LSU toxicologist finds benzene and xylene in “troubling” concentrations at beach — “A fresh supply of oil” just offshore

BP reneges on deal to rebuild oyster beds, repair wetlands, Louisiana officials say, Times … Read more >>

Report: Paul Doomm update

UPDATE FROM FEB 16TH, Anita Stewart’s Hoodooed, February 17, 2011:

Paul Doomm was in …

Concentration of PAHs in lagoon’s soil has tripled since August

Sampling Revisit of Southeast Pass, Lower Mississippi River Keeper, February 14, 2011:

Follow up …

State Official: Test results “don’t matter” — “You’re exposed to more hydrocarbons filling up your car with gas” (VIDEO)

Seafood reps outraged over new study, Fox 8, February 8, 2011:

…

“Man, look at all this oil” says scientist on Florida beach… “Something we will be dealing with for years” — “This is still loaded with PAH’s” (VIDEO)

Reporter asks will that “cause a human health risk”? … Read more >>

Chemist finds “increasing levels” of cancer-causing oil pollutants “that have built up in the tissues of fish, shrimp and crabs as they feed on other oiled marine life”

Is seafood safe? Scientists raise questions, Houma Today, December 13, 2010:

Wilma Subra, an …

46 ppm of toxic parts of crude oil found in jellyfish eaten by bottlenose dolphins

NEW TEST RESULTS: Sea Nettles – A Common Food for Bottlenose Dolphins – Contaminated … Read more >>

BP’s weathered oil “is MORE toxic” than that of fresh crude warns toxicologist — Chrysene and benzo[b]fluoranthene predominate (VIDEO)

“He warns of the grave health risks tied to the later stages of an oil spill, when we see things like tar balls and weathered crude floating on the surface.” … Read more >>

Dispersant use contaminates volume of water with up to 1,000 more PAHs — What’s worse? These toxic parts of oil remain longest

“This idea that there’s an oil biodegradation rate doesn’t hold,” says Ronald Atlas, a microbiologist at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, who has studied the aftermath of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. … Read more >>

Research team “uncovered a PAH bonanza” — And just 190 parts per BILLION of PAHs is “considered pretty toxic” says professor at NASA installation

BP gusher left deep sea toxic for a time, study finds, ScienceNews Magazine Web … Read more >>

‘Project Deep Spill’: Feds had deep water ‘blowout’ 10 years ago — Found rising oil ‘strips’ out some of most toxic compounds which remain in water column (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Sub-surface application of dispersant at wellhead never mentioned in June 2000 study

Project Deep …

Chemist: Chemicals from dispersed oil “coming down as rain”

“The dispersants are being added to the water and are causing chemical compounds to become water soluble” … Read more >>

Scientists: Acceptable levels of toxic PAH in the Gulf raised simply for the BP disaster

From the Shores of Louisiana – Is gulf seafood safe?, Gadling (AOL Travel), October … Read more >>

Toxic PAHs “have a shelf life of up to 50 YEARS”

Measuring number of dead ducks caused by oil spill proves difficulty, Times-Picayune, October 03, … Read more >>

“Largest PAH change I’ve seen” in career — Almost all of most toxic compounds showed a 4000% increase “of what would enter into an organism”

An update on the increase in Gulf PAH levels by up to 4000% via … Read more >>

OPAHs form when PAHs degrade — Scientists have “GREAT CONCERN” because “PERSISTENT” and “more mobile”… Dispersant + UV rays in Gulf = risk of even more OPAHs

OSU Researchers find heightened levels of known carcinogens in Gulf, Oregon State University website, … Read more >>

Researchers find up to “40-fold increase” of “toxic” PAHs while sampling air and water along 400 miles of Gulf — Entire month of data lost after device “disappeared”

OSU Researchers find heightened levels of known carcinogens in Gulf, Oregon State University website, … Read more >>

ALL NINE Florida shrimp samples show @ 28 to 31 ppm PAHs, about 30 TIMES more than samples from other from Gulf — FDA officials “NOT concerned”

The Press-Register reports, the Food and Drug Administration “is allowing much higher PAH levels … Read more >>

“A failed year classes” of shrimp or menhaden “could be catastrophic” — 1 ppb of PAHs damaged fish eggs

Deepwater Horizon: After the oil,, September 1, 2010:


Exposure to PAHs early …

BREAKING: THREE different doctors find PAHs, heavy metals, arsenic in BLOOD of Gulf Coast residents, some are “REALLY INLAND” (AUDIO)

Interview with Matt Smith, Project Gulf Impact, Intel Hub Radio, August 31, 2010:

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WARNING: FDA admits NO testing for MORE TOXIC bioaccumulating metabolites of PAHs in food supply (VIDEO)

Gulf Oil Spill and Seafood Safety Government Panel, House Committee Energy & Commerce, Energy … Read more >>