“CAULIFLOWER” oil near Biloxi tests positive for THREE ingedients in ‘COREXIT’ — “Never seen it that thick before” says photographer

Multiple sightings of  ‘strangely textured’ oil from Biloxi to Mobile

Ben Raines with another intriguing report for the Press-Register.

Raines goes over some of the findings of a team of scientists working for attorney Stuart H. Smith who explored the Mississippi Sound earlier this month.

Credit: Jerry Moran (Press-Register)

“I’d never seen [oil] that thick before. It looked like cauliflower [PHOTO]. I had never seen it that texture before,” said Jerry Moran, a photographer who made the trip with the scientists.

“This weathered oil was encountered in the Mississippi Sound near Biloxi on August 9,” reported Raines.

The scientists found that the cauliflower-like oil “tested positive for several of the main ingredients in the Corexit dispersant,” according to the article.

Marco Kaltofen, part of the science team that found the oil told Raines, “I consider this to be very interesting scientifically, as few samples detect dispersant, much less three of their major ingredients in the same sample.”

The scientists also said, “Results from the tests, which were conducted in a Colorado laboratory, indicated the oil was from the Deepwater Horizon well.”

Press-Register reporters encountered a similar materialstrangely textured oil with a pronounced sheen — in Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound several times in July and early August. The day before Moran’s group found the dispersant and oil mix, the Press-Register documented oil in a marsh on Horn Island,” according to the report.

“It is difficult to comment on testing conducted by third parties… Throughout the response period, we have worked hand-in-hand and under the direction of the Coast Guard and EPA on the use of dispersants,” wrote a BP spokeswoman in an e-mail to the Press-Register. The federal government maintains that “no dispersant products have been used near shorelines in Alabama or Mississippi.”

4 comments to “CAULIFLOWER” oil near Biloxi tests positive for THREE ingedients in ‘COREXIT’ — “Never seen it that thick before” says photographer

  • inretrospect

    I have often wondered what would possess a fish boat captain to commit suicide, or for a man to fly his small private aircraft into the Federal Building in Austin, TX. The reasons which plagued both of these men are similar to the suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan, whom have lost their livelihood, friends, family members, hope, and thus, their reasons to continue living. I’m sure that the US Government, BP, and the Coast Guard are constantly wondering how much farther the millions of Gulf Coast residents can be pushed into desperation before they lose their self control… and retaliate. After all, the Courts have offered no justice, either. Eventually only one resolution shall remain as the final option.

  • ehswan

    How is it that a foreign corporation can through gross, criminal negligence destroy our most vital fishing grounds and get away with it? How is it that our government supports them? How is it that we still tolerate them? What is wrong with us when we allow our country to be trashed by agents of a foreign country and our own government?

  • Honest John

    BP you owe us 1 trillion dollars.

    Will that be cash, check or charge?

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