Cleanup worker suffering from large boils, multiple skin infections (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

Jennifer Rexford

Interview with cleanup worker Jennifer Rexford, Florida Oil Spill Law, January 11, 2011:

Jennifer Rexford worked on beach cleanup in the Florida panhandle for BP contractor P2S until August 2010.

During an interview with, Rexford revealed that she is suffering from:

  • Multiple skin infections
  • Large boils
  • Memory problems

Currently, she is gathering information on the condition of other cleanup workers and possible OSHA violations committed by BP and their contractors.

The cleanup workers she is in contact with are suffering from:

  • Stomach problems
  • Lumps in their breast
  • Respiratory problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Skin infections

Photos taken by Rexford on January 3, 2011:

Source: Jennifer Rexford

Source: Jennifer Rexford

Source: Jennifer Rexford

Source: Jennifer Rexford

More to come…

29 comments to Cleanup worker suffering from large boils, multiple skin infections (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

  • After the first photo I couldn’t tell that the photo’s were of a human being.

    Jennifer Rexford: I’m sorry you’re ill, and I’m sorry you were bamboozled into working for BP. Please go to work for yourself and insist on a “first” payment for damages from BP. Keep medical records — all of them, even those of doctors who deny the cause of your skin infection. The doctors comments to you and in your records will be important later on down-the-road. Move.

    I’ll pray for your recovery and for you to gain the physical strength to fight the-good-fight.

  • xdrfox

    Always go to your own choice of doctors, I too am saddened by another person ill from the Gulf BP, Gov. negligence’s and non- disclosure to all in the GOM, U.S. and the world. Their was ample enough information as to harms and all were ignored at the unknowing publics health expense !

  • Jennifer Rexford

    Thank you for your support! Those are recent pics about a week ago! I would go to my own choice of doctor but our family can’t afford it! Not now for the first time in three years of being here! But cross my fingers for next week going to try for a cabbie postion for now!

  • Jennifer Rexford

    Those are pics that range from my underarms to my breasts belly and sides along with the bottom!

  • Jennifer Rexford:

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to our posts.

    May God bless and protect you from further harm.

  • Heather Dixey

    Dear Jennifer, Thank you for sharing your story. Does your camera have a macros function? This will help your pics come out more clear when so close up. If you are less than 4 feet from something you want details on you will need macros. If I can help you in anyway please let me know. I’d love to add you to my fb friends who are telling it like it is.
    Heather Dixey, Pensacola, FL

  • Jennifer Rexford

    They asked for some that was with my camera. I dont have a digital yet 🙂

  • Jennifer Rexford

    the last one you can turn side ways thats below my breast unfortunatly four fingers long! First one is a butt cheek the dark areas are ones that already popped and the second one is my left hip. I also have about fifteen more one bursted this morning Yeah! I have been on several regiments of anitibiotics including Batroban Nasal Ointment that they had me apply dirrectly to wound! Ouch!

  • Jennifer Rexford

    The little red dots have appered around the boils as you can see in the second photo the hospital can not make of that!

  • Jack

    I Hope you are getting some extra nutrition support like
    a bunch of high-quality Vit. C like Alacer Emergencee and
    it is citrus season so woofin extra oranges and grapefruit
    would be the way to go. NO DAIRY products. Get ya’ll a big
    pot o’ Greens, and maybe you know some Hippies who know about Chlorella and Spirulina and sprouted-grain live bread.
    You can help yourself a lot with some attention to diet.
    Not to be inappropriate, but has anybody suggested
    a colonic irrigation? Many Naturopathic Doctors would try
    to Cleanse you from both ends.
    You gotta get out of the Southeast.
    NO DAIRY products. None.
    Greens. Yeah Baby…

  • Jack:

    You’re spot on, and the cost is not inappropriate because people can purchase those products at their local supermarket.

  • Jennifer Rexford

    Yes For the past sixth month I have lost 60 to 70 pounds I have cut soda cut fried foods and I strictly stick to fresh fruits and vegtables my diet is fantastic. I am from Colorado Springs I lived with hippies all around me we were big into to all natural and herbs. First chance I get I am doing what I can to go back!

  • sam

    Riki Ott says the first thing to do to heal yourself from this is to get out of the area, away from the toxins ~ Hoping for that to happen for you soon!

  • patty t., alabama

    best wishes for you Jennifer. I have a friend that lives in Slidell, LA. He didn’t work clean-up, go fishing, or get caught in the rain (that he remembers) but had boils on both his forearms a couple weeks before July 4, kept them off/on till about October. So far they haven’t come back.

  • tony

    wow as long as u are no longer exposed to the harmful chemicals which have obviously caused some kind of allergic reaction,u should recover in time. heal fast my friend xx

  • Steve B

    You need to take your pictures further away and you need some way to prove what day these were taken. What would be better yet would be video. Get some context into your pictures. We have no way of knowing how big these sores are. Get a newspaper with the date on it or videotape the sores and then pan toward the TV that shows the news or something. You will need to prove when these were taken.

  • tony:

    You said, “…as long as u are no longer exposed to the harmful chemicals… obviously caused by some kind of allergic reaction…”

    You’re wrong on both counts: Unless she has moved away, Jennifer Rexford continues to consume the toxins; they’re in the air, in the water, and in the food.
    She has been force fed VOC’c and PAH [abbreviation error]: The Gulf of Mexico is dead and toxic. There will be fewer people and animals left by the time the gulf waters and the Earth are healed. Depending on your age, you will have d*ed multiple centuries prior to the healing.

    Those skin eruptions are caused by Staph, and are possibly a genetically altered bacterium; if not Staph — then another.
    But the sores look like they have a white core at the center, which is characteristic of Staph Aureus. Typical Staph infections produce several sores total — in her case — just see for yourself, there are many sores over multiple locations, with many smaller, developing Staph lesions.

    Please add your prayers for Jennifer to ours.

  • Maggie

    There are many along the coast who have suffered from lesions/boils. Many people on FB started to report this along w/ coughing, eye infections, dizziness.

    Please google MRSA and colloidal silver.
    There are many who have cured MRSA using this method. Also contact Barefoot Doctor on Facebook. They have a kit that contains the colloidal silver. The are giving them out freely. Please contact them. Many blessings and thank you for talking about what is really happening along the coast.

  • xdrfox

    May be that the longer anyone is exposed to the Crud (oil Corexit and other markers of the spill and added elements, air (VOC’s, and other gases ), water,( rain, dew, drinking water ), soil, (tainted beaches, land by rain, Grazing animals that eat from that are consumed by humans ), Foods,* sea food or other animals that are consumed by humans that are feed meal grain of fish from tainted waters of the GOM feed to live stock) one will be exposed to a point of becoming affected and continued infections from the Crud. This is all variable from amounts breathed, drank, consumed, bathed in, swam in, rained on, touched on surfaces, walked on brought in by feet, ( humans, pets, hand touch to mouth ingestion ). Not to forget what a Hurricanes or storms can increase toxic levels by multi-fold and expand more tainted areas such as fresh waters, inland farm feed sea foods, crops, inland ground waters. Have not heard back on CDC’s reports of testing of La. grassing cattles ?? …

  • BPBetrayal

    My Prayers go out to Jennifer & all those poisoned by these toxins.Taking video is paramount!Please,document your illness & hopefully,your recovery.Believe me,a video camera has more power than a gun in this situation!!Forget the Dr.’s-most don’t want to get involved in the process of cleaning up toxic waste from the body.Colloidal silver is great,but Adya Clarity will wipe out pathogens & toxins while strengthening your immune system better than silver.You can apply either (Adya/Silver)directly to the sores,along with ingesting.A good pro-biotic is a must,especially since overloading with anti-biotics.
    Jennifer,if you need help getting products,post an email or some way to contact you & I’ll send you a bottle of Adya for free.You can beat this without harming the body further with Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs!
    God Bless You!

  • xdrfox

    This may sound strange but… One may consider these may be of a fungus type and treat with an anti fungal cream topic. I found long ago by an self experiment that Head and Shoulders would relieve and kill many types of foot fungi. (there are cheaper brands with same ingredient in it (Pyrithlone zinc) but there are others and not sure of the one, one’s that may be responsible for the healing)I have used it on my skin where I had some problems, leaving it on just long enough for it to start to begin to warm and then wash off drying areas then apply anti biotic topic mix with anti itch topic. I ask to consider the fact that there are fungi growing on plants in marsh’s in the GOM not seen before since the well blew. Only cost a few bucks and it won’t kill you ! May be worth a try, and let me know if it helps. I am “not” a medical doctor. Nothing else worked so….

  • Jennifer Rexford

    OK One moment
    If you contact me at I will send you a link to my video

  • BPBetrayal

    XDRFOX & Jennifer:
    I agree it could be a secondary fungal infection.Anti-biotic use would warrant that alone.When the immune system is down the fungal parasites invade! Adya Clarity (& colloidal silver)will wipe out the fungal infection,for sure & probably the staph in a few days.Your immune system is already taxed so colonics & cleanses should be done with careful thought & planning-you could do more harm than good!I’m a former sufferer of staph & fungal/candida infections & also live in the Gulf & Adya is the best product I’ve ever used in all the 12 years since I started having issues.
    Best of luck!!

  • Peter

    Hi, Jennifer, Try high doses of vitamin C. Here’s a quote from William J.McCormick,M.D. from his article, ASCORBIC ACID (VITAMIN C) AS A CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC AGENT as quoted in

    “Clinical and laboratory evidence is cited in support of the author’s advocacy of intensive vitamin C administration as a chemotherapeutic agent in infectious diseases.” (But wait, that’s not all!)

    “The efficacy of this therapy is dependent upon the potent oxidation-reduction action of ascorbic acid and the use of massive doses with complete freedom from toxic or allergic reactions.

    “There is an unusually broad spectrum of antibiotic action in this therapy, including practically all bacterial and viral infections. It is also highly potent as an antitoxic agent in exogenous poisoning, organic and inorganic.”

    A large dose of vitamin C would be 10,000 to 20,000 mg.or higher. Powdered C would be the cheapest and easiest way to take it mixed into a glass of water, diluted fruit juice and/or milk. You can take it in doses high enough to cause diarrhea. Then you reduce the dosage and continue taking it until your skin eruptions and other symptoms disappear (we hope). By taking high dosages you’ll be detoxifying your whole system. Check out for more articles on vitamin C for treating chemical sensitivities, allergies, bacterial and viral infections.

    I’ve been taking high doses of C to successfully fight off colds and herpes for years.

    Good luck. I think this’ll work for you.


  • xdrfox

    With vitamin C to find max dosage is to take one 500 mgs at a time at 2 hour intervals till you get to a point of your limit that will produce diarrhea. Then you will know what is the max your body can absorb and that would be “one less then the diarrhea point, if it was 2500 or five you should only take 2000 or four 500 mgs from that point for max dosage.

  • xdrfox:

    Your reference to “Head and Shoulders” set me to giggling. It took me back about 20 years when I advised my sister to use it to treat the exzema on her face. So, she slathered the blue shampoo on — and waited the prescribed time(10 min).

    After a while she became bored just sitting there in her kitchen, so much so that when she heard a sound in the backyard (after 12:00 AM) she decided to peek through the window at the kitchen door and see what made the sound.

    Well, a large white dog (her own) jumped up to see through the pane at the exact same time — from the outside, and both startled so terribly that her white dog fled, and she backed into the kitchen trash, and toppled. It was so funny!

    I laughed so hard then, and I’m laughing now — outloud, 20 years later. She was unrecognizable to her pet with a blue face, and she didn’t know the dog was out.

  • xdrfox


    That’s funny, Should have sent that one to Readers Digest for publishing review and made a few bucks if it was to get published. Tell us, Did Head & Shoulders work on your Sisters eczema ?? You should call your Sister and rerview having another Good Laugh. LOL : D … Poor doggy !

  • Obviously, Clean up workers get exposed to various harmful chemicals and they have high risk of getting infections.But I don’t how can these people protect them self from these infection.Does anybody has got any answer for that?

  • Lindy

    How is the skin condition going? Some further suggestions if it is continuing.
    My daughter battled eczema for years – we tried dozens of creams. Then one day I applied Condy’s Crystals (potassium permanganate) to a small patch. Within a week amazing results – healed skin which hadn’t be whole for months. My brother also had a severe infection in a wound he picked up in hospital. We found peroxide (3%) healed the wound – after months of no success with multiple doctors antibiotics and creams. Both peroxide and Condy’s are mild oxidizers – but they both kill bacteria effectively. Our other effective solution is Tea tree oil (100%). We spent years living in a community without a doctor which is how we came to learn about these remedies. Hope this helps.

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