30,000 pages of BP oil disaster documents released — You’re part of the research team to see what they say

Just released: 30k pages of BP oil spill documents. Help us find out what … Read more >>

Physician: Many more people are sick from suspected oil-related illnesses but scared to speak out or seek medical help

Locals air worries on spill’s health effects, Daily Comet, April 10, 2011 … Read more >>

Cleanup worker: One person after another… I’m having kidney failure, my pancreas is rotted out, my liver won’t stop hurting (VIDEO)

…

WDSU report on Gulf activist: “Gunshot wounds to his forehead and torso” — Niece with “gunshot wounds to her neck and buttock”

LaPlace Shooting Injures 2, WDSU, April 3, 2011 … Read more >>

John Wathen honored for his attention to Gulf oil spill, Hurricane Creek

Tuscaloosa News, April 4, 2011 …

Severely ill cleanup worker Clayton Matherne receives dedication — 1000s more suffering like him (VIDEO)

Cherri’s Message for Clayton Matherne, Project Gulf Impact, April 3, 2011: … Read more >>

Report: Gulf activist shot 4 times through door of home, niece hit twice

He was hit 3 times in the chest and once across the forehead, niece struck in neck and bottom … Read more >>

Wilma Subra wins Human Rights Award

KATC, March 23, 2011 …

Updated Report: “Trouble brewing” at MC243; Eyewitness reports differ from officials — John Wathen going for aerial view

The Hive Daily, March 19, 2011 …

Times Picayune: Woman begins walk from New Orleans to Washington for victims of oil disaster

Woman begins walk to Washington for oil spill victims, The Times-Picayune, March 13, 2011:

…

Protest at BP operations center — Up to 500 people to camp out for days starting Wednesday

Gathering at La. 311 near U.S. 90 … Read more >>

‘The Road to Washington’ begins in New Orleans — 9 am CDT this morning (Delayed 1 hour for daylight savings)

“This event will raise awareness about the ongoing need for environmental remediation and economic support in the wake to the BP oil Disaster of April 2010.” … Read more >>

*UPDATED* Happening Now: Stand by… “BIG” news coming from Michelle Nix

Michelle Nix, Facebook, March 9, 2011 at 7:15 p.m. EST:

Stand by BIG news …

10,000+ now suffering effects from oil disaster… Gulf residents are walking to Washington D.C. on March 13 for help

Walking to D.C. – please read, share and act, Cherri Foytlin and The Road … Read more >>

Banksy: World’s top street artist takes on the BP Oil Disaster (PHOTOS)

Who is Banksy? The world’s most famous street artist was nominated for an Oscar … Read more >>

Dispersed oil “everywhere” on Pensacola Beach — Not where is the oil… BUT WHERE IS IT NOT (VIDEO)

Surfrider Foundation: BP Oil Disaster UV Testing Program, bluemountainsurfer, February 28, 2011:

Support Surfrider …

Cleanup worker with terrible pain is crying himself to sleep — Internal bleeding (VIDEO)

Marylee Orr has served as the Executive Director for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) over the last 22 years. Orr mentions that LEAN is offering blood testing to those who’ve been exposed to the oil disaster. … Read more >>

Nonprofit organizations may be able help with BLOOD TESTING and DETOX for people affected by oil disaster (VIDEO)

In Discussion with David Gibbons, February 25, 2011:

Marylee Orr has served as the …

Experts agree education is key: People need to get together and pass the word around about situation in Gulf (VIDEO)

Educating, detoxing, continued testing …

Heartbreaking: Backstage footage showing apparent victim of BP Oil Disaster having multiple violent seizures (VIDEO)

22 Year Old BP Oil Spill Victim Speaks Out at NO Health Forum Leaves … Read more >>

Jan. 5 “was the worst instance of oil contamination since the BP oil spill” according to Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Oil Washes Ashore Again At Grand Isle, WDSU, January 5, 2011:

The mayor’s office …

Shockingly high Benzene levels found in Biloxi, MS blood samples — Includes 10 year-old child

Evaluation of the Results of Whole Blood Volatile Solvents Testing, Wilma Subra, January 18, … Read more >>

Oil ‘Spill’ Commission forum: “People call me crying and dying” — “They need medical attention”

Gulf Residents to Oil Industry and Government: Our Health is Not a Tradeoff, NRDC’s … Read more >>

TSA targets Project Gulf Impact at airport checkpoint — “Pre-selected for harassment and intimidation” (VIDEO)

TSA targets Gulf filmmakers at check-point (VIDEO), Project Gulf Impact, December 31st, 2010:

After …

“Oil is rolling in on the beaches” of Grand Isle; Sand is “turning it black” — “I’ve never seen it looking like this”

More oil coming into Grand Isle, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, January 5, 2011:

Louisiana Bucket …

Fisherman “very depressed and suicidal” but changed mind in order to fight — “It’s time for everybody else to fight” too (VIDEO)

via NRDCflix, December 1, 2010. …

Shrimper/War Veteran contemplates losing kids after losing everything else — Wife says “He’s taking this harder than he took Iraq, and he was at death’s door” (AUDIO)

Bayou La Batre, Alabama — “We are very, very close on the edge of losing everything,” says Aaron Hofer, Lena’s husband, holding back tears. “But, you know, God feeds the birds. How much more does he love us? I have to tell myself that, like, 100 times a day.” … Read more >>

Hospice gets funding to counsel Gulf residents using “bereavement specialist” — Mission is to provide help “during times of life-limiting illnesses”

After oil spill, Covenant Hospice expands reach with Pepsi grant, Destin Log, November 28, … Read more >>

BP trying to “starve” Gulf residents so they accept settlement offers without knowing what will happen in 3-4 years (VIDEO)

Louisiana BP OIL Spill 8 Months on Part 1, rawimagefilms, November 24, 2010:

…

“There are no crabs” — “Parasites inside of their lungs eating them alive” (VIDEO)

Lorrie Williams at Rally for the Truth on November 20, 2010. … Read more >>