Cleanup worker having SEIZURES after diagnosed with benzene poisoning — Coughing up chunks of meat, black stuff coming out of nose & ears, lost half of eyesight

Oil-spill health impact studied, Daily Comet, February 24, 2011:

… “What is your research going to do for a guy like me that’s sitting at home dying every day?” Clayton Matherne, a 35-year-old Bayou Blue resident, asked National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Director Linda Birnbaum at a meeting Wednesday in Montegut. …

Matherne said he believes the study may be too little, too late for him. He said he was diagnosed with benzene poisoning after he worked skimming oil on the Gulf in May and has since suffered increasingly severe health effects.

“They found out my lungs almost completely shut down,” he said. “I cough up chunks of meat. Black stuff comes out of my nose and ears. I’ve lost half my eyesight.”

He also has neurological problems, he said, including seizures. Due to his illness, Matherne said he can no longer work, and medical bills and household expenses consumed small legal settlement he received. He and his wife, who care for their two grandchildren have lost their house and depend on help from charity organizations to survive. Matherne said he can’t afford some of the medicines and care doctors have recommended.

Read the report here.

11 comments to Cleanup worker having SEIZURES after diagnosed with benzene poisoning — Coughing up chunks of meat, black stuff coming out of nose & ears, lost half of eyesight

  • Benzene = Horrible for ALL Life

    Where are those Pro-Lifers NOW????

  • I’m physically sickened as a result of having read this article. This is a crime against humanity! Where are the media? Why are the BP big boys still free to walk the streets?

    Where are the humanitarians? Are there none in high places?

    America sat back and watched as the Germans gathered their innocent Jewish population to imprison and to gas them — in the concentration camps. Did we intervene? Which country or countries will step forward and assist us — the American people, from this horrible crusade of merciless murder — the quiet crime against humanity — for oil?

    Perhaps the world will remember Germany. If so, will a country better and stronger than we were come forward and right this crime against humanity?

    We have foreign troops on our soil — right now, to gun us down if the government doesn’t care for our peaceful protests. And now this very government is facilitating this murder of innocent American men, women, and children. And, if that isn’t enough, the people need to worry about paying their bills at the same time as they are dying!!!

    Congratulations America! You were a great nation. But now you’re just a shaking, aged skeleton of what you used to be. And, In due course your skeleton will have been consumed by the very Earth that gave you the nutrients that have nourished you.

    Yet, you will k*ll and scheme for what is plentiful beneath your feet: The knowlege of your deceit in declaring a scarcity of Earths bl**d will become common, and your history will remain forever. It’s easy to take land when you’re tyrannical.

    It will not be easy to erase this *crime* against your own people from the history books — either here or elsewhere. You will be remembered forever.

  • xdrfox

    They got pretty big headed after all the ALL the other hood wink scams for profit of their friends in high places and Wall Street. They still may pull the wool over most eyes when their dead from poisons that they will claim not of BP’s doings the floor was already leaking as they have said. Ike D. I. warned us at his last speech about the MIC ! WARS is good business, just don’t invest your sons’ Congress motto !

  • xdrfox:

    Yes, and the next war is on the horizon; get ready for some serious ‘goings on’ in the East, and make certain to stuff your wallet with enough dollars to pay up to $8.00/gal for your fuel in the next 6 months.

    The shadow government is working behind the scenes to stir the East into a frenzy — with the same energy your Grandma used to stir her mashed potatoes. Can you remember her, with sweat rolling down her forehead and that determined look on her face — as she used that old fashioned curly-coo masher?

    The shadow government is on schedule; the Middle-East turmoil is unfolding as we speak. Watchout.

  • xdrfox

    We are aware, and remember churning the white milk top butter fresh from the cow in the wooden churn adding a pinch of salt, to top them mash potatoes, … how did that song to churn by go again ?

    : |

  • xdrfox

    ‘Oh. and we missed ya !

    ; ) wink !

  • xdrfox:

    Nope. I ain’t got no memory of a wooden churn to ‘do up’ them potatoes, but I remember my Mama sitting the milk aside to let the cream rise to the top, then mash them potatoes, or top a blackberry pie with the cream.

    Do you recall that tv commercial that Campbell’s Soup had originally? You know, the churubic cartoon figures exclaiming “Umm Umm good. That’s what Campbell’s Soup is. Umm Umm good!

    I may be a bad speller, but you should hear my voice! If’n it ain’t the sweetest sound you’ve ever done heard, then you musta been a shut-in all your dang life!

    Because my voice is so sweet I’ve got my cat making some sorta high pitched meowing — it makes you think it’s in distress. But I know better, cause the more I sing, the louder her meowing becomes. She just wants to sing along with me — and she is. You should see her! She’s running around the room in circles, and jumping up on our table and scratching at the window — just like she’s trying to invite her stray friends in for the party!

    Teeheehee. It does my heart good to see her so animated and happy. So, let me get back to pleasing her with my precious gift of a ‘heavenly voice’.

  • xdrfox

    Yes, Have a original large ceramic soupbowl/cup of the churubic cartoon figure.

  • soozla

    Campbell soup has more salt than the Navy.
    We are all cherub’s here. lol

  • soozla

    .. in the Gulf of Mexico..they not only gave up salt—they are only around to swab decks and mop up the oily sea.

  • soozla

    Don’t worry I have something to say about all the military branches ….Air Force….glorified crop dusters..
    More later…….lol

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