Chem Lab President: “Such a high concentration” of Corexit dispersant in “inshore water” suggests application occured nearby

Lab Results Raise New Concerns Over Gulf Seafood, AOL News, August 31, 2010:


Boston Chemical Data Corp. … said it found dispersant in a sample taken near Biloxi, Miss., almost a month after BP said it had stopped using the toxic chemical…

Water samples analyzed by Boston Chemical [on behalf of the United Commercial Fishermen’s Association] show oil and toxins in crab. But the key finding, according to Marco Kaltofen, the lab’s president, is the presence of the Corexit dispersant used to break up the oil in coastal water near Horn Island, off Biloxi. …

“Why on Aug. 9 did we find on a relatively concentrated pool of dispersant on the surface, well outside where the dispersant was going to be sprayed? It shouldn’t have been there,” Kaltofen told AOL News. He added that the high concentration in the sample suggested the dispersant was not carried inland from open water.

“What person or process got this dispersant with such a high concentration into inshore waters?” Kaltofen said.

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1 comment to Chem Lab President: “Such a high concentration” of Corexit dispersant in “inshore water” suggests application occured nearby

  • xdrfox

    We can for certain expect that Corexit and or other dispersant’s are and will be in place 24 hours a day spraying and controlling the oil that is permeating from the many sources in the Gulf. It may be why all the hundreds of dead Dolphins have been found washed up on beaches for years, many times whole pods, they were never tested for Corexit ! Or in the Whales !
    1. They did not know what to look for…
    2. There were no test for the ingredients available.
    When you hide your poisons ingredients from the world, you may never be exposed !
    A constant flow of dispersant’s being flooded into the Gulf for years without our knowledge and it will continue with our knowledge now knowing a bit more of the story. All BP has to show is reasonable doubt in a court of law as to it being theirs !
    As the oil rises to the surface they ( BP, Gov. States ? All ?) are knocking it down again with Corexit like a Wack-a-mole game ! This will go on for years I fear ! …

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