500+ pound endangered turtle found dead near Destin, FL — Officials ‘might’ perform necropsy

Turtle found at Meigs Park weighed in at 520 (VIDEO, PHOTOS), NW Florida Daily … Read more >>

Now the turtles: 39 sea turtles found dead in past two weeks… just in Mississippi — “A sharp jump”

Sea turtle deaths up along Gulf, joining dolphin trend, MSNBC, March 29, 2011 … Read more >>

Dead sea turtles washing up on beaches near spring breakers — “Water looks like chicken broth” (PHOTOS)

Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents, Huffington Post, March 29, 2011 … Read more >>

Report: Particularly deadly night on Perdido Key, FL (PHOTOS)

One more Juvenile Porpoise and Turtle found this morning. … Read more >>

Even though dead turtles were “covered in oil”, scientist can’t say they “definitely” died from the oil disaster (VIDEO)

Geraldo at Large, Fox News, February 26, 2011:

At 2:30 in

…

Dead dolphins, sea turtles, and tons of angelfish in Galveston, Texas (VIDEO)

“There’s some dead dolphins down on the shore… a couple of sea turtles… Don’t really want to show you those pictures, they’re not very pretty… I’m not really sure why all these fish are dying.” … Read more >>

BP, Feds say 400 turtles dead, “I’d bet my house it’s more like 4,000″ says expert — Rumors of “plastic bags marked for incineration”

The Oil and the Turtles, Vanity Fair, September 21, 2010:


The official marine-life …

DISTURBING: Nest of baby turtle eggs surrounded with tarballs — “We dug in the sand a few feet and found layers of black sand” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Tarballs on Horn Island, Greenpeace Blogpost by Phil Kline, September 8, 2010:


…

Hazmat leader: “Large bones” washing up at low tide, “mammal bones, turtle bones”; “A lot of large fish — dead on the beach” (VIDEO)

The emergency management director is Hancock County, Mississippi says the “oil is there, you … Read more >>

“Mass eradication” of sea turtle food source; “There were thousands of these guys dead on the surface” says oceanographer

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Gulf Scientist: Oil is “causing ulcers” in sealife, then destroying “livers” and “immune and nervous systems”

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Sea Turtles swim ‘all over the world’ then ‘come back to their natal beach to lay their own eggs’; Tar balls in stomach

Though they are highly migratory, floating and swimming and foraging literally all over the … Read more >>

Hatchling turtles ‘act like little pieces of floating debris’


Currents moving up the East Coast – in Northeast Florida, they’re about 50 … Read more >>