“Caustic chemical burns”: Workers pressure wash heavily oiled boats with NO respirators… While using a “toxic” cleaning agent — Valdez Part 2? (PHOTO & VIDEO)

“After a decade battling odd illnesses, some spill workers have concluded Exxon’s health claims were wrong, and two dozen have filed suit. They think the oil they cleaned up, the oil mist they breathed, and the chemical cleaners they handled made them sick and may be slowly killing them.” … Read more >>

Man “collapsed and died” around hydrogen sulfide leak near New Orleans — “Air tests did not detect anything that would be considered harmful to people” (VIDEO)

Chalmette Refining worker dies on the job; chemical leak contained, Fox8 New Orleans, October … Read more >>

EPA data: Cumulative amount of Hydrogen Sulfide UP 800 PERCENT in Buras, Louisiana since well was ‘capped’ on July 15

Hourly readings in last day have averaged 15-20 times above the EPA’s “safe exposure … Read more >>

Hydrogen Sulfide from oil spill causes evacuation; “Black SUVs with no markings and monitoring equipment on their roofs” testing neighborhood

More than 14,000 oil spill claims filed, The Examiner (Southeast Texas), April 8, 2010:

…