CBS: LSU professor says BP oil disaster likely cause of Gulf fish with eroded fins and large dark lesions — Almost 50% of snapper had infections in some areas (VIDEO)

Expert: BP spill likely cause of sick Gulf fish – CBS News, August 15, … Read more >>

NOAA warns of sick fish with lesions and discolored skin in Gulf — LSU scientist studying problem “very worried”

NOAA confirms sick fish in Gulf, Pensacola News Journal, May 25, 2011:

[…] for …

CNN reports on “fish with strange sores” in Gulf

Gulf oil disaster still puzzles scientists, CNN, April 20, 2011 at 11:53 am EDT:

…

Fish with lesions are coming up every catch, fishermen from Pensacola and Panama City say

Gulf Coast Residents Dismayed as Effects of Oil Spill Continue, Courthouse News, March 30, … Read more >>

LSU professor: “There’s nothing there” — Fishermen “telling us that the reefs are just dead”

“We expect that if there is going to be a problem from the spill, it’s going to be in reproductive biology” – James Cowan, a veteran researcher and professor at Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science … Read more >>

The List: Is Gulf seafood safe? (MUST READ)

The following reports are presented in response to the State of Louisiana’s latest press … Read more >>

State of Louisiana: You can eat 1,500+ jumbo Gulf shrimp A DAY and not exceed FDA contamination levels

Louisiana state officials confirm seafood safety; state has tested more than 1,000 composite samples … Read more >>

Researchers who caught mullets filled with oil “did not catch non-oiled fish”

Email from John Pierce Wise, Sr., Ph.D., Director of the Maine Center for Toxicology … Read more >>

New Orleans toxicologist warns about seafood, urges family members not to eat it — Only 8 ounces of fish tested to open 10,000 square miles

Safety of Gulf seafood debated 8 months after BP oil spill, Times-Picayune, December 19, … Read more >>

“Dangerously High Levels”: Snapper caught near Pensacola, FL “contaminated with nearly 3,000 PPM of total petroleum hydrocarbons”

EXCLUSIVE TEST RESULTS: Red Snapper Sample from Off Pensacola Shows Dangerously High Levels of … Read more >>

Two fish “FILLED with oil” caught by member of whale research crew while in Gulf

USM team tracks oil spill’s effect on whales, Morning Sentinel (Maine), November 24, 2010:

…

“A continuum of polluted water may still exist” from wellhead to shoreline — “Shrimp, crab, oysters and menhaden appear to have been considerably harmed by the spill”

Note the “research for the entire study is supported by Chevron.” … Read more >>

“Shrimp peelings are inexplicably washing up on Grand Isle’s shores”

“Fishermen are still finding oily shrimp and fish with oil in their gills” … Read more >>

Shrimper: They’re killing everybody real slow — No bycatch; Big yellowfin tuna swimming nearshore (VIDEO)

Excerpt from “Gulf Shrimping decimated” by CleanTheGulf, November 16, 2010:

Full video by …

Dispersant? The slime is gone off the fish — After 28 days my clothes still didn’t smell like fish (VIDEO)

Excerpt from “Gulf Shrimping decimated” by CleanTheGulf, November 16, 2010:

Full video by …

All 40 scientists agree at meeting: “Fish in the Gulf of Mexico will continue to get sick, die or fail to reproduce as a result” of oil — What about the people?

“Vast amounts of larvae from crabs, fish and shrimp also perished.” … Read more >>

Toxicologist: “We tested a good number of seafood samples and in 100 percent we found petroleum” — Gov’t tests “little more than a farce”

“We found not only petroleum in the digestive tracts [of shrimp], but also in the edible portions of fish.” … Read more >>

Photo surfaces of black substance inside large fish caught by Florida man in late September

“It just shows that the oil did not disappear but is slowly getting into the food chain.” … Read more >>

Feds’ press release says NOAA, FDA now testing for dispersant: Corexit ingredient DOSS found in 13 samples — Up to 500 ppm allowed in shrimp, crabs, oysters

NOAA and FDA Announce Chemical Test for Dispersant in Gulf Seafood, Press Release, October … Read more >>

Captain: Mullet observed eating “dispersant as it gathered along the tide line”

The Gulf Between Us, Orion magazine, November/December 2010 issue:

The captain seated across from …

DISPERSED OIL accumulates in menhaden fish found during massive kills, “MOST LIKELY” going to be “FATAL” — Filter feeder’s mouth “ringed with oil-like chocolate”

Oil dispersants a threat to Gulf breeding grounds, fishery experts say, Palm Beach Post, … Read more >>

FDA tops NOAA: Oil-contaminated fish are clear “WITHIN A MATTER OF DAYS”! (VIDEO)

Gulf Oil Spill and Seafood Safety Government Panel, House Committee Energy & Commerce, Energy … Read more >>

NOAA: Oil-contaminated fish are “safe to eat” within a few weeks (VIDEO)

NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco, August 4, 2010:

Florida Officials: Testing fishing areas for toxic dispersants “a waste of money and resources”

Gulf seafood tested for oil but not dispersant, Palm Beach Post, July 12, 2010:

…

Head of NOAA Gulf seafood testing: There’s “NOT a chemical test” done for dispersant — but we’re working on it (VIDEO)

Lab Checks Safety of Seafood, CNN, July 8, 2010:

But all of these tests …

*CAUTION* Restaurants serving Corexit-tainted seafood? CNN reports NO Gulf seafood tested for dispersants (VIDEO)

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, CNN, July 8, 2010:

There’s a question about …

“No one buying” fish from the Tampa Bay area; Fisherman “wondering whether the entire industry will shut down in the next few weeks”

Attorneys advise fishermen about oil spill damages, Hernando Today, June 18, 2010:

“Fish houses …