Toxic benzene remained in Gulf, only small portion escaped into atmosphere: NOAA

Boulder researchers study fate of oil in Gulf spill, Daily Camera, March 14, 2011 … Read more >>

NOAA Study: Massive plumes of aerosolized oil “likely posed a health threat” — Problems range from aggravated asthma to premature death

“These concentrations were high” – Joost de Gouw, a research scientist with NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory … Read more >>

While you were breathing: 99.8 ppm VOCs measured at Orange Beach, AL as well was capped– “Amazing” says scientist (VIDEO)

Different types of VOCs include benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene. … Read more >>

EPA says oil burns not cancer-causing, similar to smoke from woodstoves — Authors of EPA study express “concerns” about adequacy of sampling

The total amount of carbon collected in the four days of sampling “was less than that desired for a single sample… and the sole sample from the field was short of the targeted number of three samples for the campaign.” … Read more >>

“A huge number of people on the coast were exposed to this aerosol” of oil and Corexit says chemist

“Coastal residents not involved in the cleanup have also been sickened by the oil and dispersants” … Read more >>

Still days when you can smell oil, even in downtown Mobile — 30 miles north of the Gulf

Six month anniversary of the BP oil disaster, Press-Register (by Mobile Baykeeper), October 20, … Read more >>

On Fox 8: Tests of rainwater showed “aluminum, magnesium, chloride, copper, nickel… things you shouldn’t find” (VIDEO)

People question whether coast really is clear, Fox 8 New Orleans, October 11, 2010 … Read more >>

Man “collapsed and died” around hydrogen sulfide leak near New Orleans — “Air tests did not detect anything that would be considered harmful to people” (VIDEO)

Chalmette Refining worker dies on the job; chemical leak contained, Fox8 New Orleans, October … Read more >>

Researchers find up to “40-fold increase” of “toxic” PAHs while sampling air and water along 400 miles of Gulf — Entire month of data lost after device “disappeared”

OSU Researchers find heightened levels of known carcinogens in Gulf, Oregon State University website, … Read more >>

Like an “Acid Cloud”: Entire family sickened — 10 y/o son’s nose “gushing blood everywhere”, daughter “could not breath”… NUMBNESS (VIDEO)

Interview with Lorrie Williams of Ocean Springs MS, GRC Radio (South Carolina), September 24, … Read more >>

Researchers say “more VOC’s” from oil may still get released into Gulf’s air supply — 10 new monitors installed “to see if we should worry” (VIDEO)

USA Researchers To Monitor Post-Spill Air Quality, WKRG, September 17, 2010:


There’s been …

Air monitoring in Orange Beach, AL reported to have reached 110 ppm of VOCs within 15 minutes — Testing crew quickly abandoned area

The Untold Story of Human Health Effects From BP’s Oil Disaster, Glynn Wilson, September … Read more >>

Florida/Alabama area: Tests show ethylbenzene, other hydrocarbons in blood of coastal residents — “Everyone is getting sick”, it’s “becoming an aerosol” (VIDEO)

Interview with Matt Smith and Heather Rally of Project Gulf Impact, Intel Hub Radio, … Read more >>

Air quality testing near Tampa shows highest level of VOC-created chemicals of anywhere along Gulf Coast — Borderline “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”

Ozone and Your Health, North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services:

You might …

“OIL WAS APPARENTLY AIRBORNE” says city-employed geologist — Reports of “oily brown substance” on people and objects; Impacted area stretches for miles (PHOTO & AUDIO)

Listen at 9:00 a.m. to Morning Edition’s report ‘Gulf Communities Investigate Spill’s Oily Residue‘.

…

EPA data: Cumulative amount of Hydrogen Sulfide UP 800 PERCENT in Buras, Louisiana since well was ‘capped’ on July 15

Hourly readings in last day have averaged 15-20 times above the EPA’s “safe exposure … Read more >>

SHOCK?: 15 percent of Gulf Coast adults report respiratory problems and other physical symptoms from BP ‘oil spill’

“Researchers at Columbia University’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness interviewed over 1,200 adults living … Read more >>

AP: New lawsuit filed for exposure to “burning of oil”; Ongoing symptoms include nausea, headaches, breathing problems

The Associated Press reports a new lawsuit has been filed after the plaintiffs were … Read more >>

Air monitoring tests show “high levels of chemicals like BENZENE — coming FROM DISPERSANTS” (WDSU New Orleans)

Lawyer: Oil Workers At Risk For Serious Illness, WDSU Channel 6 New Orleans, July … Read more >>

Doctors treat toxic illness from burning oil, fumes and dispersants; Pregnant women, asthmatics most at risk

Mysterious illness plagues Gulf oil disaster workers, WOAI San Antonio, June 15, 2010:

For …

BP to burn 1 million gallons of oil a day until July; Coastal residents ‘vulnerable’ to toxins

Plan to burn excess oil from BP well raises health questions, Miami Herald, June … Read more >>

Oceanographer: Tampa sea breeze to bring ‘toxic fumes’ onshore

Excerpts from

The daily sea breeze would bring the possibly toxic fumes from … Read more >>