South Florida's Top 20 Under-reported Articles About Oil Disaster

A sampling of oil disaster articles from the east and west coasts of South Florida:

“Dire ...

*UPDATED* Patches floating near Miami filmed from 15th floor

July 9 in Hollywood, FL

July 9 in Hollywood, FL

Comments by camerawoman:

I watched it ...

Patches of sheen near Miami; Filmed from building by eyewitness on Friday afternoon

Exact location unknown.
Approximate location: between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Filmed the afternoon of Friday, July ...

More evidence of oil in South Florida (PHOTOS)

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Forecast shows oil has direct route from spill site to South Florida (VIDEO)

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Mystery submarine four miles off South Florida beach; flees after chased by boaters

Boater chases mysterious periscope off Hollywood beach, Palm Beach Post, June 20, 2010:

Ryan Danoff was ...

Oil slick spotted 12 miles off Ft Lauderdale coast by yacht captain

Excerpt from Has Oil Entered Gulf Stream, Reached Fort Lauderdale?, Palm Beach New Times, June ... Read more >>