Cleanup worker Clayton Matherne’s symptoms: Lost half of eyesight, coughing up blood all the time, temporary paralysis… more (VIDEO)

Interview with Clayton Matherne, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, April 1, 2011:

… Mr. Matherne has asked us to publish his story in hopes that it will help others who are suffering know that they are not alone and for those who are not aware of their plight that assistance is greatly needed.

Please watch, share, and assist in the solution in whatever way you can.

To help, visit the Louisiana Environmental Action Network here.

Transcript Summary

  • Used to be a pro wrestler, power lifter that trained for Olympics
  • Can’t remember anything
  • Lost half of eyesight
  • Coughing up blood all the time
  • Shaking and trembling
  • Can’t hold a bottle of water in hands
  • Headaches so bad it causes my body to be paralyzed
  • Engineer on boat out skimming for oil
  • They would spray the dispersant on top of us
  • BP wouldn’t supply respirators
  • Couldn’t bring own respirators or they were fired
  • Symptoms since May 30, 2010

3 comments to Cleanup worker Clayton Matherne’s symptoms: Lost half of eyesight, coughing up blood all the time, temporary paralysis… more (VIDEO)

  • Swindon1

    These reports just break my heart. Nobody deserves to be treated like this, it is a crime, a threat to us all…like none of us matter enough. BUT WE DO!

    Big oil should be brought down just like big nuclear. I would be willing to live with a wood stove and an oil lamp to see these companies gone.

  • cajunbaby

    well i dont feel sorry for you one bit… everything you are saying is a damm lie… the only wrestling you did was to get out the tub… i think it is ashame that you can go on national tv and internet saying all these lies… i know you very well and you were never a professional wrestler … you never trained for the olympics … all you are trying to do is collect money .. i think BP should be asking for proof that you did all these things… we have all seen that fake cry to many times… the only reason you cant sleep at night is bc you are haunted by the trail of lies you have told just to get rich off of BP .. i hope to god they found out the truth before they give you any money…i am sure there is people out there that really needs this money… wake up and be a man and get a real mans job….. thank you

  • purpleheart

    How can someone lie so much,never wrestled a day in ur life. why don’t u tell bp how many oil field companies u sewed already,claiming to gotten hurt or other wise and as for as some of these symthoms u have,you had all your life,like breathing,you are making a democracy of the oil field.And maybe god is trying to show u he doesn’t like ugly and knows all the dirt u done everybody,should pray for him to forgive u,and u don’t have grandkids,they are your wifes family,as we all know you so well,u will do anything to get out of working and for people to feel sorry for u. Grow u and be a real man,and i hope u know bp is not stupid,they really need to look into your back ground , this was another way out for you,sad but u shouldn’t be making fun of things,u know god doesn’t put more on you than u can handle.

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