Cleanup worker Jennifer Rexford hospitalized: Loss of feeling in right side

Cleanup worker Jennifer Rexford has been admitted to Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, Florida and is currently in room 615.

Via Jennifer Rexford’s Facebook, February 16, 2011:

Jennifer Rexford

Well Sunday I lost feeling in my right side one of my pupils dialated and my face won’t stop twitching. tomorrow morning I get admitted to the oak hill hospital. Hopefully we will stop this in time love you guys and everyone that has supported me.

Please contact the hospital (352-596-6632, room 615) to talk with Jennifer. If you would like to help Jennifer, visit

Excerpts from an email via Patricia Springstead, RN MS regarding Jennifer’s condition, February 18, 2011:

Jennifer Rexford’s blood test results

  • Ethylbenzene 1.11 ppb (10 times the NHANES 95th percentile) Update: .1 -.3 ppb
  • Hexane 150 ppb Update: 148.7 ppb
  • 3-Methylpentane 126.70 ppb Update: 43.2 ppb
  • 2-Methylpentane 68.9 ppb Update: 80.3 ppb


  • Heavy bleeding from rectum, vagina and urinary tract
  • Constant facial twitching
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing black/green effluent from lungs
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hemiparesis
  • Tactile problems
  • Irritability and labile emotions
  • Short term memory loss
  • Hemaglobin and Hematocrit low
  • Blown pupils on one side, sign of neural degradation
  • Blood pressure and temperature normal

Testing underway at hospital

  • Complete Blood Count Tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Endocrine Panels
  • Electroencephalogram
  • Thyroid Panels
  • MRI
  • Electroencephalogram
  • Cardiac Echocardiagram
  • Rashes Biopsied
  • Pulmonary Function Tests

I have known the Doctors who are helping me with her for over 20 years, send thanks to OakHill Hospital in Brooksville, Florida for their concern…

I also spoke to the Chief Financial Officers secretary and they were so kind. They can not take a lot of Medicaid patients due to lack of payment for the Docs, Nurses and Costs. …

We have just begun to fight.



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25 comments to Cleanup worker Jennifer Rexford hospitalized: Loss of feeling in right side

  • JEC

    How tragic. BP’s usage/abuse of our US citizens, is criminal. So are the company’s who hired workers, knowing they did not have the resources to find medical care! Makes it easier to have a coverup. Without medical care, or advocates, its difficult to PROVE chemical poisoning by BP. And statements by US government also show an attempt to “manage” the “rabble”–what a terrible outcome for the victims of corporate greed.

  • xdrfox

    If workers had had medical coverage the Insurance companies for these people would be going head to head with BP, Wanting to recoup the cost of care for these individuals ! Little people need lawyers to fight Goliath, always been this way ! Doesn’t mean the little guy will win, See Valdez clean up workers, Alaska. At least there is one state going after BP for cost of some. … … not to say if these folks were sickened from oil related ?, but the cost is in question as to whom should pay.

  • Jean

    The BP contractors took advantage of the unemployed by offering good pay for the cleanup. Of course they didn’t offer any medical benefits. These contractors may not even exist anymore, they may have been created by BP just to shift the liability. It doesn’t seem like the CDC or the state health departments are doing anything to help these workers who are now suffering from serious health problems. It’s good to know that Jennifer is finally getting good medical care.

  • patty t., alabama

    Jennifer-I was hoping you were feeling better by now. Still praying for you.

  • Prayers continue...

    Is there some reason why these people won’t try to go to Environmental Medicine specialists, besides the money, if your life is on the line? You have to get that stuff OUT of your body or your body will capitulate in a bad way….

    These poisoning victims need dry heat saunas, oxygen therapy, IVs, extra organic nutrition, filtered water, detox metabolic supplements, and extra Vitamin C, for starters!!

    There are doctors who KNOW what to do for this. There are medical schools with whole divisions dedicated to toxicology and Environmental Medicine. C’mon now..and good luck, but please work for your health, too!!

  • Prayers continue...

    p.s. Ethylbenzene at 10X the 95th percentile is INSANE…near fatal levels of a known carcinogen, per several organizations.

    I’d like to know what kind of protective gear, if any, she was using, etc.!!! How much crude exposure did she have and where?

  • monkey99

    Amen. Detox info

    thank you Prayers continue. oddly never heard of environmental medicine before you

  • enufisenuf

    Jennifer has done it again! She is a con-artist at the expense of our system.
    I was one of the seven (7) Nurses that took care of her while being treated at Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, FL on Feb. 17, 18 & 19, 2011.
    It took several of us to hold her back from leaving her isolated room which kept us from providing care to others while she was acting out.
    She is a user and abuser of those trying to help. She DOESN’T deserve any publicity from anyone.
    She collects con money for herself from a site called
    She was diagnosed with chemical pneumonia and any med’s given to her were NOT enough. She always needed more.
    All medical facilities in her area (Panama City, FL) are onto her game.

  • Jennifer Rexford

    You are a liar. I have chemical poisioning and isf you were one my nurses that never had to hold me down you will be served tomorrow for HIPPA violations. I will sue and my eye is also now swelling up I am moving in one week you have alot of nerve!

  • Jennifer Rexford

    Oak Hill hospital would not even allow me to shower until after three days. They refused me my already perscribed medicine and one shoved me in the head before they asked me to lean back. My eardrum is busted after there MRI ear plug fell out and they would not let me fix it. The continued to serve me red meat when they no I am under doctors orfders to eat that they would not even let me buy my own dinner! I said dont charge my medicaid give me a bill let me charge BP they wanted to act like the good guys. I was not contagiuos and that tried to convince me I was radio active, MY eye is swollen shut today! Time to laywer up ! Plus before I left my spark plug wires were cut twice!

  • enufisenuf

    The BIG picture…$$$…Now the hospital. Busted eardrum from a MRI plug? $$$ Radioactive? $$$ Eye swollen shut from…??? $$$
    Before you left where? Your spark plug wires were cut? $$$
    One bad apple has to ruin it for those that need help honestly.
    Hey babe…maybe you should take an online spelling course since all your time is spent on the www trying to drum up donations for yourself.
    Everyone please beware and read the inconsistencies here.
    I wish it were that easy for me to set up a Paypal and account to collect money for myself.

  • enufisenuf

    God is watching your every move and for you to have all of these honest people praying and feeling sorry for you?
    Prayer is powerful and she needs prayer in a different way.

  • Jean

    Jennifer, you may be right about HIPAA. This nurse should not be commenting about a patient’s medical condition and certainly should not post personal judgments of a patient’s character. But the nurse did say that Jennifer has chemical pneumonia. That is the story–she worked on the oil cleanup and suffered medical problems that BP should be responsible for.

  • Nursing ethics

    “I was one of the seven (7) Nurses that took care of her while being treated at Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, FL on Feb. 17, 18 & 19, 2011.”

    This person is a nurse???

    Try examining this text: Rumbold, G (1999). Ethics in Nursing Practice. Balliere Tindall.

    “Another theme is confidentiality and this is an important principle in many nursing ethical codes. This is where information about the person is only shared with others after permission of the person.”

  • evilslayer

    Interesting……nurses that speak openly about the type of care they give a patient and the care that a patient receives! A nurse that tells people in the comment section of an article about a patient’s diagnosis and “meds” that were given. A nurse that would dare call an ex-patient a “con-artist,” a user, and an abuser. Whoever you are, Nurse Ratchit, YOU NEED TO BE FIRED AND SHOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO “PRACTICE” AGAIN! YOUR LICENSE SHOULD BE REVOKED! The hospital administrators need to be notified that one of their nurses would dare do such a thing. I can’t help but to wonder if Jennifer was a rather healthy person prior to working on the beach for BP. I’d bet she was if she was hired to do so. I bet she didn’t have staph infection all over her body, loss of feeling in her body, eye twitches. These symptoms seem to be common among people that react to the toxins that they have been exposed to while working on top of the affected areas. The only thing that I think people need to “BEWARE” of is nurses in hospitals like this nurse! Hospitals need to “BEWARE” of these kinds of “nurses” as well. Any nurse that would dare to speak out about a patient that they worked with in a hospital is a criminal in my opinion. People along the coast that find themselves ill because of this tragedy should be very wary about how and where they get help. The people that own Florida Oil Spill Law would do Jennifer and everyone else seeking answers to their health issues a great deal of justice exposing this “nurse.”

  • Rebecca Nolan

    Whoah here. I think there is a misprint on this.
    Ethylbenzyl according to my form .11
    Hexane 148.5
    2 and 3 Methylpentane mid range.
    I know Trisha Springstead very well, when she saw this, she wanted it changed.
    You might want to take her name off the story, she is being threatened of violating HIPPA Laws, even though this was done with the patients permission.
    The numbers at least need to be fixed due to inaccuracy.
    Rebecca Nolan MS

  • mike

    What had people paying for your treatment,bragged about it, showed your ass,ran your mouth,
    and then dumped out.I met you face to face while getting treatment,and your attitude was are a disgrace to society and I hate the fact that you got sick ,because scammers like you make people like us ,going through treatments,and paying from our own pockets by the way ,and trying to get better, look bad.spare us ,your not welcomehere don’t want to get better,you just want money.god is watching you girl ,and so am I.yeah,I’m calling you out.

  • Jennifer Rexford

    I don’t know you I have never bragged about others paying my medical bills. I asked for help my medicaid covered the hospital tests and project gulf cover my detox I am greatfull to them both I never left the hospital AMA or was restrained I completed all my tests then asked to leave to get back to my family that is all. I have never been ungreatfull and now as my detox is finishing up so is my last month so who are you jackass mike !

  • Jennifer Rexford

    Plus the donates help me get threw last months bills for me and my friends I have drove from one side to another to help and comfort others to listen and be there when needed I have never asked for anything in return the Dr visted were offered and appreciated who are you? I am calling you out

  • Lisa

    I’ve tried all sorts of coughing syrups, believe me, but none of them helps. Even though Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa does not eliminates the cough I like to stick to this chinese syrup I’ve been taking since I was a kid: Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. My grandfather is chinese, so I guess my mom got the advice from him. I was really surprised when I found that chinese market selling it here in Belgium. It does have a refreshing, soothing, sweetening effect…as long as it lasts…then back to coughing mode.

  • soozla

    …. don’t let the shills upset you Jennifer..that’s just what they are after.You don’t need the stress.

  • Jack

    Jennifer, get in contact with the Gerson Institute ASAP!!! They are located in San Diego (619-685-5353). They’ve successfully treated thousands of patients who were terminally ill with cancer as well as other degenerative diseases. It sounds like your body (namely liver) is inundated with toxins you received while doing the clean-up. The Gerson Therapy will clean your entire body right down to the cellular level. You can access their website at They also have a documentary called, “The Gerson Miracle” available to view for free online on Hulu.

    Hang in there, help is on the way. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you.

  • Covering this story for the last year has been very difficult for even a seasoned veteran reporter. So many new friends who have passed so quickly. WE have over 20-hours of interviews on 2-CDs called “DEEPWATER” that chronicles the BP disaster story. Many more will die if the “Mainstream Media” keeps ignoring the story by taking BP “Blood money.” You are at the right website if you are looking at this because the Florida Oil Spill Law has helped us to cover the story. For more please go to Listen to Riki Ott this Monday 4-25 at 6PM (E) for more.

  • I want to say thank you a whole lot for the job you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same effective job by you down the road also.

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