*BREAKING* Seafloor bursting with ‘anomalies’: Underwater tornado; Abrupt shift from white seepage to black (VIDEOS)

Part 3, Live feed from Ocean Intervention III – ROV2, August 9, 2010 at 5:55 a.m. EDT:

Throughout the video on the left side of the screen, far away from the ROV, explosive bursts can be seen emanating from the seafloor along with possible methane hydrates.

Increasingly fast seep activity is apparent at 3 minutes in, then a sudden change occurs at 3:12 in, when light-colored seepage (methane hydrates?) abruptly ends, followed by seepage of black blobs (crude oil?).

Part 2 , Live feed from Ocean Intervention III – ROV2, August 9, 2010 at 5:50 a.m. EDT:

Underwater Vortex/Tornado observed on left.

Part 1, Live feed from Ocean Intervention III – ROV2, August 9, 2010 at 5:44 a.m. EDT:

Underwater Vortex/Tornado observed on left.

21 comments to *BREAKING* Seafloor bursting with ‘anomalies’: Underwater tornado; Abrupt shift from white seepage to black (VIDEOS)

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Re: seepage. Nothing a little Corexit can’t fix.

  • Kharma

    Take great heed if you live in these tormented areas. The Earth is trying to right the wrong of great pain and death inflicted by foolish humans. You and yours are in mortal danger. The land will be grey. The air turns to poison. Foolish are those who believe the wicked for evil is their intention. Do you not weep for the innocent? Open your mind and seek the truth. Believe nothing but your heart. Leave this place, Father Time is not patient……

  • Cindy

    all this crisis did was discredit the alternative media – telling people to move, end of the world. you guys have been played – no one in the right mind will listento you again – poor rense.com has gone schizophrenic – others, steve quayle, hawk, etc. are acting like they never heard of this oil thing.


    Cindy, the alternative media has been way ahead of any other news sources on coverage of, and getting information to the public, about the spill. That is obvious to anyone that has been keeping up. So the question arises, are you a plant? Or just a complete moron?

  • to Cindy, I see you’re one of the ones that’s swallowed the “I see no oil so it’s all over” line. As you’re already drinking the CIA kool-aid may I suggest some fine corexit flavored fish dredged from the bottom of the ocean to go with that?

  • jessica

    TO CINDY: Steve Quayle, Hawk and at least 50 other’s that are more believable have been covering what they heard was going to happen even “months” before b p’s rig blew. YOU are a mole, trying to discredit this site. This site and many more have been trying to alert the public and keep them from harms way. We must leave the Gulf region. Get out before there is a mass exit. God Bless this site for diligently sharing the “news”. Jessica’s youtube: worldpeace2u

  • jessica

    Those white lights floating around at the bottom of the glf waters shown in the above 3 videos are alive, METAL EATING bugs. see youtube: beepeedisaster. arabella33 is also covering underwater shots.

  • Charles

    While the situation may seem stable for now, there’s no certainty that it may not erupt again, so precaution would be in order.

    Of course, I’m sure none of us would like to see a bigger disaster happen.

  • jessica

    Part 1 and Part 2 videos: notice the white ALIVE bugs swirling around. They are in another ALIVE microorganism that youtubers are calling the BLOB. ROV’s have been trying to blow it up at least since August 1. These creatures are LIVING. b p has no right to destroy their LIFE. b p needs to leave NOW! If these METAL EATING white bugs come near land or airborne it will be a nightmare. see youtube: beepeeoildisaster and arabella33. Some are wondering why the ROV’s are specifically looking at one area for so long. LATEST: there is an underwater pyramid under that area.

  • jessica

    MATT SIMMONS HAS DIED: He was one of the most outspoken. He was ALERTING us to get out of the gulf region! This is bad, real bad. They killed him! Oh,no.. Matt Simmons God Bless you and thank you for helping us. You are an Angel. God Bless you and comfort your family .

  • brandon

    It is pretty obvious that the “change” 3:12 in is due to the light being moved. this is rather evident by the development of a shadow on the ocean floor just in front of the ROV

  • jon

    I have seen a lot of sediment and decomposing material but haven’t seen anything actually eating metal as these people are claiming. A lot of the sediment that is kicking up is being kicked up by the Rov propulsion.

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