Forbes Mag: Is BP’s blown-out well sitting atop “One Of America’s Biggest Oil Fields?” — Nearby #3 and #4 ranked in U.S.

BP’s Gulf Well: One Of America’s Biggest Oil Fields?, Forbes, August 16, 2010:

Chief …

DEPLETION THEORY WRONG? BP talks of drilling back into blown-out well

What happened to that depletion theory?

Remember there were only two answers to why … Read more >>

Oil and gas reservoir beneath BP’s blown-out well so large, other companies were “in hot pursuit”

The Houston Chronicle reported that four companies own leases surrounding Mississippi Canyon Block 252, … Read more >>

Shell Oil ex-CEO Hofmeister: BP’s blown-out well so massive, a “failure to produce this huge natural resource would be a loss to the nation”

Former Shell Oil CEO John Hofmeister Live Q&A, Washington Post, July 19, 2010:

Arlington, …

Bush Energy Adviser: BP has drilled into a “25 billion barrel oil field” (AUDIO)

Matthew Simmons Interview, Tru News, June 28, 2010:

At 21:00 minutes in.

Unfortunately, why …

Clinton: Relief wells won’t work, “More oil down there than I ever dreamed”; Navy using explosives could “probably” stop well (VIDEO)

Clinton: Blow up the well, CNN Money, June 27, 2010:

(Transcript Excerpts, starting at …

Oil expert: 50 million barrels “simply not enough oil to go after”; 500 million barrels more likely

BP’s Gulf well holds enough oil to spew out for two years, claim experts, … Read more >>

Rep. Barton: After apologizing to BP, says 500 million barrels beneath blown-out well

Representative Joe Barton (R-TX), Energy & Commerce Committee Ranking Member, Excerpts from Tony Hayward’s … Read more >>

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “Billion potential barrels of oil” under BP’s ruptured well; “Thing could really explode” expert says

CNN’s first mention of concerns about the structural integrity of BP’s blown-out well occurred … Read more >>

Bush Energy Adviser: Relief well will fail, 46 billion gallons could flow into Gulf

Well to spew oil for 25-30 years at 120,000 bpd if not imploded

…