NOAA meeting: “I haven’t been in the water since July 10th — I woke up on July 11th spitting up blood”

NOAA gathers comments about oil spill damage, Panama City News Herald, March 17, 2011 … Read more >>

Team of scientific divers sickened after wearing full wet suits in Gulf — Bleeding from eyes, blood in stool

“We were told it was safe to dive offshore but about the end of July, one of us started to show unusual symptoms and quit diving by mid-August. Then another member became sick in late September and we all stopped diving. Our last dive was October 12th 2010” … Read more >>

Man covered in “orange slick stuff” while swimming near Destin is now “pissing blood, vomiting dark brown stuff”

Gulf spill sickness wrecking lives, Dahr Jamail, March 9, 2011:

“I have critically high …

Cleanup worker with terrible pain is crying himself to sleep — Internal bleeding (VIDEO)

Marylee Orr has served as the Executive Director for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) over the last 22 years. Orr mentions that LEAN is offering blood testing to those who’ve been exposed to the oil disaster. … Read more >>

Trio of Gulf divers’ blood tests show “exact fingerprint” of chemicals found in BP’s crude — “Passing blood”, “severe nosebleeds”, vertigo

“The results showed extremely high levels of chemicals such as xylene and ethylbenzene, highly toxic carcinogens found in crude oil.” … Read more >>

Heartbreaking: Backstage footage showing apparent victim of BP Oil Disaster having multiple violent seizures (VIDEO)

22 Year Old BP Oil Spill Victim Speaks Out at NO Health Forum Leaves … Read more >>

Tragic: 22 y/o has seizure at Gulf Forum — Brain lesions after swimming off Florida Panhandle (VIDEOS)

Fox8: “My parents throughout the summer had told me not to get in the water,” said 22-year-old Paul Doom. Still Doom said he spent a lot of time last summer swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off Navarre Beach where he lives. Today, Doom has no feeling in his left leg and suffers with seizures daily. … Read more >>

“The story everybody has been talking about”: “Very disturbing findings” in chemical tests of Gulf residents — Some “bleeding from the ears” or with “blood in the stool” (VIDEOS)

Oil Spill Health Issues, KLFY, January 27, 2011:

[A] new report just out has …

Kindra: Every single one of cleanup workers in area have brown spots all over their arms (VIDEO)

New Kindra Arnesen’s Explosive New Revelations, Project Gulf Impact, December 31, 2010:

at 1:00 …

“It looked like the blood vessels underneath the skin’s surface were literally breaking and the blood was slowly coming to the surface” (VIDEO)

New Kindra Arnesen’s Explosive New Revelations, Project Gulf Impact, December 31, 2010:

at 2:05 …

Women around Gulf with internal bleeding & mysterious bruises on torso (VIDEO & PHOTO)

Photo of Denise Rednour via CleanTheGulf, November 13, 2010:

Credit: Denise Rednour and …

“Bleeding from the ears” and now “bruising rash all around my stomach” — “Looks like bleeding under the skin”

“Sharp stabbing pain is all over my abdomen where this discolouration is, it’s in my arm pits and around my breasts…” … Read more >>

Multiple boats of fishermen sickened on November 1 — One still hospitalized after “bleeding in his esophagus”

Chris Balius, also a former VOO worker, was in a boat near Miller’s on that same day out on the Gulf. “I was hit by it too,” Balius explained. … Read more >>

In case you missed it: 22 y/o Florida lifeguard “was rained on and started having rectal bleeding” — “Significant amount” of blood lost

Worries persist as Health Department sounds all clear, Walton Sun By Jennie Hobbs, August … Read more >>

Fisherman: “Still feeling terrible… I’m about to go to the doctor” — “Diarrhea has been real bad… day before yesterday, I was coughing up white foam with brown spots”

Commercial fisherman Donny Matsler, a Vietnam veteran who lives in Dauphin Island … Read more >>