Top British Newspaper: BP’s oil in Gulf has “switched off the North Atlantic Current, which keeps Europe from freezing”

“You might want to read the findings of Dr Gianluigi Zangari, theoretical physicist at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy who says that the Earth’s central heating system has broken down because of the oil spill” … Read more >>

Oct. 30: “World renowned” scientist says currents “will” transport oil throughout Gulf — Florida’s east & west coasts under threat (VIDEO)

Naples CBS affiliate (Southwest Florida) asks “Are the worst effects of that devastating spill just around the corner?” … Read more >>

Loop Current stretching all the way to Louisiana coast; Directly over BP oil well blowout (VIDEO)

120 Hour Surface Current Forecast, Louisiana State University Coastal Studies Institute (Click ‘start’ button … Read more >>

Loop Current directly over oil gusher, trouble for Florida (VIDEO)

Real-time Ocean Forecasting System for Gulf of Mexico:

ROTFS July 14

For 6-day …

Joint Incident Command “confirmed the eddy is reattaching to the Loop Current”; track “heading towards Naples”

Eddy rejoins Loop Current, Key West Citizen, June 11, 2010:

Spinning water had kept …

USF Scientists: “Troubling news about the loop current”, South Florida’s “respite may be over”

Tests show oil clouds drifting more than 100 miles from Deepwater Horizon site, St. Petersburg Times, June 9, 2010: University of South Florida scientists who are working to confirm the source of the oil clouds… also had troubling news about the loop current, the warm river of water that enters the gulf from the Yucatán Peninsula […] . . . → Read More: USF Scientists: “Troubling news about the loop current”, South Florida’s “respite may be over” … Read more >>