue for years to come until all of the lies are uncovered. Little by little the veil will be lifted I just hope the rest of America is paying attention.

  • Just an ordinary bloke watching this down here in ozz ,my heart goes out to you ,indeed all Americans but the lies & deciet is every where in western countries . The whole oil scenario got minimal coverage down here & the sheeple now believe its all cleared up . What about a small fact sheet dropped over relevent areas [no specific truth website, they might crash or even be removed]My thoughts are with you ,wake up Gulf people, Dave in melbourne OZZ

  • Rod Strad

    This is a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Millions of gulf states residents will be poisoned from the air they breathe and the water they drink. Crops destroyed. Real estate becoming valueless as the word gets out in the coming months about the dead zone in those states, not from the mainstream media. Already people are reporting dying trees and gardens as far away as New York. Evaporation, then precipitation, winds, hurricanes carry this deadly cocktail of corexit and hydrocarbon benzene poison malfeanse throughout the country, and it is just the early days.

    The GOM loop current which propogates the gulf stream has stopped. The gulf stream is now virtually stagnant. This has massive ramifications for all of Europe which would probably freeze this coming winter, another disaster looming as the gulf stream provides a temperate climate.

    Rod, Melbourne Australia

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