Stomach-turning: “The Rape of Grand Isle” — Large crane appears to be dumping oiled shoreline sand into ocean (VIDEO)

Exclusive Video: The Rape of Grand Isle, Stuart Smith, May 19, 2011:

Earlier this …

“Huge red flag”: Sick fish in Gulf are alarming Florida scientists — Skin lesions, fin rot, diseased livers and ovaries

Sick fish in Gulf are alarming scientists, PNJ, May. 8, 2011:

Unusual number a …

Another cleanup worker blinded — Doctor: “I am most certain that the toxins that are in his blood attacked his optic nerves”

“We were orange. Literally, orange and it didn’t wash off because this stuff was going in our pores, our eyes, ears, mouth” … Read more >>

17 baby dolphins found dead in Alabama and Mississippi (PHOTO)

Infant dolphin deaths spiking in Gulf after oil spill, McClatchy DC, February 21, 2011:

…

Spill Children: Untold Stories of the BP Gulf Disaster (VIDEO, Part 1)

“For a baby, levels were a 1,000 to 10,000 times where one starts to see effects.” – Ira Leifer, University of California Santa Barbara oceanographer & chief mission scientist for NASA … Read more >>

Researcher finds oil stuck on seafloor, not degrading as hoped — “Oil-choked bottom-dwelling critters” photographed

Scientists Finds Gulf Bottom Still Oily, Dead, Associated Press, February 19, 2011:

A University …

Cleanup worker Jennifer Rexford hospitalized: Loss of feeling in right side

Cleanup worker Jennifer Rexford has been admitted to Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, Florida … Read more >>

The List: Is Gulf seafood safe? (MUST READ)

The following reports are presented in response to the State of Louisiana’s latest press … Read more >>

Tragic: 22 y/o has seizure at Gulf Forum — Brain lesions after swimming off Florida Panhandle (VIDEOS)

Fox8: “My parents throughout the summer had told me not to get in the water,” said 22-year-old Paul Doom. Still Doom said he spent a lot of time last summer swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off Navarre Beach where he lives. Today, Doom has no feeling in his left leg and suffers with seizures daily. … Read more >>

“I can’t even get in the water any more because we get oil on us” — It’s just MUD washing up says cleanup crew (VIDEO)

Gulf Shores beaches still seeing oil, Fox 10 WALA, January 30, 2011:

Transcript Excerpts

…

More cleanup workers come forward: “Massive health problems”, constant swelling, fluid in lungs, kidney problems, lumps (VIDEOS)

JMRexford’s Channel, January 30, 2011:

Donna Digby summary:

Massive health problems, swelling constantly, …

“Really Alarming”: No baby oysters being found in most productive areas of Louisiana — “Scientists are baffled” (VIDEO)

“The outer reefs, further out, where the salinity would be considerably higher, should have had some spat signals. But we don’t see it anywhere, and that’s really tough” … Read more >>

“Man, look at all this oil” says scientist on Florida beach… “Something we will be dealing with for years” — “This is still loaded with PAH’s” (VIDEO)

Reporter asks will that “cause a human health risk”? … Read more >>

“Tragic” test results from Mississippi beaches: “Approximately 500 ppm of dispersant” in dead jellyfish, based on comparative analysis of Corexit 9500… MORE

The Tragic State of the Gulf of Mexico: Sampling Reveals Oil and Dispersants on … Read more >>

Submerged oil surfaces in Florida (VIDEO)

Tar Balls In Perdido, WEAR TV, January 6, 2011:

Tonight, tar balls are …

“I have nowhere left to turn”: BP refuses claim of “gravely ill” cleanup worker — “Can never recover money for medical bills and other expenses”

Official warns against quick settlement, Houma Today, December 18, 2010:

Clayton Matherne of Bayou …

“Great Concern” about food web: “External and internal deformities, cancer and other diseases, genetic defects”

CURRENT ANALYSIS – Updated December 1, 2010, ROFFS:

The subsurface plume cloud had been …

WARNING: Dispersant/Surfactant eats through water filters & fish gills — Via Gasland (VIDEO)

Corexit 9500A contains di (propylene glycol) butyl ether. Glycol ethers eat through the membranes inside of reverse osmosis water filters, according to the documentary Gasland. … Read more >>

No menstrual period for 4 months when doused with Gulf water — “Like being covered in stinging jellyfish”

“Eye irritations, heart pains, heart palpitations, involuntary muscles jumping all over my body, and continuous headaches day and night.” … Read more >>

BP’s weathered oil “is MORE toxic” than that of fresh crude warns toxicologist — Chrysene and benzo[b]fluoranthene predominate (VIDEO)

“He warns of the grave health risks tied to the later stages of an oil spill, when we see things like tar balls and weathered crude floating on the surface.” … Read more >>

Two fish “FILLED with oil” caught by member of whale research crew while in Gulf

USM team tracks oil spill’s effect on whales, Morning Sentinel (Maine), November 24, 2010:

…

Breakdown: Child hospitalized 3 times after trip to Alabama beach — Massive kidney infections and kidney stones, now lung infections (VIDEO)

Filmed at Seattle University, November 20, 2010 … Read more >>

Cleanup worker told to “stop finding new oil” because “it was getting overwhelming” (VIDEO)

“They have so much work out there. It’s unbelievable.” … Read more >>

Miami-area: Many large birds reported “floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil” — “Biologists mind-boggled” (VIDEO)

A passing boater contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Center after spotting the lethargic vultures floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil. “Birds sporadically dispersed… about a mile slick of them” … Read more >>

*CONFIRMED* Chemist: That’s BP oil on Southwest Florida beach — “Should put to rest any doubt” over origin of 173 ppm oil found in sand near Sarasota

Comparison with BP-Macondo, Control Sample Chromatogram via Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. Test “clearly confirmed a match and is highly accurate and should put to rest any doubt that the oil that we found was ‘sunscreen’, ‘motor oil’, or any other form of ‘naturally present’ contaminant.” … Read more >>

“I’m just trying to survive”: Alabama woman’s face and neck swollen “three times normal size” after trip to beach in late September (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Lisa Nelson, a message therapist from Orange Beach, Alabama: It felt like knives were sticking in throat and my throat closed up, ever since then I have not been able to talk. That’s been since the 22nd of September [after going to beach to watch the harvest moon]. … Read more >>

ALERT: Florida medical doctor begins “treating patients in relation to high levels of volatile solvents in the blood stream” — “Tremendous implications”

Doctor most concerned about long-term effects that “are going to have tremendous implications in human immune system and hormonal function and brain function.” … Read more >>

Head of cleanup on MS island: “Finding more and more and more oil” — “And this is like the fifth time we have come through here” (VIDEO)

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant toured Ship Island Monday to get a first hand look at clean-up efforts. … “I didn’t realize that we still had that much work left to do,” Bryant said. … Read more >>

University scientist’s seafood sample results were “hundreds of times higher than the levels the government tests found”

Standards for Gulf’s Catch Put to Sniff Test After Spill, Wall Street Journal, November … Read more >>

EPA “BP Spill” testing across Gulf finds highest amount of heavy metal in Florida bays — Raises “Level of Concern” (Lab Results)

Sediment samples taken near Apalachicola Bay and Destin contained vanadium at levels high enough for the EPA to raise its level of concern. … Read more >>