Pensacola Beach: “1,000′s of dead animals” & discolored sand as far as the eye can see (PHOTOS)

Fresh Dead Life- Gulf – What You won’t See on the News Tonight, Cellect … Read more >>

New oil showing up on beaches near Grand Isle — Oiled birds being recovered

New oil surfaces near Elmer’s Island, Houma Today, February 22, 2011:

New oil is …

Homeland Security urged Americans to watch for dead birds as a sign of chemical attack

Ridge urges Americans to be ready, not afraid, Chicago Tribune, February 20, 2003:

Homeland …

“Never seen anything like it”: No signs of injury on 100s of dead birds just 25 miles from Gulf — Found in two locations (VIDEO)

Hundreds of dead birds discovered in Lake Charles, KPLC, February 10, 2011:

The Louisiana …

Dead pelican found floating in foam that had tested positive for Corexit and oil (PHOTOS)

God Bless you MY Friends, Lorrie Williams, February 5, 2011:

Source: Lorrie Williams; …

Column: Corexit 9500 is most obvious suspect in recent massive animal deaths

Column: Media cover-up, fishy sources in abnormal incidents after oil spill, Channels Online (Santa … Read more >>

Official: Birds are still dying after exposure to oil

Plaquemines Parish president blasts feds on spill response, Daily Comet, January 27, 2011:

The …

“All the fish are dead”: Trout now washing up on beach near Galveston, TX — Even seagulls won’t touch them (VIDEO)

In Galveston, Surfside, San Luis Pass, Sportsman Road, and Freeport I’ve been finding dead animals, dolphins, sea turtles, yet nothing about it on the news … Read more >>

Galveston, TX Update: Dead pelicans and seagulls — “I have not caught a fish in a week… Every spot I fish is just dead stuff”

“Just sucks to see everything dead” …

“Unprecedented” number of dead pelicans in North Carolina blamed on GULF fishermen “since the BP oil spill”

Dead pelicans washing ashore were killed by humans, The Seahawk, January 13, 2011:

An …

Florida: Hundreds of pelicans found dead or injured off Jacksonville coast — Blamed on “chemicals in the water” (VIDEO)

Pelicans turn up sick, dead off Jacksonville coast, Jacksonville Times Union, January 17, 2011:

…

Alabama: Hundreds more dead black birds found (VIDEO)

300 black birds found dead along I-65, WAFF, January 12, 2011:

[T]here are scores …

More respiratory infections than ever… and it’s NOT flu-related says host of top-rated radio program — “There’s something else out there” (AUDIO)

There is also a discussion of whether the dead blackbirds are related to Corexit rain or tainted seafood. … Read more >>

“Flocks of white pelicans, some still coated in oil” (VIDEO)

Nungesser explodes at lack of BP cleanup, WWL TV, January 7, 2011:

[There are] …

“Swarms of dead birds have been found in Tennessee”

Dead birds discovered in Davidson, Wilson counties, TWRA reports, The Tennessean, January 6, 2011:

…

USDA reports dead crows found in Indianapolis

Reports of dead birds causing little concern in Michiana, WSBT, January 6, 2010:

Linda …

West Texas: “Large group of dead grackles” scattered over blocks — “I hadn’t seen that many dead birds in an isolated area” says animal control officer (VIDEO)

Dead birds reported in Plainview, Avalanche Journal, January 7, 2011:

Greg Gutierrez, a Plainview …

East Texas: “Hundreds of dead birds” line roadway

Experts explain lake bird deaths, KLTV, January 6, 2011:

First, it was Arkansas, then …

Arkansas: Eagle count way down — Birds may be eating from massive fish kill

Army Corps of Engineers Keeps Eye On Eagles In Arkansas, KSPR, January 6, 2011:

…

Experts doubt fireworks or lightning killed Arkansas birds — Likely “some kind of poison”

Reports of dead birds causing little concern in Michiana, WSBT, January 6, 2010:

Wendy …

Map shows birds migrate from BP disaster up through Arkansas and Kentucky, near areas where dead birds are dropping from sky (PHOTO)

h/t WhoDat35


…

Whooping cranes found dead near Florida/Alabama border — “Unusual and suspicious”

Wildlife agencies investigating suspicious whooping crane deaths in South Georgia, Florida Times-Union, January 6, … Read more >>

Hundreds of dead pelicans wash up on North Carolina beach

Preliminary pelican autopsy findings do not rule injuries intentional, Eastern North Carolina Today, January … Read more >>

Sharks with solid “hairballs” of migratory bird feathers found off Alabama coast

Tiger shark bellies found full of migrating birds; are Gulf oil and gas rigs … Read more >>

AND AGAIN: Several hundred birds drop from sky in Kentucky — “Experts are at a loss” (VIDEO)

Dead birds mysteriously appear in Kentucky, Fox WDBR Channel 41, January 4, 2011:

A …

AGAIN: Birds “rain” from sky 100 miles from New Orleans — Grackles, starlings, cowbirds, and blackbirds

Blackbird mystery deepens: more birds fall from sky in Louisiana, Christian Science Monitor, January … Read more >>

Dropping from the sky: 5,000 dead birds found in Arkansas town; HazMat onscene — Nearby massive fish kill (VIDEOS)

“They’re walking around in masks and I’m wondering do we need to do the same thing because what makes that happen for them to drop out of the sky like that.” … Read more >>

Seagull’s guts are 23,302 ppm petroleum hydrocarbons — “Oil contamination is moving up the food chain”

Is Gulf seafood really safe to eat?, Institute for Southern Studies, December 2010:

The …

Hundreds more vultures found floating in South Florida — Broad-winged hawk also rescued (PHOTOS)

The hawk is being kept for two weeks as a precautionary measure. … Read more >>

Vultures still “still showing up” floating in Biscayne Bay — Man “picked up 10 birds himself”

Vultures Found, Recovered And Now Back In The Air, CBS4 Miami, November 11, 2010 … Read more >>