Local officials admit finding Corexit ingredient in INLAND samples during “recent” testing

Oil dispersant subject of Orange Beach tests; chemist says he found Corexit, Press-Register, October 12, 2010:

Engineers have collected hundreds of water samples [near the Florida/Alabama border] in recent weeks…

Preliminary tests have shown traces of propylene glycol — found in the dispersant Corexit… [and the] samples taken from Cotton Bayou contained 66 parts per million…

Robert Naman, a Mobile analytical chemist, said a woman living near Cotton Bayou recently asked him to take samples… he found 2-butoxyethanol, which he called “a principal component” of one form of Corexit. …

He dismissed the idea that other products may have polluted the water with propylene glycol or 2-butoxyethanol. “You’d never be able to pick that up from a boat-washing operation that might be going on in Cotton Bayou,” he said. “The bayou is so big that you would dilute it out almost instantly.”

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