Chairman of Surfrider chapter in NW Florida “tested positive last month for large quantities of volatile solvents in his blood”

Surfrider Foundation testing the water months after spill, Panama City News Herald, January 25, 2011:

[T]he Emerald Coast Surfrider Foundation… will expand its sampling to include sand testing and blood tests for at-risk workers who are worried about possible exposure to harmful toxins after working to clean and protect the community during the oil spill. …

The issue is personal for [Mike Sturdivant, chairman for the foundation]. He said he tested positive last month for large quantities of volatile solvents in his blood stream. …

Sturdivant said results for samples taken Sept. 16, 2010, were positive for Propylene glycol at 30.6mg/L [an ingredient in the dispersant Corexit 9500 used by BP]. …

Samples taken by BP-contractor CTEH in October found contamination that surprised and worried the Surfriders. “The Seagrove Beach location in Walton County was unexpected.” Sturdivant wrote in a December Web site posting.

Read the report here.

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11 comments to Chairman of Surfrider chapter in NW Florida “tested positive last month for large quantities of volatile solvents in his blood”

  • My heart goes out to everyone and everything affected by this disaster, but how is it possible that the chairman of Surfriders could be so clueless about the toxicity of the Gulf?

    “’The Seagrove Beach location in Walton County was unexpected,’ Sturdivant wrote in a December Web site posting.”

    How can someone with such a connection to the ocean not see the sheen and smell the chemicals? How is it that people who are directly affected by this disaster haven’t a clue as to what is happening? Why isn’t this blog read by every person with an internet connection living on the Gulf coast? After 9/11, thousands, then tens of thousands of websites popped up explaining what really happened and why. How is the largest environmental disaster of all time isn’t on the front page every day?

  • matthew

    I wonder myself, seems if it isn’t on the news it isn’t happening.

  • uncomfortablynumb

    Well..Kelly Ann Thomas……

    Welcome to the world of denial

    Welcome to that dear lady in the WW2 series “World At War” who upon realizing she was being led to a gas chamber momentarily escaped and attempted to warn the others of their fate..and they continued to march in like if God was going to save them.

    Welcome to “The Trail of Tears”

    Welcome to the “Grapes of Wrath” in which was stated “if only every farmer had used his shotgun”

    Welcome..Kelly Ann Thomas…Welcome

  • Start a ban of local media for reuing to cover the story. CNN and FOX would be a good Start.

  • xdrfox

    Biggest man made disaster ever and effect 90,000,000 people at lest and a economic loss and much of our fishing industry, Did the Prez. say anything about it in the “State of the Nations Address” ??

  • Truther

    People are brainwashed to believe only what they see on mainstream news. If it isn’t on Fox News or CNN it isn’t true – simple as that. Most people still don’t know about WTC7 or that all three WTC buildings were brought down with controlled demolitions. And when you tell them, the immediately change the subject because they don’t believe you. Most people also don’t know that the elections in the US are now completely rigged with the non-verifiable new computerized voting machines put into place starting with the Bush Admin. Also, the Republican and Democrat “Leaders” are the same group of criminals pretending to be two parties to fool the sheeple into thinking they have a choice and the elections are legit, which they are not.

  • vitarich

    Truther: Amen brother

  • NoSpam

    We have a 100% illegitimate government. They’re criminals, and everyone needs to wake up to this. They steal our money via taxes, then they use that money to poison us, kill us off, cover up cures for diseases and cover up alternative fuel sources – even murder anyone that invents a better fuel engine. example Stan Meyers,

    Are we going to wake up? Ever? ANd take this country back?!? Well?!?

  • An article written to please the ‘Big Boys’.

    Did Sturdivant say that he is planning to give youngsters surfing lessons next season? Tsk!

  • xdrfox

    We may have nothing to worrie about soon … could be why the Gov. not worried… FEMA Prepares for HAARP Earthquake on New Madrid Fault Line BP *VIDEO* … … and now … 14 mil. Cotton Blankets, ..Underwater Body Bags ??? MORE PROOF! New Madrid Fault Line BP *VIDEO* …,_..Underwater_Body_Bags_MORE_PROOF_New_Madrid_Fault_Line_BP_VIDEO.html

  • xdrfox:

    Thanks. I knew about the FEMA camps located throughout the United States, but I hadn’t read or heard about the underwater body bags. The plastic coffins are huge and I believe, can hold 3-4 bodies.

    Those bodies will likely be of the previously imprisoned people who were transferred from prison to the concentration camps, and of those who were taken from the streets, their homes, the shopping malls…

    After Martial Law is called, the “gathering” will begin at any time and it will be violent.

    Before leaving for the camps, the prisoners will board one of two types of trains: Those with a blue logo, and those with a red logo. If you are directed to board the blue — you go to the slave camp; if you are directed to board the train with the red logo, you’ll be exterminated soon after your arrival at the concentration camp.

    Those elitist bluebloods who taught Germany how to get-it-done, appear to be prepared — to an extreme, appearing anxious to start the merry-making.


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