Toxic benzene remained in Gulf, only small portion escaped into atmosphere: NOAA

Boulder researchers study fate of oil in Gulf spill, Daily Camera, March 14, 2011 … Read more >>

Cleanup worker having SEIZURES after diagnosed with benzene poisoning — Coughing up chunks of meat, black stuff coming out of nose & ears, lost half of eyesight

Oil-spill health impact studied, Daily Comet, February 24, 2011:

… “What is your research …

LSU toxicologist finds benzene and xylene in “troubling” concentrations at beach — “A fresh supply of oil” just offshore

BP reneges on deal to rebuild oyster beds, repair wetlands, Louisiana officials say, Times … Read more >>

Research Tests: Corexit is reponsible for most volatile compounds that cleanup workers were exposed to — “Very interesting” (VIDEO)

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Oil disaster’s health effects “will be felt for GENERATIONS” warns scientist (VIDEOS)

BP oil spill’s health effects will be felt for generations, scientist warns, The Times-Picayune, … Read more >>

Shockingly high Benzene levels found in Biloxi, MS blood samples — Includes 10 year-old child

Evaluation of the Results of Whole Blood Volatile Solvents Testing, Wilma Subra, January 18, … Read more >>

“I have nowhere left to turn”: BP refuses claim of “gravely ill” cleanup worker — “Can never recover money for medical bills and other expenses”

Official warns against quick settlement, Houma Today, December 18, 2010:

Clayton Matherne of Bayou …

Former oil field worker: “Could smell the Benzene coming up” into Mobile Bay — “Unbelievable headaches” and “a new rash… on my chest”

“And this is after an older rash I’ve had that turned into blisters.” … Read more >>

BP crew member diagnosed with “benzene poisoning” — “Paw Paw why you gonna die?” asks crying 5 year old (VIDEO)

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BP cleanup worker, age 35: “GRAVELY ILL” from “BENZENE” exposure, doctors say medication required to “survive” — Needs help to bathe and dress

Illness from spill unknown still, Houma Today, September 19, 2010:


The 5-year-old [said] …

Red Cross Shelter: “We’re not keeping anybody because they’re all coming to us sick. And that’s scary.” Alerts for benzene, water quality (VIDEO)

Channel 8 WOOD, July 29, 2010:

Rush Transcript Summary

No one coming to Red …

Michigan residents evacuated, told to leave ‘immediately’ because of unsafe levels of Benzene (VIDEO)

Fox 17, July 29, 2010:

Rush Transcript Summary

Evacuations because of Dangerous levels of …

Air monitoring tests show “high levels of chemicals like BENZENE — coming FROM DISPERSANTS” (WDSU New Orleans)

Lawyer: Oil Workers At Risk For Serious Illness, WDSU Channel 6 New Orleans, July … Read more >>

Researchers “have spotted FLUORESCENT clouds in the deep Gulf, likely a byproduct of benzene in the water”

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