Toxic benzene remained in Gulf, only small portion escaped into atmosphere: NOAA

Boulder researchers study fate of oil in Gulf spill, Daily Camera, March 14, 2011 … Read more >>

“Most Concerning”: Chrysene found in waters off Perdido Key, Florida — Effects include “increased risk of cancer, chromosomal aberrations, genetic damage”

Chrysene Found in Water Near Beach at Perdido Key, Florida, via Michelle Nix and … Read more >>

“Radioactive” contaminants can enter drinking water supply as a “result of oil and gas production”

What are you drinking?, Hernando Today (Tampa Tribune), January 14, 2011:

Ann-Gayl Ellis, public …

Physician says it’s “criminal” for government to tell people to eat contaminated seafood and that it’s alright to swim in contaminated water

Illnesses linked to BP oil disaster, Dahr Jamail, January 5, 2011:

“It’s criminal for …

“A continuum of polluted water may still exist” from wellhead to shoreline — “Shrimp, crab, oysters and menhaden appear to have been considerably harmed by the spill”

Note the “research for the entire study is supported by Chevron.” … Read more >>

Surfers ill from trip in mid-September — Large swell brings cocktail of “oil and dispersant to the surface”

Surfrider Foundation Visits the Gulf, Surfrider Foundation blog, October 28, 2010:

A few …

Breaking: Scientists find “long plumes” of oxygen-depleted water “emanating” from BP’s Macondo well site

Research teams find oil on bottom of Gulf, USA Today, October 24, 2010:

A …

Cleanup worker confirms “They would not allow us to get anywhere near the water” (VIDEO)

Interview with P2S cleanup worker Ashley Elizabeth Richards, hccreekkeeper, October 12, 2010.

Includes video …

BP contract worker: If cleanup crews TOUCHED seawater while on beach, “clothes were THROWN AWAY” & “you’re not here anymore” (VIDEO)

BP Contract Worker “Trenches Dug To Bury Oil On Beaches”, pcolagregg, October 8, 2010:

…

100 miles SOUTHEAST of blow-out: Oil appeared from “100 meters from the surface all the way down to 1,200 meters”

What Lies Beneath, National Wildlife Foundation, October 4, 2010:

A research team from …

611 ppm of petroleum hydrocarbons found in WATER at Mississippi harbor

Evidence Refutes BP’s and Fed’s Deceptions, Dahr Jamail and Erika Blumenfeld for Truthout, October … Read more >>

Man said to be “severely ill after swallowing oil and chemical dispersant” while trying to rescue drowning child from Gulf (VIDEOS)

Lawsuit: Man who tried to save drowning toddler became ill from oil, Press-Register, October … Read more >>

Researchers find up to “40-fold increase” of “toxic” PAHs while sampling air and water along 400 miles of Gulf — Entire month of data lost after device “disappeared”

OSU Researchers find heightened levels of known carcinogens in Gulf, Oregon State University website, … Read more >>

Scientists find “areas in the water column where there is NO OXYGEN” (VIDEO)

State says recent fish kills “not a concern”, FOX 8 New Orleans, September 21, … Read more >>

Ingesting “WATER samples” from Gulf “caused a toxic effect” on marine life — “SOMETHING IS IN THERE” says USF researcher

Much work remains on tracking spilled Gulf oil, NOAA chief says, McClatchy, September 15, … Read more >>

Paper: Oil seeping into ground risks DRINKING WATER degradation for coastal areas — Buried crude “WILL BE THERE FOR ALL TIME”

Gulf oil spill: After it hit beaches, where did it go?, Christian Science Monitor, … Read more >>

Ed Overton: It’s “improbable” that massive fishkill was from crude’s toxicity — Concedes hydrocarbons may have caused hypoxia

Louisiana fish deaths raise oil spill questions, BBC, September 15, 2010:


Ed Overton, …

ALARM: “Size and MILKY-RED color” of algae bloom stuns aerial surveyors; State official worried

The Times Picayune reports, “Although small algae blooms have been reported by fishers for … Read more >>

Deep sea creatures “congregating on the surface”; “Like ALL of the sea life is trying to get out of the water”

According to Reuters, fishermen in the Gulf report “seeing strange behavior by marine life … Read more >>

Not BP? Hundreds of dead fish & crabs wash up just before FL Seafood Fest; Fishermen ask DISPERSANTS? Officials blame OXYGEN levels

PSJ Officials Reopen Boat Ramp amidst Fish Kill, The Star, August 6, 2010:

[F]ollowing …

Government Analyst: Tests “DIDN’T SEE OIL” in samples of water with “HEAVY, metallic sheen”

Over the last few weeks the Press-Register collected samples from multiple locations on an … Read more >>

Toxicologist: “Water looks like a gelatinous toxic soup” near blow-out

Gulf Oil Spill Dispersants Raise Concerns, Consumer Affairs, August 2, 2010:

[T]oxicologist Dr. William …

“Radical drops in oxygen levels never before seen” have “changed our whole ecosystem”

“The oil trapped in the water column is also suffocating the ocean, causing radical … Read more >>

Top scientists testing Sarasota Bay to evaluate HUMAN “bioaccumulation” and “long-term natural resource damages” from oil disaster

Mote Marine Laboratory, the National Aquarium, and Johns Hopkins University are together conducting studies … Read more >>

Oxygen levels in Florida bay less than two parts per million; “Some of the lowest readings we’ve ever had” says expert

“In Perdido Bay… [near Pensacola, FL] oxygen levels recently tested at less than two … Read more >>

One undersea oil plume stretches 50 miles from well; Water nearing levels of acute toxicity

Deep sea plume in Gulf ‘changes concept’ of an oil spill, Palm Beach Post, … Read more >>

SHOCK: Water “sample exploded” when chemist tested for oil; “Most likely” methane or Corexit (VIDEO)

Kids playing in water found to be 221 parts per million oil and walking … Read more >>

Florida Environment Chief says NO problems with “water samples taken right next to floating tar balls” around oil-soaked Panhandle

Mississippi officials, on the other hand, have closed most of their coast even to … Read more >>

Gulf of Mexico feeds Florida Aquifers; Tests show 50% of public water under 10 years old and “vulnerable to contamination”

Saltwater can seep into the underground aquifers as “water from the Gulf of Mexico … Read more >>

Mother of children playing in oil-affected water: Only “when the bait fish are ALL dead, I’m not letting my kids in”

Defying warnings, swimmers still take to oiled Gulf waters, Miami Herald, July 4, 2010:

…