“Who knows what these chemicals have done to all of these children’s reproductive organs” (VIDEO)

New Kindra Arnesen’s Explosive New Revelations, Project Gulf Impact, December 31, 2010:

at 3:20 in

Activist, Mother, and Voice of the Gulf People, Kindra Arnesen sat down with the Project Gulf Impact team, Matt Smith, Heather Rally, and Gavin Garrison recently to reveal shocking new information about the BP oil disaster and why the whole world should be paying attention to the Gulf. A must watch for anyone wanting new information on the Gulf of Mexico, she reveals shocking new information sure to send waves through the country.


2 comments to “Who knows what these chemicals have done to all of these children’s reproductive organs” (VIDEO)

  • Chelsea

    I can tell you what they’ve done to mine. As a child who has been directly affected by the Oil Company, I can tell you I am unable to bear children. In utero, 6 inches of my intestine and my ovaries did not fully develop (when I was 3 days old, I perforated 3 holes in the necrotic portion of my intestines and had to have a colostomy to save my life), and I have a very minor form of spina bifida called “spina bifida occulta”. This was directly caused by my mother’s job, working for Sun Oil in 1984 in a plant where crude was broken down into its constituents, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, etc. She did not get maternity leave until mid-second trimester, and it therefore stunted growth of the above listed organs. I have had 5 abdominal surgeries in my lifetime, at 26, to take down adhesions (excessive scar tissue) that were binding parts of my small intestine together.

    That is why I am so compelled to know everything there is to know about this “spill”, because the CDC did not warn the pregnant women, children, elderly, and immunocomprised, nor the healthy, and pretended that this crude could do no harm. Lies, and when the pregnant women who have been so exposed to this end up with children like me, I will become their advocate, so help me God.

  • Chelsea

    One can only hope that my story above can somehow make it back ti Kindra.

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