South Florida’s Top 20 Under-reported Articles About Oil Disaster

A sampling of oil disaster articles from the east and west coasts of South … Read more >>

Denied: ZERO appealed claims have been approved according to Feinberg

BP total in Keys: $67 million and counting, Florida Keys Keynoter, February 2, 2011:

…

Florida Keys boat captain says the oil disaster is not over — “Could easily show up in the Keys a few years from now”

Captain Tad Burke, Commodore, Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association, The Florida Keys Response To … Read more >>

Disaster in the Florida Keys: Lobster fisherman says “I’ve never seen anything like this” — “Everything has changed”

Spill’s long-term impact keeps heat on BP, Financial Times, January 3, 2011:

At first …

Hundreds more vultures found floating in South Florida — Broad-winged hawk also rescued (PHOTOS)

The hawk is being kept for two weeks as a precautionary measure. … Read more >>

“The tissue mostly just DISSOLVED” when adding COREXIT 9500 says researcher — “With the oil alone there was no effect”

Corals Won’t Survive A Shallow-Water Oil Spill Treated With Dispersants, National Wildlife Federation (Wildlife … Read more >>

Marine experts in Florida Keys: Concerned about submerged plumes, NINE Exxon Valdez spills remain in Gulf

The Florida Keys Keynoter reports on a forum of Marine experts in Key West … Read more >>

Legal Expert: Florida Keys fishing industry may be “devastated for eight to 15 years”

Fishing firms prepare to file BP claims, Orlando Sentinel, July 28, 2010:

The biggest …

Triathlon directors from Key West to Panama City watching the “massive oil slick moving slowly toward other parts of Florida” reports today that “several race directors of triathlons have continued to keep a … Read more >>

Keys resident: Florida Bay is “definitely contaminated now”; BP’s claims office in Marathon “has brought in security”

Plaintiffs Attorneys Knock BP Fund Administrator, Daily Business Review, July 26, 2010:

[Marathon fisherman …

BP immediately hiring 300 oil cleanup workers in Florida Keys; Must be ready to report for duty within 12 to 18 hours

Local oil spill responders sought, Key West Citizen (Subscription), July 6, 2010:

BP and …

ROFFS July 5: Some oil moving “towards the area offshore of the Florida Keys” (MAP)

Analysis of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Area, Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting System, July 5, … Read more >>

Satellite Imagery shows Oil/Dispersant mix surrounding Florida (PHOTO)

Roffs Oceanographic Analysis for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Area, June 28, 2010:

We …

Forecast shows oil has direct route from spill site to South Florida (VIDEO)

Watch as the Gulf of Mexico currents flow from the Southeast tip of Louisiana … Read more >>

No oil in South Florida? You decide. New color-corrected aerial photos released (PHOTOS)

Brownish-red ribbons/streamers are photographed approximately 30 miles north of the Marathon in the Florida … Read more >>

Coast Guard plans to let oil hit the beach, “No booms in Florida Keys;

Unified Command: No oil booms in the Keys, Florida Keys Keynoter, June 26, 2010:

…

Compromised? Florida newspapers get millions in BP-funded ads; Full page ads in Keys promoting BP’s image instead of paying claims

Florida has received $75 million to date from BP Keys get BP money, Key … Read more >>

ROFFS: Oil-dispersant mixture 40 miles south of Florida Keys on June 22


Meteorologist Jeff Masters: In September the currents likely will create a “relatively clear path for oil to follow to the Keys”

Tropical system could make Gulf oil spill much worse, Sun-Sentinel, June 23, 2010:

Potentially, …

NEW aerial photos of streamers near the Florida Keys

Oil Slick in the Florida Keys (PHOTOS), Kelly Ann Thomas, June 21, 2010:

On …

Once oil crosses continental shelf, likely to “affect Florida’s west coast as far south as the Keys”

Florida Keys dodging threat from oil spill, Miami Herald, June 22, 2010:

The more …

Keys Attorney: “BP claims offices are staffed with insurance adjusters”; Must file claim with BP to initiate a future lawsuit

Prepare carefully for oil spill damage claims against BP, other firms, The Citizen (Florida … Read more >>

NOAA forecast: Oil boundary EAST of Dry Tortugas in Florida Keys

June 19 NOAA Off-shore Forecast

…

Clear evidence oil spill particles in Florida Straits; Projected to reach from Key West to West Palm Beach shelf areas

Regional Gulf of Mexico Model circulation forecasts, University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine … Read more >>

Florida Keys could be like “an abandoned mining town”; Ad campaign for ‘reef fest’ reaches 1.5 million people, only 6 show up

Florida Skips Offshore Oil Binge but Still Pays, New York Times, June 12, 2010:

…

Oil just south of Florida Keys by June 19: Forecast

Latest HYCOM-GFS oilspill forecast shows a large stretch of oil approximately 15 miles … Read more >>

Nearly all shrimping boats abandon Key West after crew pulls up oil-covered shrimp

Locals In Key West Fearing Worst Of Oil Spill, CBS 4 Miami, June 14, … Read more >>

Breaking: NOAA scientists say “Oil plume located off Florida’s southwest coast and heading toward the Tortugas” in the Florida Keys

UM/CIMAS and NOAA/AOML Scientists Locate Oil Plume, University of Miami News Release:

Using these …

Oil boundary 50 miles from Florida Keys by June 15: NOAA forecast

USF Scientists: “Troubling news about the loop current”, South Florida’s “respite may be over”

Tests show oil clouds drifting more than 100 miles from Deepwater Horizon site, St. Petersburg Times, June 9, 2010: University of South Florida scientists who are working to confirm the source of the oil clouds… also had troubling news about the loop current, the warm river of water that enters the gulf from the Yucatán Peninsula […] . . . → Read More: USF Scientists: “Troubling news about the loop current”, South Florida’s “respite may be over” … Read more >>