“This is crazy”: BP not tracing source of new crude — Petroleum engineers say it’s possible oil “is moving up around the outside of the sealed well pipe”

LSU confirms oil from BP well; feds collect samples, Press-Register, September 26, 2011:

[…] …

State Official: So much buried oil, boat motors “turn up globules of oil” and leave a trail of “long sheen”

Measuring number of dead ducks caused by oil spill proves difficulty, Times-Picayune, October 03, … Read more >>

Gulf Biologist: “Stunned” if oil product isn’t washing up for at least 20 years (VIDEO)

“Long Term Effects of BP Oil Spill, Fox 8 New Orleans, September 21, 2010:

…

NOAA: Navy’s Coastal Ocean Model currents show drifters from site of BP blow-out reached Sarasota, FL in late August (VIDEO)

NOTE: This information may be helpful to anyone taking water samples along the coast … Read more >>

LSU Scientist: “Significant amounts” of oil “still poised to come into Louisiana’s sensitive coastal marshes” — “Just a matter of time”

An oil wave still possible, The Advocate (Baton Rouge), September 13, 2010:

LSU coastal …

Los Alamos Lab & German Researchers: “Oil released by the Deepwater Horizon spill could reach the western North Atlantic Ocean by November”

Deepwater Horizon oil could reach Atlantic Ocean, EnvironmentalResearchWeb, September 6, 2010:

Oil released by …

State official concerned area to be “COVERED in OIL AGAIN” after storm stirs up underwater plumes

Commercial fishermen faced with tough choices, Tri-Parish Times, September 1, 2010:

State Director of …

Marine experts in Florida Keys: Concerned about submerged plumes, NINE Exxon Valdez spills remain in Gulf

The Florida Keys Keynoter reports on a forum of Marine experts in Key West … Read more >>

Oil may have reached annulus; BP has NOT yet decided to cement well during “Static Kill’

The Times-Picayune reports, “BP and federal officials have not yet decided if the runaway … Read more >>

*BREAKING* BP may forgo relief wells; Unsure how to use them, it “remains to be seen”

The AP reports, “With engineers only feet away from completing a pair of them … Read more >>

Bottom Line: Feds DON’T have a “good idea” about where the oil is or how much there is (VIDEO)

National Incident Commander Thad Allen, CNN, July 29, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.:

Rush Transcript …

BP now preparing “ADDITIONAL CONTAINMENT” should oil again start spewing into Gulf

Today, the Times-Picayune reports “BP is working to increase its ability to contain oil … Read more >>

Oil movement “consistent with ocean currents”; NOAA map shows impact south of Tampa and along much of Florida’s East Coast (VIDEO)

Florida Sportsman reported that, “Data shows movement of subsurface oil is consistent with ocean … Read more >>

Vast undersea oil linked to BP disaster; Plumes moving towards Florida via “express route”

Scientists Confirm Underwater Plumes Are From Spill, New York Times, July 23, 2010:

Florida …

2:00 P.M. Hurricane Center Update: TS Bonnie located 55 miles ESE of Naples, FL


UNC Physicist: Hurricane will leave “an oily residue on everything”; “Evaporating water will carry the oil and any chemical dispersants” (VIDEO)

How Will a Hurricane Affect the Oil Spill?, Scientific American, July 15, 2010:

Of …

Shell Oil ex-CEO Hofmeister: BP’s blown-out well so massive, a “failure to produce this huge natural resource would be a loss to the nation”

Former Shell Oil CEO John Hofmeister Live Q&A, Washington Post, July 19, 2010:

Arlington, …

Weather Channel warns residents “as the hurricane moves INLAND it will pick up particles of oil”; “Oil on electrical wires and trees”

Hurricanes and Oil: The Hurricane Alex Effect, Weather Channel, July 22, 2010:

Raining Oil? …

Top Scientist: “Well has already spewed enough oil to coat ecosystems ALL along the Gulf Coast”

Tech scientists hold nothing back in battling effects of Gulf spill, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas), … Read more >>

Florida Governor: “Tsunamis are UNLIKELY to occur as a result of the Deepwater Horizon incident”

Florida Outlines BP Gulf Oil Spill Response For July 19, 2010, Governor of Florida, … Read more >>

Confirmed: BP Technical Briefing scheduled for 8:30 EST is CANCELLED

After calling in for the daily 8:30 a.m. BP briefing, the operator stated it … Read more >>

Seismic test so vital that it’s “actually delaying” plans to “capture additional oil”; “Vessels must be moved” away during tests

BP’s Gulf oil well cap test could be extended past 3 p.m. today to … Read more >>

New Satellite Imagery of Gulf shows oil approaching Mexico’s Yucatan, near Cancun (PHOTOS)

Analysis of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Area, Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting System, July 12, … Read more >>

Satellite shows possible oil slicks off Southeast Florida coast (PHOTOS)

If you live in the area please try and get to a tall oceanfront … Read more >>

Texas: 250 GALLONS of weathered oil removed from Texas wildlife refuge; NOAA predicts BP oil onshore by Thursday

More oil may be headed toward Texas, San Antonio Express News, July 9, 2010:

…

Southwest Florida officials start training oil skimmers in preparation for BP spill (VIDEO)

Oil skimmer training today in Collier County, WINK, July 8, 2010:


Three different …

Much-hyped NOAA Coastal Impact Percentage Model only forecasts up to Day 120 of the BP Oil Disaster

Deepwater Horizon: Statistical Modeling, NOAA, July 2010:

The modeling is based on a 120-day … Read more >>

ROFFS July 5: Some oil moving “towards the area offshore of the Florida Keys” (MAP)

Analysis of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Area, Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting System, July 5, … Read more >>

NOAA admits Threat Models “do not start with the current footprint of the spill, but rather model the spill beginning at day one”

NOAA Models Long-Term Oil Threat to Gulf and East Coast Shoreline, NOAA, July 2, … Read more >>

It’s almost July… Where’s the Oil? Surface evolution of BP Oil Spill (VIDEO)

April 20 — June 28 Hindcast of BP oil spill in the Gulf of … Read more >>