Cleanup worker: “Body parts started washing up”… hands, arms, leg — Told “don’t say anything” (VIDEO)

BP Contract Worker “Trenches Dug To Bury Oil On Beaches”, pcolagregg, October 8, 2010:

This man I am interviewing contacted me because he had some things he needed to get out to clear his conscience. I was even surprised at some of the things he said…  from a recently released BP Contract Worker who worked from Panama City to the Florida Alabama Line.

Transcript Summary

(at 4:52 in)

One hour after we were shifted out, body parts started washing up on Destin [FL].

Hands, arms, one leg with a foot on it… we were told at that time don’t say anything to anybody.

See http://PcolaGregg for more.

There were other reports of evidence from the disaster washing up near Destin:

26 comments to Cleanup worker: “Body parts started washing up”… hands, arms, leg — Told “don’t say anything” (VIDEO)

  • collette

    What a difference between the truth and what they want you to hear on mainstream media. Thank you to this worker for being brave and honest.

  • Bagatell

    If the body parts came ashore an hour after this guy left, how does he know about it?

  • premurderedGOM

    Soooo, Bagatell, you have never been in a situation where someone said “you should have seen what happened after you left”. ????

  • Lee Zinter

    What is the implication here? the body parts from the DWH? the workers were killed and buried? or??? What kind of reporter or interviewer would simply leave it hanging …ANOTHER hyped video by Gregg Hall…he is becoming quite known for that. What is the point of this?

  • premurderedGOM

    Gregg Hall has ties with Godlike productions [GLP], a goofy forum where most think they were abucted by aliens, and Obama is reptilian…

  • Lee Zinter,

    You said, “What is the implication here? the body parts from DWH?”

    I’m grinding my teeth in agony: I haven’t seen the video because it won’t download properly; after an hour or so, I had only [7 mins & sev secs] and then —
    what had been downloaded disappeared, and the YouTube returned to a black, blank screen. So, my answer should be taken with a grain-of-salt.

    IMHO, the body parts are not from DWH. If the body parts were discovered recently, the parts definitely did not come from the DWH. Even after several days in the water, human tissue becomes extremely bloated, and you would not even know if the person had been male or female; plus, the tissue would have been greatly decomposed.

    Yes. Gregg Hall is implying that the victim/s may have been ki**ed for what they *knew*.

    What else has Gregg Hall done to be “known for that.”? I don’t have time to waste on neer-do-wells.

  • Bull Puckey

    No corroborating evidence or testimony, no further investigating as to the validity of these incredible claims, and nothing other than an anonymous alleged former BP worker saying this happened an hour after he left.

    I call bullshit. Seems to me that someone is getting increasingly desperate because they don’t want to get a real job and the tarballs in Pensacola just aren’t cutting it anymore…

  • Bull Puckey,

    Were you able to watch the video in its entirety? If yes, Im satisfied with your answer. Thanks.

  • Bagatell

    premurderedGOM sure I’ve heard rumors, which is all this can be. No disrespect to Greg. It’s the other guy I’m questioning.

  • gyigyigyi

    Personally I don’t doubt they did see body parts going by. Howeverm you are 100% right about GLP, a fake forum designed to discredit real truth and also to TRACK THEIR USERS. I used to go there all the timme until one day I discovered they were deleting posts I made about the despicable baby eating Windsors (england royal scum). So I kept posting it over and over and they’d delete it every time within a minute or two. The finally about a dozen moderators posted within a minute of one of my posts all ganging up on me with insults then I was banned permanently (they literally banned the entire IP range of my ISP. Obviously I could go and get censored using a proxy or otherwise but literally they did not want anyone to know that YES THE WINDSORS HOPE TO HAVE THE BEAST MURDEROUS KING OF THE WORLD COME FROM THEIR EXACT BLOODLINE. This is the essence of why the MASONS WORLDWIDE ARE COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. THEY OWN AT LEAST 43 countries outright and control many others thru mason proxies like USA, Israel, UN, India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and AT LEAST 50% of the EU and PLENTY PLENTY MORE). I wrote to everyone I could with a voice about what they are really doing over there, but not one site gave a shiz

    Its the masons people, and the fkn british and if the BP disaster doesnt make you curious enough to do the fkn research, then nothing ever will

    real masonic history (straight up satan worshippers who kill and rape children for the “queen”) of US rulers

  • jerry bolduc

    you people are beyond shameful…a 100 mile slick and no one thought to snap a pic? “body parts” washing ashore and no one thought to snap a pic?

    have you ever heard the phrase PROVE IT???

    Jerry Bolduc

  • Lauren Ragland

    I was the FIRST person to report this on June 11, 2011. I was working as a security guard for P2S.
    I called the Mobile Press and Times Picayune, all the local TV.
    I wrote an article and shared it with all major news agencies in America. After we evacuated the sentence “it was reported earlier by an eye witness that body parts had come to shore in Orange beach on June 11th, and once before.” was included in a three month anniversary article on the forth page.
    Yet, typically – no one covered the story.
    Instead of contacting me for phone #’s etc – they called the Mayor Kenon of Orange Beach and he denied it. They went to the site and P2S denied it.
    But as you read here – it is horribly true.
    The POOR PEOPLE who witnessed the sculls in helmets and eaten away limbs – I will continue to pray that these memories are banished from your Spirit.
    NOTE: all but 2 members of the 2 crews that witnessed the body parts come to shore in Orange Beach RETURNED TO WORK. The rest could not handle it.

  • Lauren Ragland

    Above date was supposed to be 2010.

  • xdrfox

    jerry bolduc
    Crews were not allowed to have cameras or any devise for recording, they also disallowed any one from news to take picture of the dead wildlife. Saying that I would hope that DNA was taken and these remains were given to the proper families so that they were given a proper burial and families had closure, if they were not returned then it would open another round of legal problems for them involved. I am not taking sides, only realize there are more untruths them truths through this whole ordeal. Maybe one of the family member would be able to verify or more workers there that day could give their account. At this point to me there seems to be more there then not there !

  • soozla

    Thank you so much for your bravery…
    There are people that will lose their lives for this..some that already have.
    The world will know about some of the deaths…some will go unreported.
    BP/gov will cover up anything including deaths…..

  • xdrfox

    Isn’t it by LAW Authorities and a Coroner would have had to be called and a report made ?

  • xdrfox

    Gregg Hall: Gulf Oil Spill disaster and washed up body parts on the Intel Hub 11/10/10 …

  • soozla

    Coroners….easy to pay off..”body lost at sea”……
    ..if the family was can bet they are under BP contract not to talk.

  • xdrfox

    “One hour after we were shifted [out], body parts started washing up on Destin,” the contractor said. “Hands, arms, one leg with a foot on it. That wasn’t talked about.”

    “I’ve never heard about that,” a surprised Hall responded.

    The unnamed contractor went on to explain that a separate crew at the Destin site had dug a 15-foot deep trench on the beach, and supervisors wouldn’t explain why it was being dug.

  • xdrfox

    That last article was on October 10th, 2010.

    October 11th, 2010

    Gregg Hall reports that a former BP worker contacted him under agreed anonymity because the contractor wanted to ease his conscience. The interview is below.

    “I want it understood I’m doing this because there are some things that need to be told, need to be said. I’m not doing this for publicity. I don’t want publicity,” the worker told Hall.

    “There are some things some people haven’t heard.”


  • xdrfox

    These articles have publishing dates but I can not find a time line of interview times that of reporters did interview, maybe a few of them would like to come forward to clarify date/times when these interview/interviews actually/factually took place.

    Did you folks see that statement “never heard about” also ?? Is confusing !

  • Jean

    According to the Florida recon reports, debris possibly from Deepwater Horizon washed up along Pensacola Beach in July. The recon reports say that Transocean was contacted to pick up the debris. It didn’t seem right that the government would turn over evidence to a possible defendant. I had printed off some of the reports, as they were only available on the recon site for 24 hours. When this story was originally posted, I had tried to go back to the recon website, but kept getting 404 errors or needed a password. I just found this, with a different web address than what was on the original report.

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