Endangered 45-ton whale washes up on Virginia coast (VIDEO)

Dead whale washes ashore in Sandbridge, WAVY, March 27, 2011 … Read more >>

Dead whale had “bacterial infection” and large abscess near windpipe — External bleeding reported by witnesses (VIDEO)

Infection, abscess found in stranded whale, Houston Chronicle, February 25, 2011:

A bacterial infection …

Baby sperm whale washes ashore in Gulf — “Very rare to have a sperm whale, an endangered species, land on the beaches of Galveston”

Emergency personnel who arrived on the scene at first thought the calf was injured because they saw blood on its side … Read more >>

Top 13 animal “mysteries” in and around the Gulf over the last 7 days

Reports from February 2 – February 8:

World’s deadliest shark found 140 miles inland … Read more >>

Beached sperm whale dies in Destin, FL — “Bleeding profusely” reported witnesses (PHOTO)

UPDATE: Beached whale euthanized, necropsy planned (PHOTOS), Destin Log, February 02, 2011:

A beached …

Large Right Whale found dead near St. Augustine, FL after travelling to Miami — Scientists trying to determine cause (VIDEO)

Biologists Study Right Whale in Crescent Beach, WJXX ABC 25, February 3, 2011:

…

“If only a handful of whales can’t reproduce because of broken DNA, the whole population will be doomed” says researcher

“The population estimates suggest if you lose three to five adult sperm whales, you lose that population.” … Read more >>

“NOAA has said that the mortality of three mature sperm whales” could cause “the population to collapse and go into extinction” in the Gulf

Greenpeace’s Gulf investigation continues, looks at effects of BP oil spill on aquatic life, … Read more >>

After fishkill, dead baby whale seen floating near Venice (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

More testing needed to determine cause of death of thousands of fish, WWL New … Read more >>

AGAIN: Two more whales wash ashore today in SE Florida — Analyzing blubber for oil; “Distinct possibility” that the beachings are related (VIDEOS)

WPTV asks today: “Did whales in Delray Beach and Jensen Beach wash ashore for … Read more >>

Toxicologist studying whales in Gulf MOST worried about DNA damage: “They’re mammals, we’re mammals — they represent us”

Study of oil spill’s effect on whales could show future of Gulf marine life, … Read more >>

Hazmat leader: “Large bones” washing up at low tide, “mammal bones, turtle bones”; “A lot of large fish — dead on the beach” (VIDEO)

The emergency management director is Hancock County, Mississippi says the “oil is there, you … Read more >>

Gulf Scientist: Oil is “causing ulcers” in sealife, then destroying “livers” and “immune and nervous systems”

Tech scientists hold nothing back in battling effects of Gulf spill, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas), … Read more >>

2 baby sperm whales dead after beaching themselves on Florida’s East Coast; “Infections and toxins are going to be the big killers of these animals” says pathologist (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

Whales wash ashore near Palm Beach and Jacksonville on the night of June 23

…