Center now training Asian fishermen for second jobs in case waters are “permanently closed”

Center aims to help Asian-Americans with oil spill, Katrina recovery, Mississippi Press, January 12, 2011:

A resource center for Asian-Americans to overcome the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina opened Tuesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. …

Wayne Kuntz, director of work force development at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Jefferson Davis Campus in Gulfport, said the college has held a heating and air conditioning class with a Vietnamese-speaking instructor. … A certified nursing assistant class is also planned, he said. …

“With the oil spill we don’t know,” [Tuan Dang, a case manager at the Asian Americans for Change center in Ocean Springs, MS] said. “The center offers the opportunity of a second job just in case the water is permanently closed.”

Truong said the non-profit Ocean Springs center has received funding from Gulf Coast Fund for Equity, State Farm, and AT&T.

Read the report here.

10 comments to Center now training Asian fishermen for second jobs in case waters are “permanently closed”

  • turtledove

    Yes,I noticed the sudden interest in the GOM asian population straightaway while people around a few hundred years were and are ignored. Why the division when all deserve help and resources getting back on their feet and relocating.
    So I ask just why is it this sudden appearance of social, medical, educational are they being set up to be enslaved? That’s all it can be. That’s the reason.
    Compare how everybody get’s all kinds of social support during Australia’s current disaster, that is the NORM. That is how it once was in our DEAD COUNTRY led by corporate Zombies.
    I wish the asians well, but they are being set up to sell their souls.
    As for everyone else, apply for foreign aid to any place the u.s. hasn’t already gotten by the throat. I wouldn’t rule out political asylum either.

  • Chelsea

    Sorry, I must throw a little bit of history in here. The asian population in NOLA is largely Vietnamese. These Vietnamese were evacuated during the fall of Saigon in the Vietnam war, when it was still split North-South. Their families date back generations of fishermen and they came here as refugees knowing nothing but how to fish.

    I think you may just be taking it a bit too far with this “slave” bullcrap. These people know NOTHING ELSE, they need to be trained in different fields if the GOM is permanently closed to fishing. Otherwise, they will be absolutely lost. Our people can easily transition; they cannot due to language barriers. The reason there was a large focus on these peoples right off the bat is because a lot of them speak very little English and they live in their own communities where it hasn’t been necessary to learn English the way we do. When BP came in and started blabbering to everyone about what was going on, these people didn’t know what was happening because BP failed to even bother getting them a translator. After about a month, they finally did. If anything, setting these people up to learn new trades if their only way of life (and I mean ONLY way of life) relied on the GOM, is a blessing to them all.

    Remember, a good society takes care of their least fortunate first. I know the USA as a whole doesn’t give a flying hoot about the little people, but in the parishes in LA, they do, or at the very least, they are trying to.

  • xdrfox

    After and for a few years after the war was over, the Vietnamese came by boat on voyages across the Pacific to America much as people still do from Cuba. These people also wanted the freedoms of this country.

  • It’s like a large family: The guest and the guests’ children get to eat at the first table, afterwards, others are allowed to come to the second table.

    Finally, if there’s any food left, the younger children get to eat — possibly at a third table.

    This is how it goes in poor peoples homes.
    It seems bizarre but it is the truth.

    American workers know what it’s like to eat at the poor man’s dinner table.

  • WineandCheese

    The world needs more people like Chelsea and less like chlorestorol. Thank you Chelsea for your perspective. Its good to know the truth you convey but only adds another sad human dimension to this mess thrust upon the Gulf.

  • xdrfox

    This should serve as a HEADS-UP to all fishermen and realated workers, be ready to re-train and start a new life doing something else !

  • xdrfox

    Vietnamese are some of the most honest hard working sacrificing people I have ever met. Friendly and strong family bonds and a gentle people. I spent much time with families in Viet Nam and learned much that I took home with me and have remembered through the years with fondness. I enjoyed my trips and stays in China the last few years among the people also. Asia is a wondrous land with wondrous people places and things to see. Awesome. : )

  • xdrfox

    In China I found if a family or persons were eating in your sight from the street and you pass their door and they see you, they will invite you in to eat with them. The greeting there interpreted is, ( Have you eaten today ? ) Warmth… Nice huh !

  • WineandCheese

    To confirm, the Vietnamese have a beautiful culture we in west could never appreciate. I was in Saigon during the Tet offensive and went back many times during the mid nineties after Clinton lifted the embargo. We laid waste to southeast Asia whilst being directly responsible for 4 or more million deaths. Allowing the Vietnamese to settle in the US and now retraining them at this horrible time is the very least this country can do. The same American corporatism that screwed southeast Asia and many other places in the world is now at work in the Gulf and beyond. Shame.

  • xdrfox

    Welcome home !
    Viet Nam is considered “The Pearl of the Orient”, and I agree wholly !

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