AP: BP oil spill the culprit for slow death of deep-sea coral, scientists say

Title: After lengthy analysis, scientists say BP oil spill the culprit for heavy toll … Read more >>

NYTimes: Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency Says

Title: Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency SaysSource: NYTimes.comAuthor: LESLIE KAUFMANDate: … Read more >>

Press-Register: Bloody red lesions on more than half of fish caught in surf off Dauphin Island (PHOTO)

Dauphin Island fish show up with lesions, BP spill link questioned, Press-Register by Ben … Read more >>

CBS: LSU professor says BP oil disaster likely cause of Gulf fish with eroded fins and large dark lesions — Almost 50% of snapper had infections in some areas (VIDEO)

Expert: BP spill likely cause of sick Gulf fish – CBS News, August 15, … Read more >>

NOAA warns of sick fish with lesions and discolored skin in Gulf — LSU scientist studying problem “very worried”

NOAA confirms sick fish in Gulf, Pensacola News Journal, May 25, 2011:

[…] for …

Deformed single-celled animals and plants found in oily sediment from Gulf — Other toxic effects observed near Desoto Canyon

Scientists discover ‘blizzard’ silting oil on bottom of Gulf, Sarasota Herald Tribune by Kate … Read more >>

“Huge red flag”: Sick fish in Gulf are alarming Florida scientists — Skin lesions, fin rot, diseased livers and ovaries

Sick fish in Gulf are alarming scientists, PNJ, May. 8, 2011:

Unusual number a …

“Mystery is Brewing”: Why are sharks sharks washing ashore dead near Tampa Bay?

15 dead sharks wash ashore in Manatee County, Bay News 9, April 22, 2011:

…

500+ pound endangered turtle found dead near Destin, FL — Officials ‘might’ perform necropsy

Turtle found at Meigs Park weighed in at 520 (VIDEO, PHOTOS), NW Florida Daily … Read more >>

CNN reports on “fish with strange sores” in Gulf

Gulf oil disaster still puzzles scientists, CNN, April 20, 2011 at 11:53 am EDT:

…

10% of dead dolphins found along Gulf coast during 2011 were “coated in oil”

Dead dolphins, turtles still washing ashore along gulf coast, St. Petersburg Times by Craig Pittman, April 8, 2011 … Read more >>

Oiled dead dolphin found near the end of March — NOAA: “Even though they have oil on them, it may not be the cause of death”

“We did not say that the dolphins have died because of the oil, just that they have come back with oil on them.” … Read more >>

Oil spill imperiled dwarf seahorses says group — May soon be classified as endangered

Associated Press, April 6, 2011: …

Oil spill in Atlantic — Thousands of penguins covered by slick, hundreds already dead

Penguin rescue operation under way after south Atlantic oil spill, CNN, April 3, 2011 … Read more >>

NOAA ship kills three dolphins in Gulf — Lab analyzing carcasses

NOAA spokeswoman Connie Barclay said the pantropical spotted dolphins were caught Wednesday … Read more >>

Fish with lesions are coming up every catch, fishermen from Pensacola and Panama City say

Gulf Coast Residents Dismayed as Effects of Oil Spill Continue, Courthouse News, March 30, … Read more >>

Dead baby dolphin washes up in Florida — Indicates something about environment’s health says expert (VIDEO)

Dead Baby Dolphin on Innerarity Point, WKRG, March 29, 2011 … Read more >>

Study: Death toll from Deepwater Horizon disaster may be 50 times higher than believed — “A grave underestimation”

A new study published in Conservation Letters … Read more >>

NOAA stranding expert: Dolphin carcasses are washing up daily — “At least two on Tuesday in Louisiana”

Blair Mase, NOAA’s stranding coordinator for the Southeast … Read more >>

Now the turtles: 39 sea turtles found dead in past two weeks… just in Mississippi — “A sharp jump”

Sea turtle deaths up along Gulf, joining dolphin trend, MSNBC, March 29, 2011 … Read more >>

Dead sea turtles washing up on beaches near spring breakers — “Water looks like chicken broth” (PHOTOS)

Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents, Huffington Post, March 29, 2011 … Read more >>

Endangered 45-ton whale washes up on Virginia coast (VIDEO)

Dead whale washes ashore in Sandbridge, WAVY, March 27, 2011 … Read more >>

6 dead dolphins found in Massachusetts — “Only recently weaned from their mothers”

The harbor porpoises that were found were yearlings that were underweight … Read more >>

“Gag order” issued in dolphin death investigation — “It throws accountability right out the window” says biologist

Government tightens lid on dolphin death probe, Reuters, March 25, 2011 at 12:16 pm EDT … Read more >>

Massive shark at Panama City Beach: “It’s very interesting because they are cold-water fish” — “Extremely rare” in Gulf

Rare shark spotted off Panama City Beach, Panama City News Herald, March 18, 2011 … Read more >>

BP speaks out on mass dolphin deaths: Cold water, virus, infection, or naturally occurring neurotoxin — No mention of oil/Corexit

Read BP exec’s Facebook Q and A, Palm Beach Post, March 18th, 2011 … Read more >>

9 more dead dolphins found this week, Gulf total now 114 this year — NOAA has yet to send out ANY samples for testing

“It is surprising that it has been almost a full year since the spill and they still haven’t selected labs for this kind of work,” — Ruth Carmichael, a marine mammals specialist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab … Read more >>

Just In: EIGHT more dead dolphins found in Mississippi and Alabama

IMMS Dolphin Count, March 14, 2011 …

Another dead baby dolphin found at Pass Christian, MS

IMMS Dolphin Count, March 11, 2011 …

LSU professor: “There’s nothing there” — Fishermen “telling us that the reefs are just dead”

“We expect that if there is going to be a problem from the spill, it’s going to be in reproductive biology” – James Cowan, a veteran researcher and professor at Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science … Read more >>