Senior Scientist: Still NO testing for heavy metals OR dispersant (VIDEO)

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“Cancer-causing” tar balls can “work their way up the food chain” to humans via tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo

Scientists monitor crucial seaweed for tar, Sarasota Herald, September 12, 2010:


The cancer-causing hydrocarbons in tar ...

Fed-funded Gulf researcher: Bacteria activated by oil can “release the toxic metals” — “SOLID ARSENIC can be dissolved” then “transferred up the food chain” to humans

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WARNING: FDA admits NO testing for MORE TOXIC bioaccumulating metabolites of PAHs in food supply (VIDEO)

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AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION: BIO-ACCUMULATION of chemicals that MUTATE GENETIC MATERIAL will continue for years in Gulf oysters, shrimp and crab

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Toxicologist: Dispersants extract the “dangerous cancer-causing chemicals” from crude that “bio-accumulate”; “There is a GRAVE problem”

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Top scientists testing Sarasota Bay to evaluate HUMAN “bioaccumulation” and “long-term natural resource damages” from oil disaster

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Dispersants Hearing: NOAA admits Gulf seafood not tested, yet says toxins may BIOACCUMULATE! (VIDEO)

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