"This is crazy": BP not tracing source of new crude -- Petroleum engineers say it's possible oil "is moving up around the outside of the sealed well pipe"

LSU confirms oil from BP well; feds collect samples, Press-Register, September 26, 2011:

[...] Neither the ...

Report: New oil leaking in Gulf "could be impossible to stop" -- Vent would increase in size over time due to highly pressurised reservoir

No end in sight for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Dahr Jamail, September 13, ... Read more >>

"Jellybeans"? Liquid oil bleeding from tarballs -- "Collecting in little pools on the sand"

Fresh tarballs wash up on Gulf Coast shores after Tropical Storm Lee, Press-Register by Ben ... Read more >>

WKRG: "Not hard to find oil on the beach and in the water" in Gulf Shores -- "Like a debris field of tar balls" (VIDEO)

Clean Up of TS Lee Tar Balls Begins, WKRG by Debbie Williams, September 07, 2011:

GULF ...

Report: Vessel seen sampling oil for BP near Macondo well -- Could be from "natural" seeps says spokesman (PHOTO)

Coast Guard says oil sheen 16 miles northeast of BP well too dispersed to be ... Read more >>

Pilot finds more oil bubbling up at Macondo on consecutive days -- BP denies crude is leaking, inspects relief well with ROV (PHOTO)

Pilot finds oil bubbling up at Deepwater Horizon well again; BP reports no leaks, Press-Register ... Read more >>

Reporter's footage of "oil popping up all around the boat" -- "Right here behind the motors they're coming up pretty good" (VIDEO)

Oil emerges in Gulf near Deepwater Horizon well, Press-Register, August 24, 2011:

In this video shot ...

WaPo writer "can't imagine" Macondo well has come back ... Top expert: "Looks suspicious" -- There may be a pathway for oil to move up via annulus

Oil spill: Revisiting the Well From Hell, Washington Post by Joel Achenbach, August 26, 2011:

[...] ...

CONFIRMED: Oil bubbling up above Macondo well is chemical match to BP's crude, says NOAA's Ed Overton (PHOTOS)

Scientists: Oil fouling Gulf matches Deepwater Horizon well (photo gallery, video), Press-Register by Ben Raines, ... Read more >>

Report: "Oil Rising Again from Macondo Well" -- Crews worked to contain "what was becoming a massive slick at the site of the Macondo wellhead"

Oil Rising Again from Macondo Well: BP Hires Fleet of 40 Shrimp Boats to Lay ... Read more >>

Report: Is BP’s Macondo Well Site Still Leaking? Fresh Oil on the Gulf Raises Concerns

Is BP’s Macondo Well Site Still Leaking? Fresh Oil on the Gulf Raises Concerns and ... Read more >>

7-mile oil slick found in Gulf of Mexico -- Local official believes it's from BP disaster

Louisiana: Coast Guard Investigates Origin of Oil Slick in Gulf of Mexico, AP, June 8, ... Read more >>

Fort Walton, FL "covered in oil and dispersant" (PHOTOS)

Fort walton coverd in oil and dispersant, Pensacola Fishing Forum, May 11, 2011:

SOURCE: Cathunter

...

Report: "Tar patties littered the shoreline for several miles" on island east of Apalachicola, Florida (VIDEO)

May Day Tar Patties SGI Size and Consistency 5, Apalachicola Riverkeeper OSPREY Program, 05/01/11:

Low tide: ...

Marine Toxicologist: "Amazing amounts" of oil still coming onshore (VIDEO)

Testimonial of Dr. Susan Shaw, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, April 20, 2011:

At 1:03 in

You could ...

"Oil blobs" washing up on South Florida beaches near Miami, Ft. Lauderdale

Tar balls wash up on 2 South Florida beaches, AP, April 24, 2011 ... Read more >>

Mayor: Tons of tarballs washing up on Alabama beaches

"Elected leaders... want the oil giant to to keep cleaning equipment near the beaches in case a storm dredges up oil off the floor of the Gulf of Mexico." ... Read more >>

Oil spill in Atlantic -- Thousands of penguins covered by slick, hundreds already dead

Penguin rescue operation under way after south Atlantic oil spill, CNN, April 3, 2011 ... Read more >>

March 21 NOAA meeting: “Shrimpers said they have pulled up nets full of oil”

Shrimpers in Biloxi also said that in places where shrimp have been plentiful, there are no shrimp now ... Read more >>

Expert uses satellite imagery to estimate size of recent Grand Isle Oil Spill at over 600,000 gallons and almost 3,500 sq. km

SkyTruth, March 28, 2011 ...

“Slick is exponentially larger and may cover more than 100 square mile” according to satellite imagery (VIDEO)

New Oil Slick in Coastal Louisiana, KATC, March 23, 2011 ... Read more >>

Coast Guard confused about THREE different areas of "suspicious water"

Coast Guard checks out dark-stained water in Chandeleur Sound, Times Picayune, March 24, 2011 ... Read more >>

"Mysterious" oil came from a "well-capping went out of control" says state official -- Coast Guard and BOEMRE still not sure where it came from

"I think right now, it remains a mystery" - BOEMRE director ... Read more >>

NBC reports on oil in the Gulf -- Large areas of water covered, up to 100 miles long says fisherman (VIDEO)

Fresh oil hits Louisiana Coast, NBC, March 22, 2011 ... Read more >>

MORE: “New swaths of what could be fresh surface oil have popped up on the other side of the Mississippi River”

"Streaky plumes over a 20-mile stretch from just east of Quarantine Bay to just west of the shoal remains of Curlew Island" ... Read more >>

Official: It’s the “peanut-buttery substance workers grew accustomed to seeing at the height of the Deepwater incident”

Gulf sheen could be BP spill remnants, Daily Comet, March 22, 2011 at 6:17 pm EDT ... Read more >>

Coast Guard: This is definitely crude from the Gulf

Wall Street Journal, March 22, 2011 at 5:22 pm EDT ... Read more >>

Flyover witness: “Smell of petroleum was thick in the air” above giant plumes — Coast Guard says sediment from dredging

"They could smell it from the airplane and I could smell it from the boat. This wasn't just Mississippi River mud." ... Read more >>

Coast Guard puzzled by source of 30-mile stretch of oil

Oil spill response workers under the direction of the U.S. Coast Guard and state officials were scrambling to block more of the material from coming ashore. ... Read more >>

UPDATES: More oil washes up on Grand Isle, boom being laid... MORE

Daily Comet, WSJ, John Wathen's blog, The Examiner ... Read more >>