BP report shows it spilled less oil in 2010 than in 2008

March 28, 2011 …

Ex-BP hired scientist describes suspicious activities: It suggests to me that BP was purposely trying to deceive everyone (Project Gulf Impact VIDEO)

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Censored: “You can’t say that” White House told reporter — “People will get scared” about amount of oil in Gulf

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Bow to BP: Feds will cut estimate of size of oil ‘spill’ according to EPA source

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“May spark a whole new debate”: Scientist “astonished” that he found so much crude — Questions whether NOAA “dramatically understated” amount of oil in Gulf (VIDEO)

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White House “GAGGED NOAA” from revealing actual flow rate of up to 100,000+ barrels per day

Panel: Gov’t blocked worst-case oil spill figures, AP, October 6, 2010:

The White …

BP STOPPED scientists working for COAST GUARD from taking SAMPLES — Delayed 3 weeks… Mission was to measure amount of oil (VIDEO)

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Escambia County Commissioner: Up to 350,000,000 gallons of oil released by BP’s blow-out according to some scientists

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President told the BP Blowout “could be leaking 160,000 barrels of oil a day”

SPECIAL REPORT-Plumes, politics and the sultan of spill, Reuters, July 22, 2010

The Coast …

Ultimatum: BP says it will soon be capturing 80,000 barrels a day; Yet believes only 25,000 bpd flowing from well?

BP presents oil containment plan: official, AFP, June 14, 2010:

The revised strategy would …

Flow Rate Technical Group member: Severed riser increased flow “far more” than 20%; now likely 100,000 barrels a day

McClatchy, June 7, 2010,

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