Thousands dead in Jacksonville fish kill — “Blood cells burst when tainted water is sucked into their gills”

‘Golden algae’ is cause of Hanna Park fish deaths, Florida Times-Union, March 23, 2011 … Read more >>

South Florida’s Top 20 Under-reported Articles About Oil Disaster

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State backtracks on massive Florida fishkill: NO indication of low oxygen from algae bloom

No smoking gun in fish kill near Sebastian Inlet, Scripps News, February 9, 2011

…

“Dire Situation” in Miami: Shrimpers wonder if BP Disaster to blame for “failure of shrimp to show up” — Oil and dispersant worries

Shrimpers at a loss as supply and economy sink, Miami Herald, February 8, 2011:

…

Overwhelmed: “Millions” of dead fish wash ashore in Florida — “It irritated my throat”; Many different species (PHOTOS)

Low oxygen likely cause of fish kill near Sebastian Inlet, Scripps News, February 8, … Read more >>

Large Right Whale found dead near St. Augustine, FL after travelling to Miami — Scientists trying to determine cause (VIDEO)

Biologists Study Right Whale in Crescent Beach, WJXX ABC 25, February 3, 2011:

…

Florida: Hundreds of pelicans found dead or injured off Jacksonville coast — Blamed on “chemicals in the water” (VIDEO)

Pelicans turn up sick, dead off Jacksonville coast, Jacksonville Times Union, January 17, 2011:

…

“Overwhelming”: Thousands of dead fish found in Florida (VIDEO)

Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek, WFTV, January 4, 2011:

Thousands of dead …

Vultures still “still showing up” floating in Biscayne Bay — Man “picked up 10 birds himself”

Vultures Found, Recovered And Now Back In The Air, CBS4 Miami, November 11, 2010 … Read more >>

*Update* Miami wildlife officer: “Birds sporadically dispersed, floating southward, about a mile slick of them” — CBS reports 10 dead (VIDEOS & PHOTO)

“We were dreading the oil spill and we missed that and now we are getting this.” … Read more >>

Miami-area: Many large birds reported “floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil” — “Biologists mind-boggled” (VIDEO)

A passing boater contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Center after spotting the lethargic vultures floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil. “Birds sporadically dispersed… about a mile slick of them” … Read more >>

Near Jax: Eyewitnesses ask is “mystery” blob ALGAE or OIL? Miles-long dark, gooey substance NOT ALGAE tests show — Official: “Could have been transported” by currents

No answers yet for offshore mass, St. Augustine Record, September 16, 2010:


Florida …

Florida’s East Coast: Huge “mystery” BLOB breaks up “into smaller blobs” that hit beaches; Experts “PUZZLED” and “no one knows” — Video now down (AERIAL PHOTO)

Mystery Substance Looms In Ocean, Officials Work To Figure Out Massive Blob Off The … Read more >>

AGAIN: Two more whales wash ashore today in SE Florida — Analyzing blubber for oil; “Distinct possibility” that the beachings are related (VIDEOS)

WPTV asks today: “Did whales in Delray Beach and Jensen Beach wash ashore for … Read more >>

SE Florida Fishkill: Angelfish, parrot fish, triggerfish, and “every kind” of snapper floating dead in ocean; Upwelling of sub-surface water blamed

So what else might be upwelling from down deep along with the cold water?

…

Kayaker spots tar balls floating offshore near Stuart Beach in South Florida

Experts advise how to deal with tar found on Treasure Coast beaches, Stuart News, … Read more >>

Dozens of dead snapper, puffer fish wash ashore on Palm Beach; Water samples taken (PHOTOS)

Fish kill spotted on Palm Beach, WPTV Channel 5 NBC West Palm Beach, July … Read more >>

Satellite shows possible oil slicks off Southeast Florida coast (PHOTOS)

If you live in the area please try and get to a tall oceanfront … Read more >>

Delray Beach tourist “saw a 2-inch tar ball wash ashore this morning”; “It smelled like oil”

Tar ball in Delray? Probably not, officials say, Palm Beach Post, July 11, 2010:

…

*UPDATED* Patches floating near Miami filmed from 15th floor

July 9 in Hollywood, FL

July 9 in Hollywood, FL

Comments by …

Patches of sheen near Miami; Filmed from building by eyewitness on Friday afternoon

Exact location unknown. Approximate location: between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Filmed the … Read more >>

Tar balls found ‘every 10 feet’ in Jensen Beach just steps away from nuclear power plant… AGAIN (PHOTO)

Oil on our beaches, TCpalm YourNews (Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches), July 6, 2010:

…

Tar Balls “as big as an apple” wash up in St. Augustine, FL

Tar Balls Show Up On St. Augustine Beach, WJXT Channel 4 Jacksonville, July 8, … Read more >>

“Old timers” mention finding tar balls in Florida decades ago, but “a much rarer find” recently

Officials not sure about source of Cocoa Beach tar balls, Orlando Sentinel, July 8, … Read more >>

Tar balls wash up on Florida’s East Coast for second day in a row; Chamber of Commerce scrambles to control damage (VIDEO)

Tar ball clean up in Cocoa Beach, WOFL Channel 35 Fox, July 7, 2010:

…

Tar balls “all over the beach” on Florida’s East Coast; “I can’t believe how big they’re coming in”

Tar Balls Wash Ashore In Central Fla., Channel 4 Jacksonville, July 7, 2010:

Beach …

Tar Balls “now rolling in on Ormond Beach” near Daytona; Contractors sweep coast for oil (PHOTOS)

Brevard Tar Balls Being Tested For Origin, WFTV Channel 9 Orlando, July 7, 2010:

…

Tar balls wash up on Cape Canaveral near NASA; “Beaches remained open while the tar balls were collected”

Tar balls wash up on Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville Times-Union, July 7, … Read more >>

Tar balls found in Ft. Pierce, FL (PHOTO)

Treasure Coast Photos, Stuart News, June 26, 2010:

FORT PIERCE – Lori Fusco looks …

Roof shingle-sized tar balls found along 2-3 mile stretch in Cocoa Beach; Officials: “Unusual” oil “could be from the BP oil spill” (VIDEO)

Tar Balls Wash Ashore At Cocoa Beach, WESH Channel 2 NBC Orlando, July 6, … Read more >>