Cleanup crew supervisor: In the last 3 weeks oil’s washing up heavier than it was before — From Pensacola, FL to Dauphin Island, AL (VIDEO)

PS2 Supervisor Recounts Conversation Between BP officials at Green Acres Command Center, Jerry Cope (jerrycope1), October 5, 2010:

John Bean a Supervisor for BP subcontractor PS2 in charge of beach operations along the coast in Alabama and at the “Green Acres” command center.

Transcript Summary

(4:00 in)

BEAN: You can walk out there on that beach from Ft. Morgan, Dauphin Island [Alabama] to Perdido Key [Florida] and find oil everywhere…

In the last three weeks it’s getting heavier than it was…

Of course didn’t realize at that point the reason we weren’t seeing it was because of the tides that came in every night and every morning covered it up.

9 comments to Cleanup crew supervisor: In the last 3 weeks oil’s washing up heavier than it was before — From Pensacola, FL to Dauphin Island, AL (VIDEO)

  • Billy Dale

    How can we be certain the well or seafloor is not leaking when in fact BP is
    controlling the ROV video cams ?

  • C.Dodds

    Billy, I an wondering the sams thing. But if BP was not responsible for the leak why all their secrecy? You would think they would be happy to let the ROVs find any leak which was not BPs.

    Is there still secrecy, or is BP now being more open?

    Does anyone know if BP is still spraying dispersant? Would that be a sign of continuing leaks or is BP stll dealing with old leaks?

    If anyone has reason to believe that BP is still spraying poisonous dispersant, please send us any evidence that you have.

  • BP is clearly a company that’s been on the merry-go-round more than a few times. Sadly, they get the brass key everytime; they earned in oil the cost of handling it — if I understood what the crew supervisor said; I could not understand one word somewhere into the second minute.

    The longer MSM continues to cover for BP, the less opportunity and evidence will be available for prosecution

  • C. Dodds,

    Are you a highly credentialed prosecuting attorney? As you know, evidence is more valuable than gold.

  • C.Dodds

    I do not work in law at all. The gulf situation could be cataclismic for our whole world, and I am concerned about our future.

  • sneezy

    yes…it’s the fox guarding the hen house syndrome.
    Just remember what Matt Simmons had to say…may he rest in peace.

  • Pat


    Guess the “real gusher” hasn’t depleted yet. And if Matt Simmons is correct – we’ll be seeing this new oil appear for years.

  • romanus

    In 1986, the Chernobyl disaster occurred. In 1986, the Soviet government announced that the reactor is under controlled and they successfully closed the dome. The official number of deaths was < 30 persons. 15 years later, there were tens of thousands of deaths in Ukraine, Belarus due to the fallout. 24 years later, the Cesium still has 4 years to half life.

    Environmental effects of disasters on the scale of the Gulf BP Spill nor that of Chernobyl, just don't disappear over night.

  • George Wanker Bush

    This is not going to be much different that Chernobyl. People living around the gulf are going to die because of exposure to carcinogenic chemicals.

    Don’t be quick to blame only BP. There are members of various US governments and their administrations that have actually allowed BP AND OTHER OIL COMPANIES to cut corners. They were “taken care of” for turning their backs.

    The worst thing Americans can do is nothing. Members of government (as well as BP, Haliburton and others) MUST BE PUNISHED or things like this will happen again and again.

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