Bunch of buddies of mine breaking out with “staph” — “It’s something out of the water” say doctors (VIDEO)

Excerpt from “Gulf Shrimping decimated” by CleanTheGulf, November 16, 2010:

Full video by CleanTheGulf, November 16, 2010:

9 comments to Bunch of buddies of mine breaking out with “staph” — “It’s something out of the water” say doctors (VIDEO)

  • Albert Trimble


    read it and weep. We’ve reached the point, I believe, where God is going to have to straighten this mess out.

  • Big Daddy

    Such liars……..get to work dead beats and quit looking for handouts.

  • crazy news

    Big Daddy, Are you referring to the Gulf shrimp or the fish?? Most of them are dead with no beats!

  • crazy news

    and no shrimp or fish have asked for handouts…they just got poisoned and massacred in cold blood…not working too hard that way!

    The people who need to start doing some honest labor are at BP and the Fed agencies.

  • Big Daddy: Just wait until the environment or your physical health make it impossible for you to work. People who are not working are not ‘dead beats’.

    Any person who is unemployed always has a reason as to why they aren’t working for a *paycheck*. Most of the work in this country is done by Mothers who are raising children, yet if she’s poor and on welfare, you point fingers and snicker. At the same time, we have fully employed males who are still living in their parents homes. Why? Because they can’t afford their technological trinkets otherwise.

    Why? is this not welfare? Rent free and fancy free. Sorry — the ranting.

  • premurderedGOM

    Nov 18, 2010 Hong Kong: H5N1 is “airborne”.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Timing is interesting…

    The US Senate is trying to pass the Food Safety Act, but write to your senators and tell then “NO!”

  • maryanne jacobsen: The Food Safety Act is less about food safety than about controling us. Many of the exquisite edibles in the food basket that they’re presenting to you are arranged so you won’t see the rotten stuff: The bill [is it S. 510?] will make the following illegal…

    Lemonade Stands/children or adults
    Garden larger than 1 acre
    Sharing your produce
    Selling your produce
    Raw Milk [cannot sell or inbibe]
    Farmers Market
    Farm Animals: each animal in herd must be tagged — but corporate farms need tag only 1 animal in a group [cows,pigs,chickens].

    I could go on-and-on. The government is out to control us, not the quality of our food. In fact, they could care less about the wellbeing of the citizens who support them and their lifestyles.

    It’s obvious! The armageddon developing in the GOM attests to that.

  • xdrfox

    Less people get sick from these foods then the ones FDA Regulates, or is suppose too ! Green Hot Peppers, Meats X 12, eggs X 2, peanuts is a few the past few years that they have direct working relationship with and people still died and were poisoned.

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