Submerged oil surfaces in Florida (VIDEO)

Tar Balls In Perdido, WEAR TV, January 6, 2011:

Tonight, tar balls are once again ...

Another cleanup worker talks "body parts" washing ashore (VIDEO)

Interview with P2S cleanup worker Ashley Elizabeth Richards, hccreekkeeper, ... Read more >>

EXPOSED: *Feds testing WRONG oil* EPA admits NOT using the thick, black crude from BP’s blowout for tests — Light, sweet crude used instead (VIDEO)

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Top Gulf scientist contradicts Feds, says Oil from BP’s gusher “some of the crudest stuff I’ve ever seen”

NOAA says the oil from BP's blown-out well is a light crude that biodegrades quickly.

However, ...

AP: Oil Plume Significantly Darker; Expert Says That Means Heavier, More-polluting Oil

CBS News:

The underwater plume [is] getting significantly darker. A top oil engineering expert says that ... Read more >>