Concentration of PAHs in lagoon’s soil has tripled since August

Sampling Revisit of Southeast Pass, Lower Mississippi River Keeper, February 14, 2011:

Follow up sampling performed ...

EPA “BP Spill” testing across Gulf finds highest amount of heavy metal in Florida bays — Raises “Level of Concern” (Lab Results)

Sediment samples taken near Apalachicola Bay and Destin contained vanadium at levels high enough for the EPA to raise its level of concern. ... Read more >>

Internal organs of dead bird were 2.3% Petroleum Hydrocarbons (Lab Results)


"Dead Bird Island" Testing Results, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper (Wilma Subra, Chemist), September 28, 2010:

Results of ...

61.6 ppm of Corexit 9527A marker found in sediment near Florida border — Neurotoxin 2-butoxyethanol (VIDEO)

Dauphin Island, AL on August 23, 2010 (Photo: Bob Naman)

Independent lab tests reveal toxic dispersant in Gulf waters, Government denies, Film by James C. ... Read more >>

EPA reveals high levels of cancer-causing heavy metal near area of massive fishkill — GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION CONCERNS

The Environmental Protection Agency collected sediment samples on September 3, 2010 in coastal Louisiana and ... Read more >>

Local Official: Subpoenas issued over dumping of BP’s “Hazardous Waste” from oil disaster

Despite objections, cleanup waste moves to Pecan Grove landfill, WLOX Channel 13 ABC BIloxi, July ... Read more >>

Oil continues to be dumped alongside “regular waste” in Florida landfill NOT designated for hazardous materials; Will extend hours to bring in more (VIDEO)

Oil Related Waste Continues to Arrive at Spring Hill Landfill, CBS Channel 2 WCTV Tallahassee, ... Read more >>

BP dumping hazardous oil debris in Florida landfills; Local governments get no compensation

Oil-soaked booms dumped in Jackson County, Pensacola News Journal, June 19, 2010:

Where do oil-soaked absorbent ...