Natural gas injection wells linked to earthquakes: Officials say “enough evidence to request an EMERGENCY cease order” — Danger known since the 1960s (CHART & VIDEOS)


2 Faulkner Co. injection wells causing earthquakes?, KTHV, March 2, 2011:

The …

Research team “detected FAR MORE methane than expected to the NORTHEAST of the well”

AAAS Meeting, Science, February 25 2011:

[University of Georgia researcher Samantha] Joye…  reported that … Read more >>

“It looks like there’s a significant amount of gas” NORTHEAST of the well — Methane is “smeared” through the ecosystem

Methane From Oil Spill Migrating Undigested?, Science, February 19, 2011:

Some researchers have concluded …

Arkansas earthquakes “could be related to ongoing natural gas exploration” says expert

Gas companies blamed for more than 30 earthquakes in two cities in four days, … Read more >>

New study found 75,000 times normal amount of hydrocarbon gases which “could have a long-lasting impact on oceanic oxygen levels”

Pentane gas has “significant health implications for humans” — UCSB’s Ira Liefer … Read more >>

NEW: Fracking for OIL, not just natural gas — 8 states on tap, and “we’re not done yet”

New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US, AP, February 9, 2011:

A …

Top Oceanographer: The methane may be in Atlantic Ocean, not eaten by bacteria

Teeny Janitors Attack Gulf Spill, Then Vanish, NPR, February 9, 2011:

NPR’s excellent Richard …

BK Lim cites NOVEMBER videos showing “oil seepages, gas columns, fissures and blowout craters” around Macondo wellhead (VIDEOS)

The following ROV videos show the “oil seepages, gas columns, fissures and blowout craters in the seafloor around the Macondo wellhead” mentioned in a January 14, 2011 letter to Congress authored by BK Lim. … Read more >>

“Junk Science”: Disappearing methane researchers are “manipulating data to gain media attention” says top attorney

JUNK SCIENCE: NOAA Claims “Gas-Gobbling” Bacteria Consumed Nearly All of the Estimated 200,000 Tons … Read more >>

Why top scientists are NOT convinced by new report claiming methane has “vanished” from Gulf

Methane from BP spill goes missing, ScienceNews, January 6, 2011:

Methane, the predominant hydrocarbon …

Fracked up: Nungesser pushing to drill for “natural” gas in Plaquemines — A deal with the “devil’s little brother”?

Nungesser pushes for natural-gas exploration in area hardest hit by BP spill, Yahoo News, … Read more >>

Documents released by WikiLeaks reveal “striking resemblances between BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster and a little-reported giant gas leak” in 2008

WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform, The Guardian, December 16, 2010:

…

“Human race survives methane plume, for now” — May take 400 years to be clear on how methane affected Gulf says professor

Prof. “Kessler said he is hesitant to predict doomsday and instead is focusing on the methane plume’s current behavior.” … Read more >>

‘Project Deep Spill’: Feds had deep water ‘blowout’ 10 years ago — Found rising oil ‘strips’ out some of most toxic compounds which remain in water column (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Sub-surface application of dispersant at wellhead never mentioned in June 2000 study

Project Deep …

Methane concerns: Possible “fundamental shift” in Gulf’s microbial ecosystem and amount of bacteria — “We’re going to have to watch this”

What Lies Beneath, National Wildlife Foundation, October 4, 2010:

[E]xperts say [recently discovered …

7 year-old “covered in blood”, mother with rashes over “entire body” — Tests found elevated HEXANE, xylene, octane from nearby gas well (METHANE)

Flight for survival: Toxic emissions force family to leave home, Wise County Messenger, September … Read more >>

New video by Feds: “I can’t believe this WATER that LOOKS CLEAR SMELLS SO MUCH LIKE GAS” — “Every animal in the Gulf is being exposed to an atrocity” (VIDEO)

Thousands of marine animals still in danger from hidden oil in Gulf, (NSF), … Read more >>

Kessler/Valentine Findings: “Potential for a MUCH longer-lived METHANE plume in the deep ocean, with unknown consequences” — Due to “SLOW consumption rate”

Scientists document fate of deep hydrocarbon plumes in Gulf oil spill,, September 16, … Read more >>

*NEW* hydrocarbon plume found SOUTH and EAST of BP blow-out just 200 meters below surface — ENTIRE 40-mile transect measured consistently high methane readings is reporting, “A previously unidentified plume of hydrocarbons approximately 200 meters deep has … Read more >>

Senior scientist says “catfish, shrimp, crab and flounder piled up along an offshore sandbar” while swarming to escape “low oxygen” due to BP’s oil and methane

Bloomberg reported early this morning that the faculty at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab … Read more >>

Feds not including METHANE gas in public calculations — Adds over 100 MILLION gallons of oil equivalent to BP’s hydrocarbon total (VIDEO)

Calls for better seafood testing as Gulf fishing begins anew, CNN, August 17, 2010:

…

“NOAA won’t begin checking for submerged methane gases”; Top scientist says “It seems crazy”

Florida University Draws Ire of NOAA for Gulf Research, WRBL CBS 3 Columbus, Georgia, … Read more >>

Feds say methane hydrates coming from leaks in blow-out preventer — no DEFINITIVE info on well integrity issues

Press briefing and teleconference to provide operational update on ongoing Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill … Read more >>

At least SIX ‘seeps’ found near Rigel methane deposits southwest of BP oil blow-out (PHOTOS)

Rigel is known to be a “highly successful” unproduced methane gas field.

The seeps …

**BREAKING** Feds: Seepage likely from the RIGEL WELL — A ‘highly successful’ unproduced gas field (VIDEO)

Yet not one report on Rigel as of 11:59 p.m. EDT July 23

…

Matt Simmons says hurricane churning up underwater methane may be “greatest nightmare we’ve EVER SEEN” (VIDEO)

Matthew Simmons Interview, Tru News, June 28, 2010:

Transcript Excerpt “If the 400 to …

Methane plumes “flowing upslope” into shallower water; “Further up in the water column than we had seen” says scientist

Scientists from St. Petersburg find high methane readings near oil disaster site, St. Petersburg … Read more >>

Engineering Expert: “Gas hydrate crystals” may be plugging cracks in well; To be dislodged by increasing pressure?

Gas seeps not necessarily a problem, because pressure in oil well rising, officials say, … Read more >>

“Scientists have discovered four gas “seeps” at or near” the BP blowout; Pressure “readings are much lower than expected”

Gas seeps not necessarily a problem, because pressure in oil well rising, officials say, … Read more >>

Media NO LONGER reporting on seeps 100-200 meters from well (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Morning Rundown on July 20, 2010 at 9:03 a.m. EST only informs public … Read more >>