Cleanup worker told to “stop finding new oil” because “it was getting overwhelming” (VIDEO)

BP’s list of unpaid bills growing, Fox 8, November 12, 2010:

The men and women who’ve been charged with laying boom and vacuuming oil that got into marshland say the cleanup effort is far from over.

“They have so much work out there. It’s unbelievable,” said [Wanda Lane, employee of BP contractor].

Rocky Barrois of Venice said, “I found a big spot of oil on the beach we was cleaning up, and I was told by one of the safety inspectors to stop finding new oil that they had to put an end to this .. it was getting overwhelming.”

4 comments to Cleanup worker told to “stop finding new oil” because “it was getting overwhelming” (VIDEO)

  • nosilverspoon

    Activity at Macondo from late Oct thru Nov 8. Seafloor craters pumped with cement on Nov 6. Gaping holes eroded by escaping gas. Steady stream of gas bubbles on southern side of wellhead. BP places “rest in peace” cap on wellhead. Well abandoned on Nov 8, 2010. If on cue: Nov 8, 2010- The presidential Gulf oil spill panel issused their preliminary findings to ABSOLVE BP OF BLAME.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    That link doesn’t work.

  • Edward Willas

    BP destroyed the planet. USA gives them an award. Both take BPs $20 billion pay-out fund and use it to secure deep water oil drilling rights off the coast of Brazil and reward BP with yet another US oil contract.

  • Something must be done!!! What more can they do to the people? They have already poisoned them, destroyed their lives and homes — and now, they’re taking their livelihood away.

    Why? Because they know they will need replacement workers after the workers get sick. So, they will play a trick card: Replace the worker before it becomes obvious the worker is getting sick. IMHO.

    Just wait until other people in other countries find out what BP has done to us all. Just you wait!

    Hey, BP. Just you wait.

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