Chemist: Chemicals from dispersed oil “coming down as rain”

BP dispersants ‘causing sickness’, Dahr Jamail, October 27, 2010:

Chemist Bob Naman:

“The dispersants are being added to the water and are causing chemical compounds to become water soluble, which is then given off into the air, so it is coming down as rain, in addition to being in the water and beaches of these areas of the Gulf…”

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18 comments to Chemist: Chemicals from dispersed oil “coming down as rain”

  • premurderedGOM

    Pensacola, Fl @ 8pm. It had just rained as I stepped out to feed the stay cats. I picked up two paper plates that were wet and muddy, digging my fingers a little into the mud. While driving, about a half mile down the road, my fingers started to burn and itch. Stopped in the gas station to wash my hands. Yeah, the shit is in the rain…..

  • Dan

    Please keep a running thread on the forum as to what you are experiencing. Document it, so that others may benefit.

    I beg all of you to document what is happening to you on the forum. Start your own thread or jump in the one I started. I dont live in the gulf but I suspect I am seeing the symptoms.

    Please, share your gulf story, you might be able to help others or even find help for yourself.

  • up the East coast

    We got the rain tonight, too…I don’t even think about going out in it. I’ve seen what it does to my houseplants, etc. Yeah, right.

  • up the East coast

    I’m off the south east coast, btw. I’ve seen vegetation that is super messed up like someone dumped acid rain on it…other areas look better–it seems to fall unevenly, but there can be hideous damage. It’s very disturbing, as are the implications long-term. They are playing the movie, “The Happening” by M. Night Shyamalan on TV lately… very spooky in terms of invisible eco-toxins wiping out the U.S. East coast!…

  • xdrfox

    Please stay out of the rain, I got hit by several big drops back in Late May, on my shoulder and on my arm, the drops that fall sporadically when rain is close, went back into the house, I had no shirt on, after a few minutes the two places begain to burn ever so slightly, but I noticed. … Things like this and other symptoms and other things made me start seeking truths to what has been unveiled so far ! The Rabit hole goes deep and winding !

  • xdrfox

    The heavy laden fog and dew of morning will be highly concentrated with elements in it if it has driffed fro waters in your areas.. Gov. air samples were taken between 10am and 3:30pm after ground fogs and dew had been burnt off by sun.

  • Mother Nature

    Believe it or not, I live in Minnesota. My outdoor deck plants and some yard plants have shown huge dark brown spots killing them. It has been on going for 2 months, very sporatic like, not all over the garden, but in little clumps. I have in my 60 years never ever seen these symptoms in plants before. Our vegetable garden took a huge brunt of it and killed the vegetation. Our garden being 20 x 50 ft. It just baffles me to no end and we’ve been doing our garden for 14 years.

  • xdrfox

    Mother Nature
    … I have seen videos in Germany And other parts of UK this summer who are showing the same effects there this summer. Other countries around the Globe have probably having it just many do no notice or 3rd world and do not have cameras or video cams to show or just no Internet. Yes this went Global I am sure.

  • xdrfox

    FDA, State say CATTLE from islands along the SE Louisiana coast can’t be sold before 6 months of grazing and extensive testing (VIDEO) … Cattle graze on grass that have been rained on and dew and air has settled on … But you can eat the seafood that swim in the waters of the gulf. ….

  • Fox

    I think it is about time we see someone’s head on a platter for all of the lies, delays and cover ups that have been,and still are going on.
    More and more oil coming ashore, people are very sick and some have died, toxic rain everywhere, oil in seafood, millions of dead fish and other creatures washing up on shores and now we have the man made blue plague to tend with as if there were not enough crap from the spill going on out there to kill off the entire gulf area, east coast and much more.

    The man in charge said to the entire nation, ‘the spill was under control and the well was capped, the beaches, marshes and waterways were cleaned and ready for use… and the water, air and seafood were safe’……. What a crock of shit !!!

    It is about time we see that head on a platter…

    There must be a shortage of platters…..?

    Liar Liar.. Pants on FIRE !!! How dare you piss down my neck and tell me it’s raining.

    How much more of this BS are we supposed to deal with before we snap and start lobbing heads?

    Please read…..

  • xdrfox

    You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time and some of the people some of the time….WHERE ARE WE ? Thanks to a carefully constructed plan and Media truth Blackouts things will go on just as the Elite want them to.

  • up the East coast

    Affecting home gardens up in Minnesota??! Is nothing sacred??!!! What about organic farms up there–does this mystery toxin disqualify them, technically?? Someone should pay for all of this property loss! My houseplants took a hit outdoors this summer and it clearly looks like raindrops have caused it. I’ve also seen full-grown trees with unusual damage here in VA….unnerving, to say the least!

  • up the East coast

    I see a popular market for greenhouses these days…And quality reverse osmosis water filters!!! It’s all right before your eyes……

  • Again, I’m in Birmingham, AL 297 miles from the GOM and my house plants & herbs have been outside all summer. I even push them out into the rain because I’m too lazy to fill the watering can when there’s water falling from the sky. There’s no burns or marks or ill effects.

    There are however sick people by the coast….focus, people.

  • xdrfox

    It’s a shame we don’t move toward these too, and stop this madness … Air cars, Here, there. everywhere, Ready for market …,_Here,_there._everywhere,_Ready_for_market.html

  • Kathy C

    I live in Winnipeg Manitoba- just 2 1/2 hours north of Grand Forks N.D. We also have seen very strange spots in our garden veggies this summer- especially on large leaves like cukes and squash. My mother in Saskatchewan has had to scrub off an oily brown residue from her patio table and car windshield several times this summer. There is no doubt in our minds this is from the gulf. What are we breathing and eating?
    What a horrific crime to mankind!
    God help us all!

  • xdrfox

    Them Tropical storms that went thew the Gulf to flood Texas took that rain way inland. … And this would mean anywhere also. …

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